How to get number six in Ludo in Facebook messenger| Trick

How to get number six in Ludo in Facebook messenger| Trick

Hello Friends, Today I will talk about Ludo game Which we can find in facebook Messenger app. This is very interesting game. Few new stuffs are added in this game. Like Gift box on top left corner “Next In 15 hrs 40 min” Which mean you have to wait to get these next free 10k coins. You have to wait to redeem these coins after 24hrs. Now you have to pay and play this game by using these coins in your account. Earlier It was not like this. Earlier you could play these games without coins. But now you have to use these coins. So, If you have 5k coins , You only have to pay 200 coins per game. You can use more coins in some cases. Now I will hit play now. Some people asked me on YouTube that Can you tell me how can i get 6 again and again in Ludo? So, There is no such hidden trick in this, But I will share how I play and get 6 continuously. So, I will show, How I will do this. Firstly I will hit play I will explain this by playing 2 players I will mute the sound. I have muted sound so that you can hear my voice properly So very first thing you have to do is Don’t press the dice. I have experience when you will not touch it, BOT mode will gets activated automatically. This will increases probability of six. Like this one see. It’s doesn’t happens always. That you have kept BOT mode on and you will get 6 each time. but mostly yes it works for me. As you can see here. You won’t get anything if you get 3 times 6 in a row. Now I got 1 Now if you think situations are getting worse Like You don’t think BOT is playing right moves. You can take the charge. Because some time this Robot act foolish and he plays wrong moves. and you loose. So you will play, you can decide where and when to play. See now I am getting plenty of six numbers in BOT mode. I am not touching it, This will keep on playing itself until, I touch , where it says tap here to stop. This BOT is super Intelligent , and Some time acts foolish and you have to start again. No worries I will keep Bot Mode On, I need 6. This one should not go. Phew!!! See now I got 6 in Bot mode But as BOT acts foolish sometime. Instead by bringing piece outside he is moved another one. and another trick, what I feel is…. ammmm…. Wait I will show you When you turn off BOT mode. and you start playing. What you have to do is wait and See for that green timer to finish 25% or when its on 3 o’clock. Then you have to hit that play button Chances are very high in this. Like here see. I will bring this piece out. Don’t know what happens next. i will play again. This might not work for other but it works for me. There could be some logic. Or this is just luck. Ok let’s try something else I will play at half time.Let see. Please watch my timer closel Little delay, But you have to be 25 % perfect. Then there is more chances You can try these trick when you are trapped and you haven’t move a single piece. You are not getting highest number 6. Then you can try this by turing BOT mode on. You still have chances of 6. This is a simple trick , Otherwise there is nothing much to it. And….. This game is half based on you luck too. The more you get the more you play. So let me know, How was the video? Don’t forget to mention in Like,share and comments below. Please ask if you want to know anything else. Thank You!!!! Please Subscribe!!!

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  1. Why do you Asians always cheat at everything. Spoil a perfectly good game with all your SHIT. What is it, don't you have the brain capacity to win the game fairly or do you just cheat your way through life.

  2. Ek baat Bataye Jaise me Ludo 4 log k saath Khel Raha hu by chance Main une jaanta hu Kaise pata kar sakte hain Jaise mera naam Akhilesh Ojha hai bt ludo me sirf Akhilesh hi show Karta Hai reply me

  3. TBH, this game is fucking shit. too much convienient the dice always outs us. hope this game goes down and the company bankrupts and the makers die a horrible death. AMEN

  4. Please tell me why you guys need to cheat on Ludo? Why? Always just South Asian, Indian, Pakistan and Arab people. Why?

  5. Thank you for making this video, its prb very informative but unfortunately for me I couldn't understand the language. If it's not too much trouble, could you please explain it to me in English ? I ko e this game, and play when I need to pass time, well it's kind of addicting as well lol. I just hate when I play up against players who cheat when I'm playing against them, they seem to roll straight doubles. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  6. My God you asians take ludo very serious. Well I suppose you need to be good at something. I take that back, you aren't good at ludo either as you have to cheat. No wonder your countries fucked up.

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