Hogyan (ne) sakkozzunk – How (not) to Play Chess

Hogyan (ne) sakkozzunk – How (not) to Play Chess

Hi Kids, In this video I will be showing you how to play chess. First of all, take the chessboard, and get the pieces out of it. very carefully If possible, try to put the pieces to their proper place You know, pawns in the front Knights in the second row as you would do on a chessboard If you have already played chess before, you’ll know how to place the pieces Anyway, let’s not waste time on it All right. Rules: In fact, there is only one main rule: you can move any pieces anywhere You can move your pawn diagonally and also on the letters But the black pawn can only be on a white square as they are enemies and, the king can only stay in one place so it will be standing there all throughout the game. Now that you know the rules, why don’t you ask someone to play a game of chess with you? and then, go and win the competition!!!! Just one more thing: when you are about to lose the game, this is a principle: you have to knock the chessboard over Well, now you know how to play chess.

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  1. LOL. "A királlyal csak egy helyen szabad lenni ." csúcs. Ezt a videót igazán az értékeli, aki jól tud sakkozni, szerintem. (Ja, és van humorérzéke persze.)

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