Highly Evolved Leela creates shockingly direct opposite castling game vs Stockfish | Pirc Defence

Highly Evolved Leela creates shockingly direct opposite castling game vs Stockfish | Pirc Defence

Hi all, I have been recommended another
amazing game to show you today Leela (Neural Network) again Stockfish (The No.1 Alpha Beta style engine) – this was in the chess
com blitz bonanza final – five minutes with a two second increment. The
opening book given to both – Leela playing with the white pieces plays e4 and we
have the Pirc Chess opening g6 here this is the end of the book now Bishop e3 from
Leela so a very strong move it is though playing against the Sicilian dragon
you’d normally want to play Queen d2 f3 and Castle queenside – here we have
Bishop g7 Queen d2 black castles f3 – so a very interesting setup indeed c6
white castles Queen side h5. Fischer once said against the dragon something
like you just open up the h-file sac sac and mate something like that in the
Fischer memorable games book so it’s interesting
can white get any attack going here in this position which seems a little bit
like a Sicilian dragon we have a very interesting move. h5 is already out of
normal book normally b5 is played and some games have followed like this King
b1 bishop going to h6 and it’s thought to have some equal chances believe it or
not this position but here h5 you might think this is extreme prophylaxis
against g4 but in fact Leela rebels and plays g4 anyway H takes G there’s no
point trying to play h4 here the Queen could just drop back and hit h4
nothing’s going to be protecting that there big advantage for white so H takes
G and now h4 – this is a little bit
curious this this order but it seems as though it’s doing the job of opening up
some files which is what you want to do against the opponent’s king and time is
of the essence in an opposite side castling scenario like this
so very very exciting a start position really well from the opening earlier in
the opening but Leela is playing super aggressively b5 if black takes this pawn
it’s just helping white. Here is a fictional scenario the H file could basically be
used even with an exchange sack you’ll be accelerating White’s attack and it’s
just these scenarios are extremely dangerous this is just a fictional one
where Nb5 for Bishop c5 check and blacks King is getting basically slaughtered in
these in these scenarios that’s one fictional scenario there
so anyway b5 so trying to keep things closed for the moment as much as
possible- h5 – trying to open things up again Knights takes Bishop h6 so is it
really the case that this attack is dangerous
we have f6 being played if we look at the alternative Bishop takes h6 Queen
takes say e5 this scenario – the lines do tend to get opened up so in this
fictional scenario white is sacking the exchange and using the H file for example
with a big advantage yeah as yeah it can get to really dangerous situations so f6
that is what Stockfish believes is the right defense here look at how many
pawns black has moved actually and all the pieces on the back row there we have
Bishop d3 e5 f takes g4 so this is opening up more lines taking any F file
exposure potentially Bishop takes Be2
and the G file – say we have an F G and H files if we look at this the attacking
pressure potentially is quite large because of these semi opened files Queen
d7 and now rook h4 nudging that bishop away trying to lift the blockades now on
this semi open files and in fact White is now potentially threatening rook takes
and Rg1 so it’s already looking pretty
desperate this this situation yeah this spells severe danger for the black king
this scenario already so king h7 was played if we look at alternative bishops takes
then Queen takes Queen g7 rook takes this is just it’s all too strong because
there’s the idea of Rg1 if g takes – it’s all too strong for white
is getting a big advantage so King h7 was chosen
we have bishop takes queen takes king b1 and that’s an interesting move to stop
Queen h6 – the Queen’s coming off – thats a necessary detail in the midst of what
seems to be a ferocious attacking game to play king b1 but yeah sometimes it’s
needed. King g8 and now rook takes h5 yeah this was just desperate King g8 but
what is black doing here so rook takes this now wins the queen is at the end of
the story just winning the Queen here by move 20 it seems as though Leela has
really smashed up this pirc – is it really that unplayable that Stockfish is getting this position Queen takes Knight takes – let’s see what
happens now so plan a Leela is getting the knight now to f5 that’s plan a with
this position okay bit of an attack from black there for a moment it seems. a
takes but yeah these pawns are all weak actually these pawns are now being taken
as well and the queen is looking pretty menacing threatening Queen G free check
potentially there sometimes yeah Black’s just shedding pawns and it looks as
though there’s not much for black to do here this really does look that knight on
f5 looks formidable and the pawns on the Queen side now so let’s see how this
continues .. Leela giving up that knight check check and look at all these passed
pawns that the two rooks it would seem very very unlikely for the two rooks
to be able to do anything against the four extra pawns well – three extra pawns
there but the three connected passed pawns look absolutely winning visually
visually crushing and in fact Queen takes d6 here is transitioning to a
totally won position after a7 there is no stopping the pawns here after c7 King b7
yep one pawn is enough after this you know threatening c8 so one pawn is
enough and that’s it’s pretty sweet crush of the Pirc defense – it looks as
though what Fischer said about the Dragon is what Leela is doing to Stockfish
Pirc defense just opening up the H file sack sac and mates nearly here Queen
e1 checkmate so quite a crushing game
there. Very interesting these encounters and at the moment it seems as
though Leela is ahead of the field significantly ahead of Stockfish at the
moment so looks to be set to be at the moment winning this blitz bonanza final
but there’s quite a few games to go so things can change if you enjoyed this
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15 thoughts on “Highly Evolved Leela creates shockingly direct opposite castling game vs Stockfish | Pirc Defence

  1. Q. Can Neural networks almost refute some openings like the Pirc Defence ? 🤔😀😎🌍 Video: http://bit.ly/2D85ItZ

    Replayable game: http://bit.ly/2DabUSl

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  2. indeed, my SF 10 thinks 7…h5 is the best (eval +0.6 at depth 22 and up) and then the response 8.g4 is not mentioned at all !

  3. These Leela games are quite a treat. And it seems Leela keeps improving faster than its opponents, building a gap. I wonder: is Leela stronger now than the cut short AlphaZero?

  4. The pawn march , 3 connected that far worth the exchange of the queen with a rook.
    i do nto get it why leela played like this?
    she could use the queen take a rook
    and save the knight
    and go in the end game with a knight and 3 pawns

    i think the neural network has played more the variants with less pieces than the ones with more pieces and thus consider them better

    we see that in other end games
    she promotes all pieces then give them to the opponent to stay with 1 piece and the king

    while leela seems to like complicated starting positions
    she hates them in the end where she goes s simplified as possible

  5. The Knight sack at 6:30 was a simply stunning move and just masterful play after that. I would have totally went for a safe move like 1. Qd3 and if 1. …fxe5 then 2. c4+ Kd6 3. Nb5+ Ke6 4. Nxa7 Rxa7 5. Qg6+ …But Leela doesn't play safe

  6. i have enjoyed all Your leela and Alphazero videos. I know also that you have gotten a bit jaded in terms of annotating human games; many People have described carlsen Three sacrifical wins in his last Three games as reminiscint of Leela or alphazero i Wonder if you have any thoughts on this. great video .Thanks KC keep up the good work.

  7. Although it may seem counter intuitive, SF has always been the underdog ever since AlphZero / deep mind confirmed that NN engines are superior by "destroying" sf8 (albeit in very closed circumstances) Since then it's just been a matter of time until Leela claims her destiny. Her fans gather like proud elitist relatives of a champion heavy weight boxer to watch junior follow in his fathers footsteps to claim his rightful thrown and crown title… no mystery or suspense, just inevitability. But then SF, the little AB engine that could, (maybe like Rocky, haha) just… won't… go…. down….! It's really remarkable how long SF has been able to be a challenge to Ivan Drago…. err, I mean Leela. This big-picture dynamic seems to be completely lost on die-hard Leela fans. Reading the Leela Zero messages boards, there are daily post about how every next Leela version will be "THE ONE" to take down SF in the next CCC or TCEC, and they've been saying that for over a year now! We as a people generally cheer for the underdog, especially one that perseveres in the ultimate face of defeat and has made possible an exciting and hard fought match, right??

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