Hotel Hide and Seek! | Business Vacation | Loose Seeds Business Kids

Hotel Hide and Seek! | Business Vacation | Loose Seeds Business Kids

hey guys! today we are doing Hotel hide and seek! My favorite because I’m
so good at hide and seek. so let’s explain the rules. so tell them how it works Nadia. so basically how this challenge
works is it’s girls vs boys. 30 seconds too hide and one minute to find each other. and
there’s five rounds. alright let’s go. clearly the girls are gonna win. so this’ll be quick.
I’m a master finder. we’ll see about that. I’m a master at both. wait we have to
do rock-paper-scissors to see who’s gonna hide first. okay so rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Ok, so pick Nadia. you
won. what do you want? find. yeah I want find too. let’s do find. all right you guys get to hide. Let’s go.
we’re going outside to give them a chance to hide. okay guys. so mom and
Nadia are going outside right now because they’re about to start finding
us. yeah we have to find a really good place. and this rounds on the lobby floor
so we’re going to the restaurant-ish area. but hopefully they don’t hear us
because if they hear us that’d be bad. well what about back here? oh this
actually cool. It’s good. look guys this is actually perfect. look at all
this stuff and look at how far it is from the actual main part of the hotel.
we can hide behind the door. they’ll never find us there. yeah all right let’s see. and I’m gonna
hang out down here. we should come up with ideas of where we want to hide? you have any ideas? yeah I
do. where? On the 3rd floor, they might have took out the chairs on the ballroom.
oh yeah but you and I on the ballroom we could hide in the ballroom. or
how about in the pool area like in one of the Cabanas?
oh yeah that would be fun. all right I think our 30 seconds is up.
we can go find them now we got one minute to find them. here we go. mommy come on. we have to go.Their time is up. It’s been up. Nothing yet. they have a minute to find us. I don’t see anybody. I don’t hear anything.
Nigel’s over here hanging out. okay there’s the pool area. suppose
they did our trick and went to the pool area? no I don’t see them over here. okay
we’re having a hard time finding them guys. we’re really having a hard time.
guys gonna take a little peek to see if I can see them yeah. i think we got a good spot. guys I just saw Nadia’s shadow. they are all the way over there. They are never gonna find us. their minute’s got to be up too. uh oh is that them coming down the hall? go! gotta hide. they’re coming this way. gotta hide. I don’t think they’r ever gonna find us.
mommy? yes? our time is up. ugh! we failed round one! that means they got a point and we don’t. I bet you they’re over there. times up guys. reveal yourselves. where are they? I’d say we got that point.
they can’t find us. we were too good on the hiding tip. way too good. that’s awesome. where are they?
they just text us and said that they were in the lobby which we
walked right through. I gotta find out where they were hiding. you get a point and we don’t. we got a point? you guys couldn’t find us? no. what happened? I don’t know. where’s mom? right there. what happened mom? where were you guys? we were in a good hiding spot. you’re not gonna tell us? no why we would tell you? then you guys are gonna hide there. that is so rude. guys they won’t even tell us where they hid. guys it’s our turn to hide and we still got to hide on
this floor. so you guys have to go. you can’t look at us. and
set your timer. ready for us to find you real quick? set the timer. timer set. yep all right let’s go. they have 30 seconds to hide and we’re gonna find them real good. real quick. all right guys lets go. so should we split up. yes. that’s actually a good idea. actually I’ll go left because I’m left-handed. Nigel’s gonna check to the left and I’m gonna check here. all right guys. so we split up and now
I’m trying to find them. I’m on the left side of the lobby. dad’s over there on
the right side of the lobby. cuz we just thought it’d be quicker for you to split up
you know. so that’s what we’re doing. guys look at this. so remember that spot we
were hiding at like in the last round? I see the doors are different from what
they were when we left. let’s take a look. guys this door was definitely open when we
were hiding. so I think they’re in here. so it turns out I was wrong. it was probably just the guy in there that was …that closed the door
so… still trying to find them. this is not the best spot. it’s really not the best
spot. it’s really horrible. what we’re banking on here is that time will run out and they
won’t have time to find us because we are far away from where we left them.
that’s our best bet. that’s why we ran here. yeah we ran over here. I’ve already… but I’m in the gym right
now and I don’t see them but I’m pretty sure that our time is been up by now. i think i hear them. me too. oh so the ballroom doors are locked. can’t get access to those without a key. that means they’re not in the ballrooms. man I don’t want to go this far. it’s a big hallway. your time’s up buddy. you lose that round. what? yes. your time is up. okay they found us but a
little too late. sorry. that’s right. we get a point for round two. so it’s one and one. One and one! are you kidding me? I found you two. you found us too late. you had one minute to find us. you blew it. oh okay we just found out that
Nadia’s chocolate-chip cookie bag gave us away luckily we still won the round but we
got to be more quiet. guys round three is the last round on this floor because we
were gonna have it upstairs but I found the most perfect hiding place. let’s go.
I’m ready. guys I know exactly where they’re gonna hide.
you do? how do you know? I think I saw them look somewhere. ah. I think they
might be hiding under the table. smart let’s check there first. all right they
have four seconds – four, three, two, one. let’s go. they said this one is
really good. so I’m scared. okay we got to be quiet because they were quiet when
they came to us. all right so we’re gonna go. where is it? okay guys I found an amazing hiding place. it’s in the gym. it’s so perfect guys. it’s so perfect. hi we’re doing hide-and-seek. you mind if we check under your table for a second? we’re trying to
see if somebody is hiding under here. we thought they found a good spot. that’s
not it? nope. a person – two guys. yes. run Nadia run! times up Nadia. guys we
don’t think they gonna find us. I’m just lounging right now on a leg curl machine in the gym. this is hide and seek and fitness at the same time. Hi Nigel. they’re not down there? come on we gotta go.
time’s up. times up. they won! ugh! mom just texted us Nigel. we won. come on. they’re not gonna fine us. you called it. you said it was a great spot. and we didn’t even go to the spot. we just exercised. how does it feel? how does it feel? horrible. you guys are on two points and we are on one point. where were you? where were you? in a nice special place.
you won’t tell us huh? we’ll tell you all when we leave. when we’re done the game. okay guys we have two more rounds to go. they are up by a point. but these last two points
are for us right nadia? yeah we’re gonna win this. closing our eyes and we’re
counting the 30. ready or not. here we come. you’re loud dude. guys it is
so hard to find each other. and it’s so hard to find a hiding spot. does it? any luck? yeah. hmm. wait. Got em! we thought for sure you would not find us this time. we are hide-and-seek kings. yes. I think
it’s safe to say we won. I’m not happy about this game. I knew for sure we were
gonna win it. there’s no way you guys can win now. it’s pretty much done.
all right guys I don’t know what happened. I know what happened. yeah you got served. Nadia don’t be bitter. Nadia’s not too happy but… she’s falling out on the
floor guys. we’ll have to play another day. yeah. that was fun. the boys won this time. you like that though? yeah it was cool. we’ll beat you next time. that’s right we will. will you though? will you though? well you know guys we just got some news. we just found out that the boys
split up to find us. that’s cheating. they forfeit the game. you lose. so we win. by default. if you like our videos then be sure to press subscribe. and to comment down below. cause it’s very very nice. get with us explore your genius. awesome things you will produce. being bored is very needless. watch our vids and just GET LOOSE!

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  1. Hotel is an amazing place, so many great hiding places. This was so much fun. Id love to visit LA one day. We might trying going to vidcon

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