How to Loom Knit Simple Handbag – Knitted Handbag – Beginner Loom Knitting

Hey I’m Sarah Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how I made this loom knit handbag. I’m using one
ball of Lion Brand Hometown super bulky weight yarn and a loom that has at least
25 pegs on it. I’m starting off with the 24 inch long tail end because I’ll sew the handles on with it later. Wrap around the anchor peg to secure it. Now it’s time
to cast on. Wrap the yarn around the pegs like this. The most important thing is
that you have one loop in the front. Wrap a total of 25 pegs. Because my loom is larger I won’t be
using all the pegs on it. Only 25 of them. Now it’s time for the first row. The
first peg is always difficult to remember how to wrap. Just remember you want to make one new loop in the front. Wrap the other pegs like this. I’m going to stop here and do this peg
incorrectly. See how when I wrap the wrong way I don’t get one nice loop in the
front. Now I’ll do it correctly. One new loop in the front. Now it’s time to
create knit stitches. I’m going to use my hook to lift the bottom loop over the
top loop. That is one stitch. There’s the second one. And the third stitch. Continue
lifting the bottom loops over the top loops for all 25 pegs. When you get to the end go back to the end with the yarn strand and wrap the
first peg. If it’s done incorrectly it will look like this. So take it out and be sure only one new
loop is in the front. Now wrap all the other pegs and take off
the 25 loops again like this. Time to wrap again for the next row. Just
keep watching how you form your new loops in the front. Continue wrapping
loops and taking off loops for a total of 60 rows. You can take off the anchor
peg now. After making 60 rows be sure you have enough yarn left for one more row
to cast off the stitches. This removes them from the pegs. Wrap and knit the first peg. Now wrap and knit the second peg. Place that second peg’s loop onto the
first peg. Now take the bottom loop and put it over the top loop. Remove that
loop and place it on the second peg. Knit the next stitch over. Take it off and place it on the stitch
next to it. Knit that stitch. Take it off and put it
on the next peg. You can use the hook or your fingers – whatever works best for you. Continue this process for all 25 pegs. When you have one loop remaining, cut a
long tail end for sewing. Remove the loop, then push that long tail end through it
and tighten. I’m using seven and a half inch wide
circle handles, but you can use any shape you want – like ovals or rectangles. If you
can find purse handles use any kind of larger ring such as the inner rings of
embroidery hoops. Thread a yarn needle and lay the good side down on the table.
You’ll insert the knit fabric around the ring like this. Take your needle and sew
the knitted fabric around the handle like this. Keep the extra strand for sewing the
sides later. Repeat with the other handle. Now it’s time to sew the sides together. Because it’s thick yarn your stitches
will blend in with the knitted fabric. At the end push the needle through to
the other side. And take small stitches to properly
weave in this end securely. Repeat sewing the other side. When you are holding the
purse, the handles keep the handbag closed nicely. Add a button if you want
for decoration. Please like and comment on this video. And please push that big
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