How to Play Carroms

How to Play Carroms

How to Play Carroms. Carroms is a game similar to billiards but
is played on a plywood board using wooden pucks called carroms. Players use a striker to push their carroms
into pockets at the board’s corners before their opponents sink theirs. You will need 2 to 4 players Plywood board
Coin 9 white carroms 9 black carroms Striker and 1 red queen carrom. Step 1. Arrange the carroms in a hexagon at the center
of the board with the red queen in the center. Step 2. Flip a coin to determine which player goes
first. The winner plays the white carroms. Step 3. Seat yourself at one side of the board. You will only be allowed to initiate carrom
strikes from that side of the board. Step 4. Move the striker with your fingers from your
baseline as you try to sink your carroms. Your turn continues as long as you continue
to sink carroms. Step 5. When you have sunk one of your carroms, try
to sink the red queen. If you sink the red queen, you must sink one
of your carroms on the next shot. Otherwise the queen is returned to the center
of the board. Step 6. Continue the game until one player has sunk
all of their carroms and the red queen has been sunk. That player is the winner of the game. Did you know The first international carroms
match was held in the 1960s, when a team from India competed against one from Sri Lanka.

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  1. If a player first sinks the red queen and then sinks one of the carroms and the mach continues but at the end the opposite player sinks all the carroms of his colour first. Then in these case who will win?

  2. 1. The game's name is carrom not carroms.
    2. The circular wooden bits are called coins, not carroms.
    3. The big striking coin is called a striker.
    4. The game continues till one player reaches 29 points or the end of the predecided number of boards. In the case of the latter, the one with the most point wins.
    5. The points are scored based on how many of your opponent's coins are still on board when all of your coins are already in.
    6. The red counts as 3 points if you can cover it and win the board, but if the loosing player/team covers the queen, the 3 points are lost for that board.

    The rest of the rules vary widely, depending on the location.

  3. Anything that is behind base line is illegal to play directly what rules are these that allow u to play behind base line directly?

  4. I came here to know whatโ€™s the point of these big circles in each corner, but no answer. Does anyone knows?

  5. Hey guys i need a favor if anyone could send me good carroms board please let me know i will take care of the all expenses i am in USA, Texas, i love to play lot this i am from Sri lanka

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