How Swiss firefighters train to handle snakes

-A group of Neuchâtel firefighters
are receiving training. To start with: the theory. -In Switzerland,
there are 6 species of grass snake and 2 species of viper. There are 2,800 species
of snakes in the world, of which
150 are dangerous for humans. -The expert shows pictures of
snake-bite victims. Injuries
caused by venomous snakes. In Switzerland, accidents are rare. -There are around 50 incidents of asp viper bites in Switzerland each year. For almost 40 years, there have been no deaths due to
such bites in Switzerland. -The firefighters, who sometimes
attend incidents involving snakes, appreciate this training course. -It can make our job easier. We’ll move on to the practical part, where we’ll learn what to do. -A safe distance is one-and-a-half times
the length of the animal. That way, if it attacks,
it won’t reach you. -The group begins
with a harmless grass snake. But things quickly move on from there,
with more dangerous animals, such as a rattlesnake, cobra or
viper, to be neutralized by hand. The firemen work in threes to capture a reticulated python
4 metres long and weighing 60 kilos. -People who are afraid are afraid. I don’t like spiders, but if I have to intervene, I will. You’ve got to get over your fear,
that’s what this course is about. Overcoming your fear
is part of what’s good about our job. -A job that has many different facets. In Switzerland, exotic pets
are becoming extremely popular. -One out of every 5 Swiss households has a reptile as a pet. -One out of 5? That’s huge! -Yes, it’s a lot, but that’s
including all types of reptile. Snakes, lizards, etc. -Not all of them are dangerous
to humans, but with some, unpredictable ones, being cautious
is the best way to stay safe.

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