How to Beat Magnus Carlsen | Magnus vs chess24 user AfuroZamurai

Okay I’m going to try this guy.
Doesn’t seem to be a grandmaster but he’s rated 3,000. AfuroZamurai, doesn’t sound very German
to me but what do I know. Mmm d4. Going to try one of my typical noise,
as I did for instance against Kaymer. Yeah h3 is a clever move order. As the point is, I’m just inducing him
to castle and then I’m going to go e5. …style. It’s a shame he goes c4 because then I
cannot play. g6 and hope for the rat. Now with the pawn on h3, my hope is that
the f4 square is going to be juicy. So if you like the knight is
misplaced on a6 but I was all… all part of trying to induce castling. So I’m going back to b7 which
I believe is a better square and sometimes in these kinds of
positions with a locked pawn structure, you can… afford to
waste a bit of time. Okay, I’m going to try this just for
fun. Try to play instructive chess. Sacrificing a pawn for the bishop pair…
it’s not too great, I have to say. Bishop f1 was a good response. f5 just looks poor to me. So
what should I do? Go back. Once again citing the relatively
closed pawn structure as a justification for wasting
humongous amounts of time. Yeah why not, let’s go for it. Oh probably wants bishop g5 now.
No he doesn’t. Yeah I’m thinking about
knights df6 and… yeah I can see… this move
is probably about triggers. Yeah that was my whole idea, bishop e2
and then f4. I’m not sure it’s great. This is kind of what I was looking for. Now my pieces are better placed. Could potentially spring to life. Not sure if bishop h6 was a good
inclusion because now he can go… yeah exactly knight to g4 and… I basically just wrecked myself.
Unfortunate. I’m so blind. I was intending queen f6,
knight d4, queen f5? But I’m not threatening anything. Interesting, nor even now after
bishop g4 I’m just bust. Just completely busted. Ooh that is risky, probably
very good but still risky. Yeah probably good. I can’t go rook f4 because of g5 trap. Queen d3 I think is good.
It’s my only chance. Rook f8. Bishop h6. f5 he can take and I can take back. Oh g6 that was another slip I think. I’m currently saved by… I’m short of time. Aahhh! How much did he have? 0.2 seconds! Okay good game. My first loss. What a shame. Okay.

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