Highly evolved Leela plays outrageously mysterious double pawn sac to virtually Zugzwang Stockfish

Highly evolved Leela plays outrageously mysterious double pawn sac to virtually Zugzwang Stockfish

Hi all 😀. I have another fascinating game
to show you today. Leela (Neural Network) again Stockfish. Leela playing white this is in a chess com
blitz bonanza final five minutes with two second increments so let’s have a look
at this particular game. e4 e5 Nf3 Nf6 The very
solid Petrov defence 🛌💤 we have d4 for the modern Steinitz attack variation
Bishop d3 d5 Knight takes e5 Knight d7 Knight takes bishop takes white castles 🏰
Bishop d6 and you see here that this pawn is actually not protected by anything at the moment and it’s hits with Knight c3 another theoretical move is c4
here to hit that pawn for example this position where White can actually play
queen h5 hitting h7 and d5 but this is known as a kind of gambit position but
it’s about equal this particular position so there’s a lot of theory here.
Nc3 though is played which does accept doubled pawns. Is this worth
it? Now after castling queen h5 black is forced into a compromise here because of
this double attack black plays f5 a little bit of shutting down of the
bishop here putting pawn on the light square it’s not an ideal move it does
shield the Queen away from that d5 pawn so if say g6 yes then taking there’s not
too much compensation for black here White is getting a big advantage so f5 bit
of a concession Bishop g5 Queen e8 The Queen moves to f3 hitting d5
again a counter attack on the Bishop Bishop d2 now that pawn the attack is
renewed its defended with Bishop c6 Now with have h3. Rae8 Bishop f4
White is starting to put pressure on the dark squares Queen f6 Queen g3 now g6 this is a bit of a curious one I thought because pawns don’t go backwards – isn’t that weakening
the dark squares a bit too much here. Isn’t there any other alternatives
I just investigated briefly say Queen d7 without touching the g pawn – it seems
plausible this kind of thing seems plausible and it should be about equal
this kind of thing so anyway I thought this was an interesting structural
decision from stockfish we have Rae1 Bishop d7 h4 Bxf4
Queen takes – now the queen is eyeing here h6 and in fact what is potentially
having the dreaded thorn pawn to h6 as well
c5 rook e5 which shields the structure and makes use of that e5 point
rook takes e5 dxe5 which gives white a blockaded or an easily blocked e pawn and the pawn structure is shattered is absolutely shattered over
here it seems we have rook e1 b6 c4 d4 and now h5 on the upside there’s a
thorn pawn coming in here King g7. If black had been greedy to take
this then actually simply Queen f3 might be best hitting h5 and for example this
position is just nice for white so possibly Queen f3 is the strongest
e6 is also tempting for example like this is devastating but black doesn’t
have to go in for that black could play Bishop e8 and it should be about even
but yeah probably the best is Queen f3 if this greedy move had been entertained
which it wasn’t so the thorn pawn now it’s tempting to install a thorn pawn with
check and it is. King g8 Qg3 okay so here we have the pawn on e5
blockaded f4 Bishop c6 Queen g5 which is actually a really interesting move it’s
got a subtle idea behind it king f7 I wonder if you can spot what
the idea of Queen g5 was if I give you five seconds here .. okay g4 yes g4 is now
possible trying to increase the pawn mobility trying to potentially
bright break black with f5 now a defensive tactic is used here – rook g8
stopping G takes in its tracks if black had played fxg4 f5 is
pretty dangerous g takes this position is very very nice for White here. Things
are crashing through there’s two passed pawns now doesn’t matter it doesn’t
matter about this structure over here White is getting a big advantage so
these scenarios are pretty dangerous if we look at this again this situation
yeah this is actually the very strongest 💪 it seems e6 might not be too
strong – if Qxh7 there is e7. Here King c7 White is only getting a small advantage.There’s different ways of playing it but all the opportunities are with white
there if taking so rook g8 trying to defends so that’s impossible to take
here because of G takes so the king actually just goes to f2 now renewing G
takes without the Queen being pinned if we just put that on the board if G takes
G takes the Queen is pinned to the king so King f2 just renews gxf5 fxg4
and Leela has really got what she wanted there and there’s extra pawn
mobility now so the potential of f5 and in fact shutting down the opponent’s
pawn mobility at the same time. I don’t know if that’s a new kind of tactic
where subsequently after you you shut the opponents pawn mobility after increasing your own. But here black is in a very dangerous situation
and after Bishop f3 there’s an exceptionally clever idea
so f3 not only protects the G pawn – it also controls d1 however sometimes the
bishop in this scenario might be useful for hanging around to protect the d8
square if it was on c6 you know or b7 it could go to d7 now you might think
well how on earth does white get the potential for a Bishop to d7 I thought
this was really really nifty well first of all I thought the whole g4
and King f2-g3 idea was extremely nifty but this move is kind of
super nifty as well so white play here how can white activate this Bishop which
at the moment okay it does continually threaten potentially f5 as well under the
right circumstance but how can it be given extra opportunities if I give you
five seconds here White’s play .. this is a hard one to consider okay I might giving
you a clue though with these arrows so what would you play here with white? Okay
c3 yeah another pawn sacrifice after D takes white just plays Bishop c2 now
this D takes has also compromised the d file. If the bishop isn’t guarding d1 here then white could play rook d1
rook d6 crashing through that would be really horrible hitting the Queen and
supporting e6 check unblockading the e pawn so black starting to be overloaded
because there’s also a threat now of Bishop a4 to d7 and if it takes there’s
e6. So a lot of opportunities have suddenly
emerged here. And I went a bit crazy analyzing the
responses from this particular position because I wondered about the principal threat. I thought this might be in the principal threat Bishop a4 but it seems the bishop
is very useful while it’s on c2 for f5 under numerous circumstances here. If by
the way lets rule out why Bishop c2 and not f5 immediately. f5 immediately just
taking check – this is fine for black there’s no problems at all. Queen g6
there and there shouldn’t be any problems so but this is like almost like a little a form
of zugzwang if we look at the possibilities for black here. Say rook e8
then f5 is indeed very effective here. So for example here taking this is really
crashing through this position even giving up the rook the pawns are winning
there after f7 the king can’t help Nothing can help f8 queening you can see
that the bishop is not very helpful at all in these in these circumstances so
we can rule out rook e8 we can rule out Queen takes e4 because check for example e6 and then rook d1 threatening Rd8 and black would have to give up
the Queen that’s not very pleasant at all to stop the mate
so we’ve if we have a look also let’s see Bishop b7 Bishop going back then rook
e3 s good here for example Bf3 going there now taking this off and it’s
now rook re3 and now indeed Bishop a4 is clear and imminent danger of Bishop
d7 so this idea is put on the board in this particular variation with white
getting a big advantage. Let’s have a look at rook h8. So f5 the bishop remains
strong supporting f5 let alone any Bishop a4 idea and that’s crashing
through let’s say Bishop c6 yes I had fun with this position rook d1. Then
the bishops has given up d1 we just crash through with rook d6 check and
then e6 for example this position is absolutely
winning – that that pin being exploited against the queen winning material it’s
nice that the queen is also protected by the pawn on f4 so extreme prophylaxis
from white for all the tactical possibilities so yeah it does seem as
though this is a really really interesting position Rf8 if we
haven’t covered it just just to recap here Queen g7 Bishop takes h7 is a big
advantage so this does seem an extremely difficult position as if all
of a sudden black’s in a kind of zugzwang and during the livestream it’s as
if Stockfish really did change its mind significantly that it was actually
having a massive disadvantage it started to totally agree with White’s optimistic
seemingly optimistic evaluation it just seems a very very strange thing to have
occurred given White had such structural damage on the Queen side and this very
very strange pawn sac kind of strange pawn sac and blockade over here and now
a kind of pawn sac and liberation over here playing on both sides of the board
with the potential with the potential of Rd1-d6 as well a Bishop a4 to Bishop d7 so I
thought this is absolutely fascinating game so b5 which seems to just parry the
idea Bishop a4 which is something to do but now White is getting this pawn majority of
course on the Queen side so securing down a lot of end games which are now going to
be very advantageous and in fact so a4. The pawns start being pushed a5
rf8 Rd4 Rd8 and now Ba4 Kh8 Rd1
yeah Black’s really getting stretched out here on a torture rack and now Queen
takes g4 this ending here is horrendous It’s black that has ended up with a
terrible pawn structure rather strangely given the opening the structure for
white in after the opening it’s black now that it has a terrible ending here.
This thorn pawn here is actually handy in the endgames that duality of the thorn
pawn – it’s not just useful in the middle game but also the endgames.
So here look at this. This is just a mop-up The king could also be more active than
the black King here going on these dark squares so this g5 f5 that swaps the
f-pawn for the C pawn … exchange of prisoners as Aron Nimzovich would say that protects the thorn pawn with check and now yeah there’s a potential passed pawn
over here and in the center of course so here bishop g6 b6 this is just yeah
this outside ‘a’ pawn in particular is just going to be winning material now
the king’s coming in over there e7 Blacks really overloaded. White is putting
pressure queening there so winning that bishop now the rooks gonna be won
pretty soon yeah it’s kind of all over Bishop takes g4 and it’s it’s in time to
catch the H pawn the king and rook are in time yep so if the pawn Queens here
then just play the check and win the Queen just put that on the board just
play the check win the Queen so it’s it’s hopeless this pawn is dropping and
then not too long to go for the checkmate to be demonstrated
with the king and rook checkmate
so I thought there was some very nifty operations here which seemed extremely
unusual to me and what’s kind of funny is the outcome of the
structure you’d think white would definitely have the worst endings but
something really dynamic happened there on both sides of the board so the
temporary pawn sack on the Kings side and then there’s kind of pawn sacrifice on
the Queen side and all of a sudden black just seemed to be in this zugzwang so I
looked at a few of the possibilities and it seemed very interesting at move 33 how you know there was very very little
it seen black could do apart from giving white winning end games with that b5
basically so fascinating game if you enjoyed this game video then
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26 thoughts on “Highly evolved Leela plays outrageously mysterious double pawn sac to virtually Zugzwang Stockfish

  1. Q. Can Neural networks entertain us with zugzwanging the top engines through amazing sacrifices ? 🤔😀😎🌍 Video: http://bit.ly/2G4SgrJ

    Replayable game: http://bit.ly/2D31GTR

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  2. I’m trying to make sense of how white’s broken pawn structure plus bishop seemed to be able to hold. Mind boggling.

  3. Thank you as always for your video. One question: I find it rather annoying to see the subtitles covering te bottom of the board. You wouldn't put a cup of coffee there either. Can it be moved to the area where you are makin the comments?

  4. that board position at 6:48 almost looks like leela is running a bunch of extra pawns. The pieces have slotted themselves into the weaknesses of the pawn chain and rather than being limited by this position they are rewarded with great board vision restriction of blacks mobility.

  5. off chess
    with position trumping over everything

    and by position we do not mean the classical meaning connected pawns

    the pawns white "scarified" and with the traditional mentality would have destroyed the position for white
    in that moment actual improved it !!!!

    white overload black pieces in defence roles and had the saying on the where and how
    queen rook king had guard duties and only the bishop form black had any limited mobility
    which allowed the white to evaluate that activating their bishops is an overwhelming advantage over any pawn sac or structural damage

    after all having pieces to be able to go in 2 or more different attack routes its a huge advantage
    overloads the defender

    i remember another game of leela that done that to stockfish all stockfish was in guardd duties the king was going between 2 squares and leela had all the time of the world to re manurer a knight and go for the kill

  6. This might be the most crushing defeat of SF by Leela I've seen. The way the pawn chains ended up was LOL.

  7. just to add, @9:57, you can also rule out …Qxc4, because white plays b-b3, skewering king and queen. Fun comment, cheers :))

  8. Amazing game on every level. Love how LZ dynamically protects the king through all these lines not scared to expose it.

  9. Hey Kingcrusher nice content, just a hint.. i am listening with studio monitors and your signal is very high in bass content, almost ditorted. if you can use a high pass filter around 100-150hz. thanks for the game

  10. human's great games are just a matter of blunders, but here the chess is on another level, it is so strange that chess is the only game that is played better with machines and humans just took it like ordinary thing… I am sure that this will never happen in BIlliard

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