How to Play and Win Auto Chess Mobile | Auto Chess Mobile iOS Android Gameplay

How to Play and Win Auto Chess Mobile | Auto Chess Mobile iOS Android Gameplay

Moshi – Moshi guys let’s continue our journey but before we start don’t forget to like share and subscribe to my channel if you love
my content also today I want to discuss about the comments let’s see ok first
comment from Uzumaki Burahan Kun he want me to play combo knight and egersis okay
let’s try, Alung MochaLatte thank you for the feedback also and Jemini hi any tip
for beginner like me I have no idea what the fork I’m doing this game I have no
experience in playing dota autochess i want to learn this game so much
hope you can help me okay ah if you don’t play the dota auto chess I can
show you the website KNIGHTLY.APP in the comments below
it’s a good website that you can see all the unit skills all the race perks and
all the classes works yep so don’t worry also all the items don’t worry I’ll put
the link in the comments and you can see also today especially today I want to
show you how to win this game the basics what you need to do to win this game so
let me try my best and I hope you enjoy the video thanks yet first this this all the units and each units have its own race and classes right
as you can see different class and different race have different perks so
like for example let’s pick skybreaker the first okay the first three rounds
you will fight against monsters or NPC and it can drop items but randomly RNG
guys so you cannot always get the items ok like this I don’t get any items ok
it here is important you take the classes that have the perks already for example here i take two mechs so i have extra +15 HP regeneration okay
get items good and you can see the role of each units by click and hold into
this this durable and disabler
sky breaker and heaven bomber is nuker okay you put in one more unit as you level up see
you get 3 goblins grants a random Ally +15 armorr and + 10 HP
regeneration so it’s good any any units that you want to take maybe for now no
because you decide to play Goblins play this synergy this combo so let’s
hope you get upgrades next round you get upgrades by getting three of
the same units hey I just need one more soul
breaker to upgrade the units Let’s take the Phantom Queen because maybe we play the Assassins So i keep her first losing a few rounds is alright but you just need to keep your head cool, don’t reroll if you keep rolling you will lose so many golds you will waste so many gold and you
will lose okay right now you can see you can spend 5 Gold for 4 EXP, that’s what i’m doing now It’s better to spend Golds and level up to put in more units Let’s play Assassins since i got 2 Phantom Queen You see the enemy is not leveling up to 5, so i have more units advantage This game is basically you just level up and put in more units and upgrades The most important point is you need to save Gold to get Interest Okay i get upgrades for Queen Queen skill is good because AoE Magic It’s good she has AoE Magic same as Heaven Bomber strong early game so let’s keep our
advantage getting further and further let’s win
this game okay let’s put in the last assassins
maybe sell this because Ripper is better tank I’m sorry previous round i only have 4 units, i can put in 5 units actually, okay don’t do my mistake
guys okay okay let’s decide who to pick next Every 10 Gold you get plus one interests so
you want to keep your interests going so it’s better for you
let’s save some money the maximum is 50 so you get +5 Interest After this round you can level up See i can buy 4 EXP for 5 Gold Maybe buy more Assassins If we can we play 6 Assassins Okay we keep getting Queen, nice.. This is a monster round, Round 10. After this it’s round 15 – 20 -25 and so on.. Give the mana regeneration item to Queen I buy too many units If i have 20 Golds, i have +2 Interest you can see here guys Let’s hope we can find the upgrades for my tank because sooner or later they will catch
up to me the rest will catch up to me I needed
more upgrades if not I’ll lose this game and I save
money for now so we can spend at 50 gold because we will have the +5 Interest we
have to keep our gold at 50 very nice It’s better to buy the Mythical Units (Purple Colour) because it’s better let’s put him in Need upgrade for my Goblins please yeah I cannot wait anymore I should find another Knight Level up and put in more units, no.. i don’t want this because i want to sell the hell knight later Let’s keep the Interest +5 at 50 Gold.

It’s not good to have 2 Demons 2 Demons in the board because when you only have 1 Demon one demon in the board we have extra
pure 50% pure damage so I have to get rid of him change him to something
better okay guys let’s roll a bit, yeahh exactly what we need hey I started to lose but let’s calm
down calm down boys okay i waste so many golds already i need to level up and buy more EXP because I keep rolling it’s not good
but I need to start also but I think is enough It’s better if i can find upgrades for these two For now let’s buy some EXP again Don’t forget that 3 STAR units are important, but ideally you keep your gold at 50 So you keep getting +5 interest But i need more upgrades If keep rolling i will lose, well it sucks that someone also playing Assassins very nice still win okay calm down each round gimme 1 EXP so next I’ll automatically level up to 8 since I have no one to put in yet so
let’s put this in because 2 stars let’s roll Actually i spend too much gold But it’s worth it But i still keep my Gold at 40, so it’s not too bad So let’s keep our Gold at 50 again Need one of each of these unit so i can upgrade to 3 STAR Queen okay I’m fighting against the guy who have similar build like me hey let’s see the other guys oh okay
pretty scary though since you have three star units good finally 3 STAR Queen Is Assassin not Strong Enough??? I see what the other guys are okay these
guys this is the scary guy save money let’s get the maximum interest Let’s save Gold, i spend too much because of this one unit okay finally if I can get this item it will be great
I can get let’s hope I can get nice give to her also I started to waste Gold at level 9 hey guys looks like we win yeah that’s how you win the game guys
you save the Gold until 50 and earn maximum interest, at level 9 you try to upgrade everyone to 3 STARS that’s important also if you are
lucky you get good items to win but actually if you can, you have
to increase your level to 10 but in this game I roll too much hey guys I think I win, good nice I get 5 candies level up to bishop
5 ok that’s it guys for this video i show you how to win in this game the
most important thing is the economic game the 50 Gold strategy the +5 interests then after that when you reach level 9 you can spend some
gold but in this game I spend like crazy actually you can increase that to
level 10 and put in the last unit in I play the 4 Assassins, 2 Egersis, 2 Knights and Pirate Captain. Playing Critical Build i get good items also so I
can say I’m pretty lucky in this game and that’s it for this video guys Arigatou Gozaimasu for watching my video if you want to know more please
subscribe to me and share to your friend ok that’s it guys Sayonara

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  1. Moshi – Moshi guys,
    This video i show you the basic 50 Gold Strategy, when to level up and HOW to WIN of course!
    Here is the Auto Chess Mobile Complete Database website:
    TURN ON your English Subtitle, Sorry for my Accent.
    INDONESIA Subitlte juga available.
    Arigatou Gozaimasu

  2. Wheres the links to those ? U the man tho. I mean could u possibly do a tier list for early mid and late game ?

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