HOW TO BEAT A MONKEY AT CHESS Bloopers! (Markiplier, GameTheorists, The Completionist & Cyndago)

HOW TO BEAT A MONKEY AT CHESS Bloopers! (Markiplier, GameTheorists, The Completionist & Cyndago)

Used to call me the pawn Master You could have made a great star joke The Palm Beside oh pop it on Speaker speaks rightly speak no, huh, so I’m good. So hot huh? Hello, who’s ready mark as long as my falcon punch down the three glasses? [oh], God, you didn’t know I think I can we won What we lost, oh, that makes like? Three in a row leave it leave it no Set down steak leave it leave it. No, no leave [it] Me you’re doing [harm] [on] [Day] Less is more. We don’t need the dramatic head down like you’re punished or something. I think I can [beat] one little monkey Oh, no, how’s my last leg? Oh? That’s just offensive sit still and stay All right, okay. Good need it push push. That’s why I’m starting with this, okay. Good good good Just easy easy [that] was great. Thank you Need help, no I think I got it. [thanks] fuck Yeah, it took us over here. All right kids. I’m looking right at the camera Well, that’s all I got what that’s it. Yeah You can hit me square. Oh, that’s a glass phone. No seriously hit me right in the face You can see anything. We could be rude all right smug your throw it hit mark and face Maybe we’ll see you here frances. Well. That’s all I got what But you’re the completionist eater Monologue Look, I appreciate it. But really truly. I got this okay Guy [here’s] somebody who’s got us I? Think it’s actually our turn [Mr.] Ladies, we’re all pretty it’s somebody need help No, how [long] have we been oppressed by the monkeys in this movie of planet of the apes after the apes all died? It started Like yeah, he said this before. Thank you. My brains is amazing Three of the four of us are shining nights of humanity, sorry cut? I’m pretty sure That’s not Gonna be Growing we all know what’s at stake. We all know our families being held hostage by the monkeys I have to probably the news today every time we do this. Hey. It’s just a theory About you – nice check [mate] You all right checkmate Don’t worry it is not on the screen checkmate Okay, bad guy Just to my son oh me. Yeah, fake it all right. We’re gonna get no. I’m not gonna fake [it] He needs to be really inspired to [I] disorder evolve some manners or something mommy drink Look, we can’t behave as children we beat enough I can’t do another one, but we can do it you know why yeah friendship [eunice] from the yeah, yeah Hey, yeah, I’m on it bar 10 a said again. I need to be more clear Hey, J. This otherwise to something another house gonna be yeah, can you slap your button please? You need to turn, Elisa That’s that [whole] choice was part of [I] [know] we’re smarter than the monkey All right kids playtime’s over Thank you again, everybody, [and] we’ll see you in another video Bye, whoa? whoa whoa No, okay, well check [again]

100 thoughts on “HOW TO BEAT A MONKEY AT CHESS Bloopers! (Markiplier, GameTheorists, The Completionist & Cyndago)

  1. I watch the fnaf musical and when matpat was EVIL I did the big shock and just pretend that matpat was at his house making videos and an evil clone

  2. I love this because it shows how different Mark, Mat and The Completionist do their shows. Mat is an actor who's career is based on him being animated while he explains his theory, while Mark could adlib all his lines because he is a let's player, and The Completionist is much more about someone who loves games explaining them as thoroughly as he can, so he is in between passion and personality

  3. its hard to say which was more trouble- the people forgetting their lines, or the animals not doing their actions

  4. Mark: But truly, I got this
    AJ: Do I hear someone whose got this?
    Mark sudden realization facepalm filled with laughter
    My favorite part

  5. I love how the dog at the end is just like "Please stop this nonsense, I'm working here. This is serious business."

  6. This is Mark when he’s filming anything:
    starts off good
    f*cks it up
    continues talking in a smooth voice about how he f*cked up
    f*cks it up again and gives up on life… me

  7. Random Encounters script: “For our fathers! For our forefathers! For your beard! For your.. not-beard”
    To Random Encounters himself when he makes a cameo: “For…..whatever-your-name-is!!”

  8. “No I’m not gonna fake it, f*ck you!”
    ~ Mark Edward Fischbach 2015

    This is the Mark we all know and love

  9. 0:43 it makes me laugh so hard when I see the monkey laughing at Mark messing up, it's really cute 😂

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