How to Play Chess : Conclusion of a Game when Playing Chess

How to Play Chess : Conclusion of a Game when Playing Chess

Hi! My name is Ken and I am here today to
talk to you about playing Chess. We talked about the end game. Now if you have the Queen
and the King, you can beat the black, if you are white. If you have a King and Rook, you
can win. But if you have a King and you are left with a King and a Knight that becomes
a Stalemate or a King and a Bishop, it’s a Stalemate. It is a little bit harder, a lot
easier to win the game with a King and a Queen. With a Rook, it’s a little bit harder because
the Rook doesn’t have as many moves. The King cannot move over here. You are always moving
your King forward and King is moving up, you are moving your King forward. You are trying
to get the King trapped into a position. King can’t move up here so it goes over here. Come
down here, that’s checkmate. The King cannot move. So that is one way of getting checkmate.
Sometimes you run out of pieces but you have a Pawn left. You can win with just one Pawn
because the Pawn if you get the Pawn moving here, the King is coming down here, the Pawn
is moving here, King is coming down and what happens is that the Pawn when it reaches the
end of the board as it does here, you get to choose for another piece. Most people will
take and replace a Pawn with a Queen. Now you have the King and the Queen and once again,
this is a very easy way to get the person in check. Persons in check and actually that
is check mate. Person can move up here and that is check. Person moves down here, that’s
check mate. Saving a Pawn, being one Pawn ahead is enough to win the game and you should
never be afraid to trade in order to do that. I always trade my pieces down. When I am ahead
if I’ve got one Pawn, I know with that one Pawn I can win the game. The only thing I
have to worry about when I am one Pawn ahead is that I don’t get the King into a Stalemate
situation which we talked about previously. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “How to Play Chess : Conclusion of a Game when Playing Chess

  1. you cant stalemate with a knight and a king,
    it is called insufficient material and declared a draw.
    same with a bishop and king vs lone king.

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