How to make a 2D Game in Unity

How to make a 2D Game in Unity

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  1. Thank you! this has been really helpful! But I am still wondering about 2D top-down games like Enter the Gungeon and Hotline Miami, my goal has been to make a top-down medieval style dungeon crawler but being a super beginner to this stuff I dont even know where to start! So a character/enemy/top down movement/ so on tutorial would be super helpful!

  2. I could not follow anything you did because my screen looks compleatly (I can spell it and auto correct won't work) different and can't do any of the things you did.

  3. I am really surprised by your contents Sir, I want to ask something. I have a school project to make a game. So the requirement is I need to use C++ for that. I was thinking to use Unity as a Game Engine. Is it possible to use C++ in place of C# in Unity 3D?

  4. Hope this is ok to comment here but if anyone’s in need of music I’m looking to work on a project. Thanks for the upload!

  5. Thanks!I learned so much about unity.I will watch your other tutorials.I want to create 2D game.Now iam learning Java.

  6. instructions unclear ended up making a 2d bullet hell space platformer where you can go to differnet planet with upgrade and crafting elements

  7. Hello colleagues! Help me with my first game Ball and Diamond. In my opinion this is the best game in the genre of arcade and timekiller in 2019 !!! What do you think about my game? Write in the reviews to the game.

  8. Thank you so much! <3 I've moved on from into trying new things, like Unity, and I started out very confused, but now I'm off to a great start! 🙂

  9. I started with this tutorial and managed to finish my first game. Thanks for the push!

  10. i didnt rally appreciate 2d games because i though they were really easy to make(even with javascript). but now i realized how hard it is

  11. Im 12 but when i grow i wanna study programming, i already learnt some hacking and a lot of stuff the i might have to use, but im still obviously horrible lol.

  12. For some reason some of the coin animations disapear when animated, when i check them alone, they are visible, just when in an animation, any1 knows why?

  13. Hi, I just download it from asset store and I try to play with but when i click on "play button" i have a error message in console:

    "Copying assembly from 'Temp/Unity.PackageManagerUI.Editor.dll' to 'Library/ScriptAssemblies/Unity.PackageManagerUI.Editor.dll' failed"

    Can someone help me or know how to fix it? (Sorry my english is very basic)

  14. Also thank to you i made my first 2D game with unity! I l'd like if you guys check it out on google play store, it's name is AlienSpin2D… thanks!

  15. hi! i downloand some thing called unity hub and i dont know how to start that so can u explain that i just have like to login and i logged in and then its just some licenses and then i just dont know what to do

  16. Who realized that the music in the background in the beginning of the video was donkey dude from funnel vision like if you realized

  17. Check out our game..thanks to brackeys…we learned and tried something simple..

  18. if you're using unity 2019 or later (possibly), then when you select window > general, the assets store will not come up. All you have to do is press ctrl+9 and it will bring up the store.

  19. Why can't I add coins? I would select all 16 of them and try to drag them in but I get a black circle with a line through it not allowing me to place them

  20. i have a question. i know nth about c# language, but i do know some language like c++. Should i learn c# basic first before using unity?

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