How to make slime without borax or liquid starch | Easy slime recipe

Hey Guys, After watching a ton of videos and trying
most of them. I have come up with my own slime recipe. This step-by-step DIY will show you a simple
method to make perfect slime. These are the ingredients you need. White PVA Glue – It has to be PVA (Other
types glue don’t work). Any craft glue seems to work. Boric Powder – You get this in any sports
store and is commonly used on carom boards. Baking or Cooking Soda – Please don’t
mix is with baking powder. 2 Cups – One to mix the Slime activator
and the other to mix the slime. A small cup of warm water Okay Guys… Step 1:
Lets make the slime activator: Add a pinch of Baking Soda Now add quarter a teaspoon of Boric Powder Pour a little warm water and mix it till the
powder dissolves completely. Make sure there is no residue. The Slime activator is ready. Step 2:
Add two teaspoons of glue And Stir it a bit Step 3:
Start adding the slime activator few drops at a time. You can use a teaspoon for this. DO NOT add too much, as it will spoil the
slime. Continue to stir and add drops of the Slime
activator till the slime beings to leave the cup’s surface. Pick up the slime and Knead it till it stops
sticking to your fingers. WOW! – We have the perfect slime. Store the slime in an airtight container and
it will remain soft for a long time. Guys!! Watch out for my clear slime DIY soon! Thanks for watching… Please subscribe, like and comment down below… Ceee YAAAA!!!

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