How To Maintain A Fresh Vinyl Wrap! – Chemical Guys | Porsche GT-3 |

How To Maintain A Fresh Vinyl Wrap! – Chemical Guys | Porsche GT-3 |

(dramatic music) – [Joseph] All right, so real quick. This is Mr. Tempo right here, in case, if you don’t know who that is, he has the beautiful wrap of
The Day of the Dead theme, the Porsche GT3, that he pulled up here. We just did a video on this yesterday, that’ll come out on a YouTube channel in about two weeks. Mr. Tempo’s been opening
up restaurants all over. Right now, he’s getting
ready to open up one in Hard Rock, right? New York is gonna be opening up too. And he has a new one, which
we’re all getting ready to go try in Downey. This place is crazy, off the hook. It’s open 5 o’clock to 1
o’clock in the morning, can’t even get into that place, but it’s hot. So make sure to peep on his
page and that’s something we’ll raffle off too,
so thank you for that, appreciate you, for sure. (dramatic music) What’s up guys. Joseph here, and welcome
back to The Detail Garage. I know first of all, I’m not Nick, but that’s okay. Nick is actually taking a
nice little extended vacation. Nick, you are welcome for me covering you. You definitely owe me
a couple little things. We’ll talk about that later. So what I wanted to do is, once again, bring you something exclusive, something very unique, that only the way The
Chemical Guys does it. And what that is, is this
beautiful Porsche GT3. First of all, you’ll
notice, eye catcher, right? Definitely, you’ve got this
custom wrap that’s on there. Not only is it full matte finish, you also have some beautiful
gold accents on there. You have the huge carbon ceramic brakes, as what you’ll see in most GT3s out there. And again, we’re gonna go and show you how to make this thing look show ready and make sure to take
extra good care of it as we always do. So a couple little things, we always like to start
off with the wheels. As you know, with most of our videos. So what we’re gonna go ahead and do here, is we’re gonna go ahead and
start off with the tires and as you’ll see, we’re gonna go ahead and be doing some extra little love there. And we’re gonna use Nonsense on there, which is a super cleaner. We’re gonna take our black nifty brush and again, to go above and
beyond for this vehicle, we’re gonna go ahead and take
one of our work horsetails, wrap it over there like
a little tiny child that’s in swaddling clothes, right? Just go ahead and just put it right over that little tiny baby skin, which is actually gonna be the tires and we’re gonna go ahead
and clean up those tires, nice and neat like, right? Then for the face of the wheel and also those gorgeous
six piston calipers, we’re gonna go ahead and
go with our Sticky Citrus. Now Sticky Citrus does
not have to be diluted. You could go ahead and use it straight up and as you see here, it works amazing. Gets this brake dust and stuff all off and leaves the wheels looking
just amazing and nice. Now the other thing that we’re looking at, we got to think about is, that for the black trim on this car and for the rubber on the tires, we want it stay looking nice and fresh. We don’t want it to look dripping wet, like you just rubbed
Vaseline all over your skin. We want it looking nice and
natural, just nice and clean. And for that, we’re gonna go ahead and use Natural Shine water based dressing. So real quick, what is
water based dressing? Well it basically means that,
stuff doesn’t attract to it. First of all, you could
use it inside your vehicle, or outside your vehicle. And you got to think, if you used an oil based on this vehicle, it’s kind of like if you drench
yourself all in baby oil, you go out to the ocean, to the sand. You’re laying out on the beach
looking really nice, right? Just showing off that beautiful six pack that you’ve worked six months to get, over there at 24 Hour Fit, you’re gonna get a whole
bunch of sand and stuff that sticks on to you. On a vehicle like this, with
those Michelin pilot cups, you don’t want to go ahead and do that. So for that reason, we’re gonna go ahead and use this natural shine. Then, the body. This voluptuous, vixen of a vehicle. We definitely got to go ahead
and throw that on there. So what we are gonna be using, is Meticulous Matte spray sealant. So last thing that you
wanna go ahead and have, is on this beautiful matte finish. You wanna go ahead and keep it nice and matte and fresh like. So you’ll see us go ahead and go round, work it with our lovely
happy ending towels. Any time you say the words, happy ending, there’s two things that’s gonna happen. It’s gonna have a happy ending, or there’s a chance that
you might get arrested. All right, so. Besides that then, we wanna
go ahead and finish off the rest of this look of this vehicle by our Streak Free window cleaner. Streak free, hence the name, that means it’s not gonna go ahead and have any streaks to it. So you’re going to see obviously
there’s been some rain. Very light little dust on there, but you see the streaks
of the windshield wiper. We’re definitely gonna
take care of all of that for this gentleman. Now, besides that, you’re gonna step back. You’re gonna look at the front of the lip. Front of the lip is also gonna be treated with that dressing that I
told you about, water based. And the back diffuser as well. It’s that simple. Those easy steps, those few products to make this vehicle go
from just a little bit ashy, to enormously classy. All right, so that’s what
we go ahead and do over here at the Detail Garage. Now make sure, this vehicle’s
actually getting prepped for our Amazing Rides and Coffee event. So check with your local Detail Garage. See what type of cool events they have. Bring your ride through them and see what type of products
are gonna be best for you. Again this is Joseph,
this is Detail Garage, home of the Chemical Guys headquarters. We’re getting it down. Nick I see you, all right
I definitely go ahead and you owe me a little
bit of tender touches one of these days. That’s what we do over here. Mr. Tempo, thank you for trusting us with your vehicle for the day. I hope that you love this video. If you did like this video,
give me a nice little thumbs up, make sure that you
subscribe and stay tuned. Because there’s always
something wild, unique and crazy going on here at the
Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Take care. (dramatic music) (rapping lyrics) (engine roaring) (soft rap music)

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  2. Can you explain to me what the differencr between your regular Celeste Dettaglio wax and the matte version is on a chemical or imgredients level? What makes the matte version work on matte paint?

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