How to make ‘King’ – chalk carving chess pieces

How to make ‘King’ – chalk carving chess pieces

Remove the blade from the sharpener Dip the chalk in water Carve the chalk as shown The King from the chess set is ready Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

100 thoughts on “How to make ‘King’ – chalk carving chess pieces

  1. hey bro u r amazing ✌✌seriously I tried Nd failed 4 to 5 times now I have no patiency seriously😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. When I was in 8th grade I once made a car out of chalk in class it was fun😄…I used a compass and a sharp edged ruler for doing that😁

  3. Really you made me believe that perfection comes from practice. How many trials did it take to actually carve that out?? Its awesome.

  4. Печаль… Что тут нового?) Это все можно проделать и консервным ножом, главное чтобы руки не из жопы росли.

  5. When I first learnt to play chess as a high schooler, there was only one plastic chess set for the entire school and it belonged to a teacher who had received it as a gift from a visiting European missionary. The stores sold no chess sets since chess wasn't well known where I grew up. So I carved pieces out of school chalk to play with my classmates. Mind you, this was at a boarding school in a former British colony where we hardly had anything to do for months, besides studying and soccer. So those chalky chess pieces came in handy. Once in a while, one piece would drop off the board and shatter and I would carve a new one right away. Good old days!!

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