How To Gain Confidence In Sales

(serene music) – Yeah, yeah, we do charge
a little bit more money, but we, we do really good work, I mean, we always try to serve our clients, and do maybe, do you want me
to send you an email on that, like to follow up, maybe touch base like three months from now, is that okay? No, that’s not what a
closer should sound like. So how do you develop confidence in sales? Listen to me, I’ve been
doing sales and marketing for over like 14, 15 years now. I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve trained thousands and
thousands of students, worldwide, turning them from sales
rookie to professional closer. From uncertainty to certainty. From no confidence to unstoppable. Every single thing that I do, ever single thing that I
teach, I learn from experience. When you are doing this
for as long as I have, when every single day
I am training, coaching and working with closers, you don’t need to be a rocket
scientist to figure out, you know what, there is
some stuff that works. And there’s some stuff that
definitely doesn’t work, right? It’s not that I’m so
special that I’m genius. Today, I’m going to share with you the number one thing that you can do to develop more confidence in sales. You see, most sales people,
they believe in this nonsense that if they just think positively, nothing bad would happen to them. That if they go into a sales meeting, they get on a sales call,
and they are positive and everything will be fine. Well, it’s like believing
the idea if you are positive, and you go into a boxing ring, without preparation, you
won’t get knocked out. It’s as stupid as that. You see when it comes to
closing, when it comes to sales, I don’t believe in positive thinking. I believe in the positive
power of negative preparation. What it means is I want to think of that as like a chess game, that when you’re going
to play a chess game, what differentiate an amateur chess player verses a master chess player is what? The master chess player
knows 10 steps ahead. That’s what makes that
person a master chess player. What you wanna do as a
closer, as a sales person is going into every single situation, every single sales
conversation, be well prepared, so you know every single objection that your prospect might have and you’ll know exactly how to handle it. And that’s how you get confidence. You see, the lack of confidence comes from lack of preparation. What you wanna do is you wanna practice. You wanna practice and role play until you’re sick and tired of it. And then guess what,
you practice some more. And that’s what I do. When students come into my
high ticket closer program, I set up this global platform, and now we have students
in over 100 countries. I set up this platform
for you to role play. When you join our community, click a link somewhere on here, that you can role play with, because with students all over the world, it doesn’t matter if it’s
6:00 a.m. in the morning, it’s 2:00 a.m. at night, you can jump on our platform and you can role play
with all kinds of people, all kinds of students, all kinds of background, personality type, and that’s how you get good. You practice, you role play until you’re sick and tired of it, until you are dreaming
you’re role playing. You can do this fucking
thing in your sleep. Then when you go into
a real life scenario, when you’re closing, guess what, you’re fully prepared. Let me give you a perfect example. When I’m closing from the
platform, I over prepare. What do I mean by that? There are a number of things that I do. The first thing that I do,
I would visit the venue ahead of time, the night
before, what I would do, let’s say I am speaking
at a multi day event, and I know there are other
speakers in front of me, and if I’ve been making an offer on stage, what I would do is I want to know who is speaking before me. What were they selling,
what were they pitching? I wanna know the offer, I
wanna know the price point, I wanna know the stories. Because I go after them. I want to be fully
prepared, that’s number one. Second thing, I would
go before I go on stage, I would visually go
touch every single chair. So I could make connection
with the audience, like a mental connection. I would do that. Number three, before I even go on stage, an hour before I would send my staff, I want them to eavesdrop, I
want them to talk to people, what is the temperature of the room? Is the audience excited? Are they cold, are they skeptical? Are they warm? I want to know what kind of
conversations are they having? What kind of conversations are
they having in the bathroom? I want to know the
temperature of the room. And before, just the night before, I would rehearse and practice
my sales presentation five to 10 times, until I
am sick and tired of it, and I’d practice some more. And when I’m done, after the presentation, one thing I like to do
is after I do the close, after I drive the people
to the back of the room to buy right now, I will stick around, and I am still closing,
talking to people, one-on-one, or we’re sure the
prospects who have bought. So it’s before, during and after, and that’s what I do. I don’t believe in positive thinking. I believe in the positive
power of negative preparation, and that’s how we get confidence in sales.

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