How to Paint Rum & Bones Plastic Coins

So this basic tutorial is going to teach you how to take your rum and bones plastic coins from plain yellow gold plastic to a bronze finish with a wash adding definition to the various raised and lowered parts of the coin. So the process I used on my coins has seven steps. first you need to prime the coins I use a brush on primer by Reaper Paints. Then the next step is to paint them with a base coat of gold. I use Antique Gold, also from Reaper. Then you need to mix together a wash, and a wash is a single color or mix of colors of paint, mixed with a significant amount of water which thins it out and allows it to pool in the crevices of whatever it is you’re painting. So here I use a mix of pure black and a green color with a bunch of water. The next step is dry brushing the washed coins with a light surface coat of the Antique Gold. This is going to lighten up any dark and wash add shine and give you the final patina of the coins. At that point, if you like, you can coat your coins with a spray matte finish which is going to help protect the paint as you play the game. Now painting something as light as coins can be a real pain because they’re so small it’s hard to get a clean grip on them with your fingers without painting your fingers and if you place them down on a surface they can just skitter around as you’re trying to paint them. To solve this problem I built a little frame out of glued cardboard here that’s just big enough to hold the coins. This keeps them from moving around so I can apply the paint more easily. Priming the coins is pretty simple you can either use a spray primer which gives you a nice even covering or you can do what I’ve done here which is use a brush on primer this primer is thicker than paint so you want to make sure you get an even coating and don’t have any build-up because that’s going to reduce the definition of what you’re trying to paint. Once the primer dries, you can pop the coins out of the frame, flip them over and prime the other side. Then the last step is holding the coins and brushing the sides of them with the primer. Once the primer is dried the next step is paint the coins with the gold paint you’re looking for in pretty even coating if there are any lighter spots that actually just helps the presentation of the final coins two parts pure black one, two one part Viper Green, and let’s try four parts water okay so now let’s test the wash. I’m going to take a little of the wash. This is a receipt there’re words on here. And I’m just going to brush it over the words. You can see right there that you can see through it it’s going to get lighter as it dries you want to make sure you get it into all the nooks of crannies but also don’t let it build up too much in any one spot a little bit low so here are our coins. If it’s not dark enough for you, and I like them a little darker, you can just go back in with some more wash and do another coat now this batch of wash I mixed up is a little bit darker and it might turn these too dark but that’s fine because I have another trick up my sleeve to show you, which is dry brushing with gold which is going to allow us to rebalance so as you can see we’ve got a range of color darkness here which is good I like there to be variation on these so they don’t look too cookie cutter but some of them are quite dark that’s okay so what we’re going to do is a technique known as dry brushing so I’m going to put some more of that gold paint on the board here and I’m going to put it on my brush and then I’m going to intentionally wipe most of the paint off so I’m going to draw it across until I’m not really getting much off of it then I’m going to take that too dark coin and I’m going to brush it with the gold it was maybe a little bit more left on here than I wanted but I think it’s going to be okay that’s the nice thing about this project is that variation brush marks that sort of thing they all actually add to the personality of the coins I think so here you can see we’ve got some shine but we’ve also got a lot more depth than if we just left this as plain gold and you’re just going to do that dry brush along the edges anywhere that it’s darker than you want that’s going to add shine and lighten the wash kind of almost a bronzy finish with dark notes around the raised points which is absolutely perfect and that’s all you have to do on the next step if you want is to spray these with a matte finish that will help protect the paint against scuffing and the oils in your skin if you could do me a small favor and click the like button below the video that’ll encourage me and help other people find it if you subscribe to the channel you’ll get notifications when new fun stuff hits it it’s illegal to watch videos while driving so you should subscribe to our podcast instead check out Dice & Dachshunds on iTunes, Pod Bean or BoardGameGeek

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