How Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Should Have Ended

How Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Should Have Ended

In answer to your previous request
regarding Dr. Watson not being involved.. The answer is.. No. When two objects collide, there is always damage of a collateral nature. Now… are you sure you want to play this– Throat punch, throat punch, throat punch, throat punch! Throat punch, throat punch, throat punch.. How Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Should Have Ended Ahhhhh! Was it worth it Holmes? Now we’re both going to
die in this watery grave. Haha! But you are wrong you see because I
suspected I would be thrown over the ledge. Which is why I took the liberty of
stealing my brothers personal tank of oxygen. Do you mean this tank of oxygen?? Muahaha! What?! I suspected you had a plan
so I pick-pocketed you. Now I shall live and you shall die! Hahahaha! So sorry to disappoint.. But I had a feeling such trickery would arise which is also why I’m also in fact wearing this inflatable life preserver. Ah, are you now? But you see, I knew you would be wearing an inflatable vest so I secretly poked holes in it while
we were playing chess! Muahahaha Ah but once again, I knew you would try such an act which is why it regretfully pains me to inform you that what you were actually poking holes in
was in fact this.. sack of beans. Hahaha sack of beans, good show! Clearly, we are equals. Yes, frightfully equal. Well, since we will both clearly survive, I look forward to an exciting future
with you as my arch-nemesis. Quite right, indeed sir. That water looks awfully cold. Hmmm.. I did not consider the cold. or the rocks. Ohhh! Why, Holmes? Whhyyyyyyy?? We were just in the other room! Tank missile! You’ve got to be kidding me! First, click like button. Share with friends. Comments appreciated. Subscribe to channel, receive notification. Ensure future comedy. Last, discombobulate. Watch previous favorites and enjoy. Profusely. Repeat video, as needed.

100 thoughts on “How Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Should Have Ended

  1. I actually want a version of HISHE, not how I can fit references of other things in it tbh, its just too silly now it used to be logical and thats what made it good. HISHE used to do that and it was entertaining because it was correct, maybe I have remembered it wrong, but all of these new ones are not HISHE AT ALL. :-(. cant please everyone but I dont like this anymore. Hope the new fans like it tho.

  2. Moriarty: haha I stole your oxygen tank

    Holmes: changes his voice into Tony Stark guess what I’m Iron Man flies off see ya

    Moriarty: dang it

  3. Iron was unexpected
    But that is more like it
    Soo holmes or Tony
    Rabert downey always
    Rocks Ha ha ha ahaaa

  4. What if dr mariarti wasnt that guy but actually watsons wife, and after sherlok homes came bak he found that out but it was to late and her plan to take over the world was complete because she completed her money transaction. Later its revealed that her plan was ww1, but sherlok had to unravel a deep conspiracy mystery so that the rival nations of ww1 could find peace!

  5. A how it should have ended for the original is they decide to dissect lord blackwoods brain after he's hanged like holmes threatened to do for science in that last meeting between them before the hanging

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