Hindi Short Film – Ludo – Unknowingly Sharing A Guy

Hindi Short Film – Ludo – Unknowingly Sharing A Guy

Are you serious? Baby, there’s someone on the door. Call you later, okay? You are coming this evening, right? And you are spending the night with me. I don’t want any excuse this time. okay, bye! [Kisses] Yes, can I help you? Is this Manibhushan’s house? What? Mani…! Ehh.. No babes, you got the wrong house. There’s no ‘money’ here.. Neither in the house nor in my pocket. What’s your name? Mon… Monica! Hmm… That thing on your neck… Hey, that’s none of your business, okay? No no, I’m…
I’m not talking about the hickey. Even I got a hickey. Quite fresh…and similar.
Like yours.. See? Aah..hah.. Nice show, sister! I was talking about the pendant. Oh..this one? ahhh.. Pretty, right? My man has got a taste, you know? That’s actually mine. Can I come in now? [Exhales] Please have a seat? Can I have an ashtray, please? Actually, I haven’t unpacked my stuff yet. So.. Drop the ash on the floor for now. So? So? You were saying…this pendant is yours…hmm? Let me make a call first. Umm…okay! ANWESHA: Hey, baby! SAM: Hey, what’s up? ANWESHA: Actually, I’m planning
a get together tonight…at my place… Please, keep yourself free. SAM: When did you leave? I was still in the bed. Don’t plan anything today, please.
I have too much work tonight. ANWESHA: Finish your work and come…
say around 10…11…12? SAM: [Baffles] Hey, you remember my friend, Manibhushan? So he is in town and he wants to
catch up for dinner and cocktail. Aaa..I don’t know if I can come tonight, baby. ANWESHA: Okay…no issues. See you tomorrow then. Bye. SAM: Bye. Needed to be confirmed about something. It is done now. So yeah… Can I see your phone? Same wallpaper… Same apps… This phone is mine. I had lost my phone. Few days back. And he said he had a spare one. I had a spare phone… I was using Gio sim card in that one. Their data charges are pretty low. But..one day he said that his friend…
Animesh lost his phone. So, I gave Sam mine! That motherfucker!
Didn’t even bother to change the wallpaper. Hi Manibhushan…I am Animesh. Fuck…fuck…fuck! MON: But…
Why did he change our names? If Anwesha calls in front of Monica…
It will show ANIMESH. And if you call when he’s with me…
Then – MANIBHUSHAN CALLING. That man’s got brain in his head. He’s got dick in his head. Where does his brain go while buying gifts? Two similar pendants from the same shop! I’m sure that our other gifts too are similar. ANWESHA: Butterfly keyring? Purple teddy bear… Kashmiri shawl? Such a fucker! By the way, your Hindi is quite good! Yeah…so is my French… I’m sure that you didn’t hear
so many abusive words before. Right? How long has it been? Two years. You? Eleven months. Next month is our anniversary. And we are planning a trip to Krabi.
You know? Yes…I know… I mean…now I know! He had told me…
That there’s a conference in Krabi next month. I used to play Ludo with him.
On this very phone. Fuck! Nice memories…huh? And now he plays with me. I am surely gonna leave him tonight. What difference will that make? What do you mean by ‘what difference’? He’s fucking two timing…
How does he do that? Wait… Is he good in bed? Half good He hits his climax 10-15 minutes before mine! Same here! Can’t even manage one girl…
And he is dealing with two! I don’t get this! It’s not always about sex. Playing with a token of a new colour every time
has its own charm! Men are like LUDO. So? What should we do now? Do you want to play? Okay! [Laughter] Okay.. Get lost…motherfucker! My turn? Oh! It’s my turn.

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  1. India walo k pas kuch ziada he faltu time hai 2 sy 4 gaaliyan or thori sy sexual wordings.. ban gai movie.😂😂😂

  2. A lot of criticism, perhaps people try to see too much into things nowadays? It was what it was just a short story. BUT I have to say Anuradha Mukherjee is a fine looking and very good actress. I would love to see her in a major western film one day. Best wishes to you dear lady.

  3. Nice video….aksar hm larkiyaa larke double cross krne k kran ek dusre me jagra gali dene lagte he usme kya fyda to us larka ka huwa na janbuj k donu k sat cheat kr rahe te to saja unhe milna chahiye naaki hmare bich dusmaani

  4. I didn't know that girls like to play ludo with the person their bf slept with to take revenge
    ..interesting human behaviour…..

  5. Ye Western theory ho skti hai pr indian culture kbi nai ho skta……or aisi bevkufio pe women ludo ni khelti india me balki jhadu ke sath sath bande me belan muft milta

  6. I wanna ask a question from the diector of this shit which i am seeing right now 'kitne chillaro me ban gayi thi ye short film'..

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