How to Arrange an Easter Egg Hunt

How to Arrange an Easter Egg Hunt

How to Arrange an Easter Egg Hunt. What? You’ve never planned an Easter egg hunt? Well, then, you’re long overdue. You will need Participants A hunting area
Good hiding spots Lots of eggs—hardboiled ones, chocolate ones, candy-filled plastic
ones A Golden Egg Baskets Prizes Jelly beans Inside location in case of rain and a timer. Step 1. Plan ahead. First and foremost, get an idea of the approximate
number of participants so you know how many eggs, baskets, prizes, and hiding spots you
need. Devise a Plan B with an inside location in
case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Step 2. On the day of the hunt, hide the eggs. If you include real eggs, keep track of how
many you stash and where they’re hidden, so the unmistakable stench of rotten eggs
doesn’t announce their location at a later date. Step 3. Have a Golden Egg that is especially well
hidden, and a special prize to go along with it. Step 4. Make sure the egg hunters have an even playing
field. If there is an unequal ratio of older children
to younger ones, divide everyone into teams. Step 5. Set some rules, including the boundaries and
duration of the hunt. Discuss how winners will be determined—the
person who finds the most eggs? The first to come back with a pre-determined
number? Set a limit on the number of eggs any one
person can collect, to cut down on aggressive behavior. Step 6. Hide some jelly-bean clusters, to keep the
competition interesting for the older kids. Step 7. Mix things up with a scavenger hunt that includes
items besides eggs, or have a color-coded hunt that directs participants to find eggs
of a specific color. Step 8. Assign monitors to very little ones, so they
won’t end up with empty baskets and tear-stained faces. Step 9. Have extra candy on hand—there’s always
going to be one kid whose parents show up late, another child who gets knocked down
the minute the race starts, and a tot who is just not gifted at finding eggs. Did you know The Easter egg hunt may have
originated in Europe during the Inquisition, when eggs—symbolizing non-Christians—were
hidden by adults and children were encouraged to find as many of these “pagans” as possible.

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  1. WTF !!! hu does not no how to de one ov these!!
    (like a wud wanna de it anyway)

    Wow that took a LOT of brain power.

    haha TRUE!!!

  2. alright, kool. i was laughing when that little girl in the pink shirt was looking around for the pink egg when it was like right there!

  3. Yes, that's how my neighborhood did it. I remember the kid who won the 5 dollar bill was always the superstar for the next week lol.

  4. Yeah i know right, like sun in august. Like WTF. Newsflash, many countries have snow during easter.

    And, eggs aren't unrelated to easter, the bunny, hunt and candy is there to make it a holiday for everyone, mkay. Not everyone cares about jesus.

  5. That looks so complicated… we usually just hide chocolate easter eggs everywhere, never admit it was us hiding them (it was the easter bunny), get one massive basket and make everything you collect go into the basket. Then once we are done, we divide the contents of the basket evenly so that no-one misses out.

  6. I really did this for easter it was really fun only i painted the eggs and hide them it was really funny cause i put a real egg in the tree and when my son passed the the egg was tillting and it fell all over my son's head i started lol so hard and even my son the one who had the egg over his head and he was opening his mouth while laughing so hard and yolk went inside his mouth and he went to wash it away and he got a drink and he got one but it was soap and his mouth was woh stinking thx .

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