How to make bamboo tree pot stand (with english subtitle)

How to make bamboo tree pot stand (with english subtitle)

Hello These are bamboo, I have collected them from bamboo bush. I have cut them of 3 feet length. First the side of the bamboo need to be cleaned properly. Then with the help of knife two side of the bamboo need to be sliced. one side need to be sliced into 12 part and other side to 6 part. To prevent the bamboo from further crack The bamboo need to be tied with a wire in the middle portion. Now see the bamboo stands are ready. I have decorated the bamboo stand with polythene pot. these stand can be used to hold clay or cement pot Thanks all of you for watching my video patiently.

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  1. Its a sheer pleasure seeing your creativity. Puro green initiative, simply darun. Amar Pronam neben….You inspire me a lott….

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  5. Sir can you make a video on different ideas of how to support a climbing plant …
    Show both the cases …
    1. Plant in soil.
    2.plant in pot..

    Your ideas are wonderful…

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  7. The best thing about ur work is it's so simple but the output is awesome…U r truly a genius Dada…🙏

  8. Молодец мужик. Хорошая идея и не сложная реализация. Респект.

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