how to get ludo star unlimited gems tech video

how to get ludo star  unlimited gems tech video

Bismillah Rahman Rahman Hello friends I welcome you guys this video And I hope all of you will be happy In this video, I will tell you this How To Get Those Unlimited Gems In Ludo Star Game Absolutely free The way in which you are going to tell people is a simple way And Easy In this way, you guys in one day Get 10000 Thousand Gems Or can get more than that You guys know what Gems is And how can we use it? But in this video I just tell you guys How to Get Maximum Gems In this video, I will not tell you about any hacking And not tell you about any App I do Ludo Star Game Open Here’s the whole thing Dice The more the Dice will be It’s Gems be so much more Here I have 47 Dice And how do we get this Dices Ludo Star Game is connected with Facebook So we get the Dice through Facebook The more Facebook friends are Will get so much dice The more dice you will get. So much more Gems Here I will tell you this At which number How much Dice is there for three numbers If three here comes So we’ll meet forty 40 Gems O shit so sad Did not come three If there comes a couple of three So we get forty gems If all three are the same Then we get 100 gems Here I show you people Here’s all the details Then how do you play it? One thousand gems on three six If all three are the same So, you get hundred gems If three different number Then there are ten gems So how can we get more dice? The whole thing here is dice So open your Facebook account for it With which Ludo Star Game Connted Which is your fb profile. add ludo star Frame And how to apply It will benefit from frame Those who play Ludo Star Game Will see your profile So they will automatically send friend request So they like you dice So in return you also dice And so they frame If you want set frame search ludo star There will be different frames here The frame you like You can put it Here you guys are looking different This is my profile that I first used Let’s try it again Now I show you my friends i have only 911 friend Not so much I have any friends I have All these friends play ludo star games If you have three thousand friend And get 3 thousand dice In 24 hours send only one dice to one friend if you have 5k friend on fb And only three thousand twenty days in the day if calculate with ten You become ten thousand gems Can be more than ten thousand i just calculated with ten If three numbers differ. So we get ten gems mandatory If three times. 3 six. So we get 3000 gems So in the same way, you can get ten thousand days in one day i have only 864 gems If there is three thousand dice days in the day You will get ten thousand gems Can get more than ten thousand when used dice ,so then dice fb friend First i have only 864 gems And now 1074 gems and so on. The more the friends will be So much get more dice After five minutes. get ten dice Because I have a low of friends So dice will not get more So in this way. can get 10000 gems in one day If you like this video. so then like comments and share

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