How to Build Your First Magic Deck

How to Build Your First Magic Deck

Hello, I’m Jimmy. And today we’re going to walk through building your first Magic: The Gathering deck. Where do you start? For your very first deck, the best place to start is picking up one of the pre-built Planeswalker decks. Play with it a couple of times on its own. See what it’s capable of and what you like most about how it plays. Next, you can tweak it. Open up some booster packs and see what you get. Then you can swap out cards from the deck for some of these new cards. You want to keep your deck to 60 cards. That means you should have 25 Lands, 25 Creatures, and 10 Spells. Make sure your creatures and spells are all in the same two colors. Oh, and you can’t have more than 4 copies of the same card. Except basic lands. You can have as many of those as you like. When you add a new card, you got to pick one to take out. I know it’s hard, but that’s what deckbuilding is all about. Don’t be shy about trying it too. Experiment. The only way you’re going to find out if these cards are any good is by trying them out. And one extra tip. Make sure your spells have a good mixture of casting costs so you’ve got cheaper spells to play early and big threats to finish the game later. Now you’ve got a good idea of what a deck will look like when it’s finished. But what if you want to build one completely from scratch? A great place to start is to think: Why are you building this deck? Say you opened a really big creature like Verdurous Gearhulk in a booster and you really want to play it. You can build a deck around this card. In this case a Green, or mostly Green deck that makes sure you can play your favorite card. Suppose you like elves. You can just build an elf deck. Start by getting together all the elves you have and then experiment with other spells to see which ones work best with your new elvish friends. Maybe you don’t care about specific cards, but you want to build a deck that fits the style you like to play. If you like attacking and killing creatures fast you want to build a deck full of low casting cost creatures and spells that deal damage. Or maybe you want big, scary creatures and ways to generate extra mana to cast them early. Or maybe you want to sit back and control the game while slowly squeezing the life out of your opponent. That’s fun too. There are tons of different ways to play Magic and each of them can apply different restrictions on how to build your deck. But to start with, just focus on building a 60 card deck with whatever you want. Build. Play. Tweak. Play again. And soon enough you’ll get a feel for ways to make your deck even better.

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  1. dude your videos are a big help my girl got me back in to the game but i only played it on the xbox just got my first deck builder's toolkit

  2. One night I started to build a island theme deck then while I was building it I started to build a mountain theme plains theme swamp theme and forest them all at the same time I got four done and the next day I completed the fifth

  3. I am an absolute beginner to MTG. I've only ever played Windows version back in its first release many many years ago, and now I'm trying the Open Beta. The new open beta doesn't even begin to explain anything about deck building, and doesn't explain most of the symbols and meanings of things on the cards. I'm sorry to say this video did not help me feel any more enlightened about the deck building process. I feel just as alienated by the game as before.

  4. This game is disbalanced too much. Do you want 2 plains in the begin of the match and no one next 5 turns? Got it! You have 8 plains and 8 other spells in your hand, table or graveyard? Get next 8 plains over the next 8 turns. Do not thx. It is a good game. Listen. Do you want to waste your time just for lookin how dude will made his magic? He will seat and counterspell all your spell and discard all your hand. Step by step, turn over the turn, after next the most boring x turns, in the end, he put on the table one creature, and kill you. Maybe it will some crap rat or a big Dragon. Nevermind. You're just throw in the trash next 20-30 minutes of your life for nothing. Take it. Nice game!

  5. Wow. This was more helpful than the articles, and long videos I read. Thanks. Not being sarcastic. I'm dead serious. The most simple, and short advice was way more helpful.

  6. I Believe In The Heart Of The Cards!!
    Use Lava Coil now!
    Okay!…Now finish him off with Lightning Strike!

  7. I'm so mad that I needed to take out sanctuary cat. the card shouldn't take any space because really, its the least powerful

  8. I secretly hide 4 sly spies in each deck I have. Yes I know they are joke cards but it is funny to see the kid's reactions when I play it because they actually think it's legitimate for in-game

  9. Ok im pretty new to real magic (i use to play alots of the xbox 360 game) but making deck…man im lost af i just bought 2 already made deck on amazon (the mtg one) but now i want to make my own dragons deck…im trying to search single card on cardkingdom and im soo lost…i dont know what go with what…and i dont know where to start….

  10. 2:18 "Just build a 60-card deck with whatever you want"
    Me: lol okay
    slaps together a deck with 60 creatures and no lands

  11. I just came here to say the Pelaka worm doesn't give any health when played in the current event. it just says enters battle field, so it definitely should give health no matter how it was brought there.

  12. (MTG arena) why didnt the game ask me if I wanted to cast giant growth after no blockers were declared by my opponent?

  13. I haven't played in roughly 15 years. is it a set rule that 60 cards is maximum? I remember it was 73 for a little while (I used to play 64). That also leads me to is the 25/25/10 a rule as well? I used to play goblin/burn and follow a similar lay out. Your videos are helpful, thanks!

  14. NO. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!
    Except the basics like 4 copies of each card, everything else is wrong.
    Jimmy would never give these tips. Wizards just put him to say them.
    Plainswalker decks are not that good. Better start with a starter deck that you can get for free.
    You should upgrade your deck only to some point when you are new. Keeping the same deck and upgrading it all the time will make the deck weird and unplayable.
    After you've played for a while and you like Magic, build a new deck but don't bring all of your Elfs and make a deck. I suggest going to a site like MTGGoldfish and getting ideas from it.
    From then, you can take Magic serious and start playing in FNMs or other events.
    Don't listen to this video. Wizards "doesn't know" about the metagame.
    Hope this comment doesn't get deleted and of course I hope you saw my tips a little bit more helpful from these on the video.

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