Hiking In Nepal: Mohare Danda Trek In The Annapurna Himalayan Range

Hiking In Nepal: Mohare Danda Trek In The Annapurna Himalayan Range

– The drive to Pokhara
from Kathmandu is long and bumpy but as city
transforms into countryside I’m reminded of the journey ahead. Pokhara is a hippy city
with conscious cafes, crystal shops and active
adventures around Phewa lake. Building my excitement for
the Mohare Danda Trek ahead. The trek, an off the beaten
path five day hike through the Annapurna Himalayas begins three hours away in Jaleshwar. Day one is three hours
straight up hill to our teahouse accommodation in Bhaskar though the beautiful mountain
views keep me going. Day two is even harder
with seven hours uphill but that’s the price you
pay to play in the clouds. With every set of stairs
comes another view and we meet four-legged friends and locals along the way. We go up and down past giant boulders and through villages stopping for lunch with a view and a fun game of Carrom board before continuing on to
Nangi village for the night. Views of Nepal’s high
peaks including Annapurna too enhance the stay. Day three is another seven hours uphill. We enter Alpine forests
with a new pup companion named Seto and head farther up into the clouds toward our goal
destination Mohare Danda. The views along the way
are some of my favorite of the whole trek. It’s so stunning the rain
doesn’t even bother me and at three p.m we arrived at 3300 meters with high peak views, worth it. On day four we begin descending
towards Tikot village. While I love the trail animals there is a unwanted guest, leeches
prevalent during monsoon season. We quickly scramble over
rocks and through mud to avoid them though the
mountains distract me. Along the way our porters
find the rare Gasagomba, a caterpillar fungus
that’s also an aphrodisiac. Down and down we go
past buffalo and streams and into fairy-tale
woodland spilling out into wide open spaces until we reach Tikot. Momos and Chomain provide necessary fuel for exploring this adorable
high altitude village. As if the trek never
happened we’re on our final steep day five descent. I forget the physical
pain of the trek focusing on gratitude, grateful
to have gotten to hike through Nepal’s Annapurna Himalayas. I cross the final bridge and wave the mountains goodbye. Alright, super sweaty just finished the Mohare Danda Trek in Nepal. Five days, over 22 hours of hiking and over 3300 meters in altitude. A lot of fun but really hard.

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  1. This trek is definitely one of the all-time greatest hikes I've ever done, thanks to the mountain views and the ability to visit remote Nepal villages. I can't wait to go back to the country and do another trek!

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