High School Quiz Show – Season 8 Premiere: Lexington vs. North Quincy (801)

High School Quiz Show – Season 8 Premiere: Lexington vs. North Quincy (801)

>>COSTA: Kicking off season
eight ofHigh School Quiz Show,we have
North Quincy High School… (cheers and applause) Taking on Lexington High School! (cheers and applause) That’s next
onHigh School Quiz Show!>>Need to file a claim? With Safety Insurance, you can
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High School Quiz Show.
I’m Billy Costa, your host. Now, back in November, as many
as 110 high school teams throughout Massachusetts competed at our Super Sunday
qualifying event. And they were looking to earn
one of 16 spots in this year’s competition. So the goal now is to become the nextHigh School Quiz Show
state champion and, of course, to take home
this beautiful trophy. Now, today’s match-up
has Lexington High School taking on North Quincy
High School. And on the Lexington team, we have Ravi, Colin, Nick,
and Krishna. With alternate Max, and the coaches Kari Darling
and Bill Cole. (cheers and applause) And for North Quincy High we’ve got Amanda, Ethan,
Nicholas, and Peter. The alternate on the sidelines
is Nicholas, and the coaches Mera Kriz, Danielle Fernandez,
and Peggy Farren. (cheers and applause) Okay, the competition
has four rounds: a toss-up, a head-to-head, a category
round, and a lightning round. We will start
with a toss-up round. All answers worth ten points,
and this, by the way, the only round with no point
deductions for wrong answers. So, if everybody’s ready, teams, let’s play
High School Quiz Show.
What city was the official host
of the 2016 Summer Olympics? Yes, Colin.>>Rio de Janeiro.
>>COSTA: Yes. Regarded as the founding father
of the French and German monarchies,
who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor
in the year 800? Yes, Peter.>>Charlemagne?
>>COSTA: Yes. In taxonomy, dinosaurs belong
to what class of animals that includes snakes
and turtles? Yes, Colin?>>Reptiles?
>>COSTA: Correct. What city was built during
the 1960s to replace Karachi as Pakistan’s capital?
Yes, Ravi.>>Islamabad.
>>COSTA: Yes. Take a look at your screens,
you will see a picture. Harriet Tubman, pictured here,
led hundreds of slaves to freedom
on the Underground Railroad. She will appear
on the new $20 bill, replacing what slave-holding
U.S. president? Yes, Krishna.>>Andrew Jackson.
>>COSTA: Yes. In August 2016, what retiring
baseball slugger was honored at Fenway Park with a six-foot
seven-inch statue of himself made of Legos? Yes, Peter.>>David Ortiz?
>>COSTA: That’s correct. Widely used as international
currency in the 18th century, silver coins called
“pieces of eight” were produced by what country? Krishna.>>Spain.
>>COSTA: Yes. An element’s atomic number
is determined by the number of what particles in the nucleus
of an atom? Yes, Krishna.>>Protons.
>>COSTA: Yes. In a recent film,
Bryan Cranston plays what Hollywood
screenwriter who twice won Oscars while blacklisted
for his alleged ties to the Communist Party? Yes, Krishna.>>Trumbo.
>>COSTA: Yes. Again,
take a look at your screens. The next question is coming up
right here.>>Hi, I’m Lidia Bastianich,
host ofLidia’s Kitchen.Here’s my question: literally
meaning “to the tooth,” what Italian term
refers to cooking pasta so that it retains
a somewhat firm texture?>>COSTA: Yes, Krishna?>>Al dente.
>>COSTA: That is correct. In Norse mythology,
warriors who died in battle would ascend to what
great banquet hall that is synonymous with heaven? Yes, Nicholas.>>Valhalla?>>COSTA: Yes. In 2016,
the World Health Organization declared a global emergency
over what mosquito-born virus known to cause birth defects
in babies of infected mothers? Yes, Nick?>>Zika?
>>COSTA: Yes, that’s correct. In an 1853 treatise, what did
Karl Marx famously describe as “the opium of the people”? Yes, Colin.>>Religion?
>>COSTA: Yes. The United States doesn’t
officially recognize which of the following
as an independent state? Is it A) North Korea,
B) Palestine, or C) Armenia? Yes, Krishna.>>Palestine.
>>COSTA: Correct. Math question: what type
of triangle has three sides of all different lengths? Yes, Nicholas.>>Scalene?
>>COSTA: Yes. Ben Franklin and
George Washington were members of what secretive fraternal
organization founded in 1717? Yes, Krishna.>>The Freemasons.>>COSTA:
Yes, that is correct. What is the only nation
in the world that requires every adult female citizen
to live under the supervision of a legally recognized
male guardian? Yes, Colin.>>Saudi Arabia?
>>COSTA: Yes. The Greek letter tau stands
for what quantity in physics, an application of force that produces
rotational acceleration? Ravi.>>Torque.
>>COSTA: Correct. Author Boris Pasternak declined the 1958 Nobel Prize
for Literature because of the negative Soviet
response to what epic love story set amid the Russian Revolution? Yes, Colin.>>Dr. Zhivago?
>>COSTA: Correct. Fabulous movie. “Anaconda” and “Starships”
are hits by what singer who has been on Billboard’s
Hot 100 chart more times than any other female rapper? Yes, Nicholas.>>Nicki Minaj?
>>COSTA: Correct. Which of the following composers
was born first? A) George Frideric Handel,
B) Franz Liszt, or C) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Yes, Ravi.>>A.
>>COSTA: A is correct. In March 2016, what U.S. Supreme
Court justice asked questions from the bench
for the first time in ten years? Yes, Colin.>>Clarence Thomas.
>>COSTA: Correct. Which of these countries–
Botswana, Tanzania, or Libya– is closest to the equator? Yes, Ravi.>>Tanzania.
>>COSTA: Correct. Named after the French minister
of war who conceived it, what elaborate defensive barrier
was built along France’s border with Germany in the 1930s? Yes, Ethan.>>Maginot?
>>COSTA: That is correct. Math question: find the third
angle of a triangle if the other two angles
are 60 and 25 degrees. Yes, Ravi.>>95.
>>COSTA: Correct. What author ofTo Kill
a Mockingbird
passed away in April 2016 at the age of 89? Yes, Nick.>>Harper Lee.
>>COSTA: Correct. An atom of aluminum
has 13 electrons. According to the rules for
writing electron configurations, how many electron shells
will it have? Yes, Krishna.>>Three.
>>COSTA: Three is correct. What is the longest river
in France, bisecting the country from east to west? Yes, Colin.>>Loire?>>COSTA: Loire is right. Also known
as the shoulder blade, what bone in the human body
connects the humerus to the clavicle? Yes, Nicholas.>>Scapula?
>>COSTA: Yes. A shy and unpopular teenager
named Charlie describes his freshman year of high school
in what coming-of-age novel by Stephen Chbosky? Yes, Amanda.>>The Perks of Being
a Wallflower?
>>COSTA: Correct. The Erie Canal is an artificial
waterway that links Lake Erie and what New York river? Krishna.>>The Hudson.
>>COSTA: Correct. Slate is a metamorphic rock
that is derived directly from what sedimentary rock?
Yes, Colin.>>Shale?
>>COSTA: Yes. The taka is the unit of currency
for what country formerly known as East Pakistan? Yes, Colin.>>Bangladesh?
>>COSTA: Yes. The purchase of Alaska
from the Russian Empire in 1867 is considered the most important
foreign policy action of what U.S. president? Yes, Krishna.>>Johnson.>>COSTA: Need the first name.
Yes, that’s correct. What ancient stone circle
on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England,
may have been used as a calendar to predict seasonal events
like solstices and eclipses? Yes, Peter.>>Stonehenge?
>>COSTA: Right. On “normerous”…
numerous adventures, rather, a white terrier named Snowy
has often saved the life of what Belgian comic book hero? Yes, Krishna.>>Tintin.
>>COSTA: Yes. In the 1948 U.S. presidential
election, Harry Truman won an upset victory over
what Republican challenger? Yes, Krishna.>>Dewey.
>>COSTA: Yes. Lying between southernmost Spain
and northernmost Africa, what strait connects
the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean? Yes, Nick?>>Strait of Gibraltar.>>COSTA: Yes. Roughly translated as
“I bow to the God within you,” what ancient Sanskrit word
widely used as a greeting in India is said at the end
of most yoga classes? Krishna.>>Namaste.
>>COSTA: Yes. Caffeine increases…
(bell dings) Uh-oh. There’s the bell
ending round one. The score right now: Lexington High School,
300 points. North Quincy High School,
90 points. Let’s hear it, folks,
this is still a game here. (cheers and applause) Okay, the head-to-head round
is next. But first, we’re going to take
a little break, loosen up a bit, we’ll have some fun with this. I’ve got a question, each of you
will answer it in your own way. So here we go, we’re going to
start over here with Lexington, and you, Ravi, here it comes. Inspired by the success
ofHamilton,if you could create a musical
about a person or event in history,
what would it be and why?>>I would pick the inauguration
of William Henry Harrison, because I think it would be
pretty funny to make a musical about someone who refused
to wear his jacket during his inauguration. And unfortunately,
he got pneumonia because of it.>>COSTA: You didn’t prepare
that at all, did you?>>No.>>COSTA (laughing):
Just right off the cuff. Colin, how about you?>>Yeah,
I would say Lyndon B. Johnson. I think his presidency
gets kind of overlooked in between Kennedy’s
and Nixon’s, but it saw the passage of a lot
of important legislation, as well as less successfully,
the start of the Vietnam War. He’s always fun to read about because he has this
very massive personality.>>COSTA:
Okay, Nick, how about you?>>Yeah, my event would be Lin-Manuel Miranda writing
Because I think it would be
pretty funny to have a musical about a person writing a musical
about a historical figure. (laughter)>>COSTA: And Krishna, you.>>In 1886, the tiny country
of Lichtenstein sent 80 men to invade Italy. Well, to everyone’s surprise,
81 came back. So what had happened was
no battles were fought, no one died, no one was injured,
but he made a friend and brought him back.>>COSTA: You have notes on your
hand, don’t you, I can tell. All right, we’ll go over
to North Quincy High School. Amanda, your thoughts?>>I’d probably choose
Rosalind Franklin because I feel like since she couldn’t
be awarded posthumously for her discovery…
her research leading up to the discovery
of the double helix, she should be recognized
in some other way. And a musical seems
like the perfect way for that.>>COSTA: Did you guys huddle
on this or something? (laughter)
Ethan, you?>>I would choose
Teddy Roosevelt because he just led such
an interesting life. It’s like whether it was on
ranching in North Dakota, or doing president stuff
in Washington, D.C., I think he just did
so many things that you can, like, write
a musical about and he was absolutely fabulous
doing it.>>COSTA: Okay, Nicholas.>>So I’d write a musical
about Michael Jackson because Michael Jackson
has, first of all, written some of the best songs
that have ever been released. It would be awesome to see
a musical about such a great performer.>>COSTA: Can you give us
a little Michael Jackson move or something? Never mind, Nicholas– Peter?>>Mine is a group of people:
the Boston Celtics from the 1960s, because it’s
just amazing how they won so many championships, and
it’s never been done since, so.>>COSTA: All right, great job,
both schools. Now it’s time
for the head-to-head round. Typically, one person comes
forward to represent the team, but this season–
Q8 as we call it– we’re going to shake things up
a bit. So everyone is going to play. Lexington, North Quincy High,
come on down. (cheers and applause) Okay, we are about to go
head-to-head. I’ve got North Quincy
on my left, I have Lexington on my right. Why don’t we start
with a handshake. There we go. As a reminder, in this round, you get ten points
for correct answers. Incorrect answers are going
to cost you ten points. You can buzz in at any time,
and the clock, by the way, is set at 90 seconds. So here we go and good luck. In the United States,
which month is observed as Black History Month?>>February?
>>Yes. Mount Everest is part
of what mountain range?>>Himalayas.
>>COSTA: Yes. What American president was
called “the Great Communicator”? (buzzer)
(bell dings)>>COSTA: Did he make it? No, Ronald Reagan
the answer there. In 1969, who released her first
autobiographical work,I Know Why the Caged Bird
(buzzer) Maya Angelou the answer there. Next up: in 2016 what theme park
announced it will begin phasing out its live orca shows?>>Sea World.
>>COSTA: Correct. What type of polygon
has six sides and…?>>Hexagon.
>>COSTA: Yes. Who was the first Roman emperor
to convert to Christianity?>>Constantine.
>>COSTA: Correct. What river forms
much of the border between Maryland and Virginia?>>Potomac.
>>COSTA: Correct. Who was the Greek goddess of
agriculture, grain, and bread?>>Demeter?
>>COSTA: Yes. Who was the Greek goddess of
agr… I already asked that, I’m sorry. In 2016 what rock star released
a highly anticipated memoir titledBorn to Run?>>Bruce Springsteen?>>COSTA:
Bruce Springsteen is correct. In 1961, what Soviet cosmonaut
became the first person to travel in space?>>Gagarin?
>>COSTA: Yes. What metal that is used
especially to form alloys has the chemical symbol V?>>Vanadium.
>>COSTA: Yes. (bell dings) Oh, that’s the end of round two. As we take a look at the score,
Lexington High School right now, 380 points. North Quincy High, 110 points. How about it folks,
nice round of applause. A sell-out crowd this week. (cheers and applause) Okay, next up is
the category round with the following categories: Once Upon a Time,
Hidden Figures, Under the Sea, The Fifty Nifty,
Home Team Advantage, and Go for Baroque. Each category has five questions
with increasing point values. Players, by the way, you can
confer with your teammates, but once you buzz in,
you no longer can confer, and we will need your answer. Now, North Quincy High, you’ve
got some ground to make up, so you get to choose
the first category. What’s it going to be?>>Under the Sea?>>COSTA: Under the Sea. And here we go,
questions about marine life. For ten points: also known
as Carcharodon carcharias, what is the world’s largest
flesh-eating fish? Yes, Colin?
>>Great white shark?>>COSTA: That is correct. You’ve got control of the board,
Lexington High School, what’s it going to be?>>Home Team Advantage for ten,
please?>>COSTA: Home Team Advantage. New category, questions about
Boston sports teams. And for ten points:
the New England Patriots have won all four of their
Super Bowl championships under the leadership
of what head coach? Krishna?>>Bill Belichick.>>COSTA: That is correct. Lexington, you’ve still
got the board, category?>>Stick with it for 15, please.>>COSTA:
We’ll stay there for 15. At the opening ceremony
of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia,
the Slovakian flag was carried by what Boston Bruins captain? Yes, Colin.
>>Zdeno Chára?>>COSTA: That is correct. Lexington, you keep the board,
category?>>Home Team Advantage, 20.>>COSTA: For 20 points:
Kristine Lilly was a founding member
of what Boston team that is the oldest women’s
pro soccer team in the U.S.? Yes, Colin?>>The Breakers?>>COSTA: The Boston Breakers
is correct. You’ve still got the board,
Lexington.>>Home Team Advantage, 25,
please.>>COSTA: 25 points. The Boston Celtics last won the
NBA championship in what year? Ravi.>>2008.
>>COSTA: Correct. Lexington, you keep the board,
category?>>Home Team Advantage, 30,
please?>>COSTA: We’re going
for 30 points on this. In 2016, Wade Boggs became
the tenth former Red Sox player to have his jersey number
retired. What number now hangs
in Fenway Park in his honor? Colin.
>>26?>>COSTA: That is correct,
and you’ve still got the board, Lexington, but you will need
a new category.>>Go for Baroque.>>COSTA: Go for Baroque,
this is a new category. Questions about the Baroque
period from 1600 to 1750. And for ten points:
what Italian composer of the Baroque masterpiece
The Four Seasons died penniless and nearly forgotten? Yes, Nicholas?
Vivaldi is correct. And North Quincy,
you’ve got the board, category?>>Go for Baroque.>>COSTA: Go for Baroque,
this time for 15 points. Knowledge of science
grew exponentially during the Baroque period. In 1618, what German astronomer
discovered that planets travel in an elliptical rather than
circular orbit around the sun? Yes, Amanda.>>Kepler?
>>COSTA: Kepler is correct, and you keep the board,
North Quincy, category?>>Go for Baroque.>>COSTA:
We’ll stay there for 20 points. Baroque philosophers tackled
the big questions of existence. What French mathematician argued
that the mind and body are really distinct, a concept
called “mind-body dualism”? Yes, Nick?>>Descartes?>>COSTA: Descartes is right,
and Lexington, you now have the board,
category?>>Go for Baroque for 25.>>COSTA: 25 points. What Italian word refers
to a dramatic contrast between light and dark,
an art technique used by Caravaggio and many other
Baroque painters? Yes, Ethan.>>Chiaroscuro?>>COSTA: That is correct,
and North Quincy, you get the board back,
category?>>Go for Baroque.
>>COSTA: 30 points. Widely regarded as the greatest
sculptor of the 17th century, what Italian artist created
“The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa,” a sculptural masterpiece
of the High Roman Baroque? Yes, Nick?
>>Bernini?>>COSTA: Bernini is right
for 30 points, and Lexington, you get the board back.>>Fifty Nifty.>>COSTA: The Fifty Nifty,
new category. Questions about the 50 nifty
United States. And for ten points:
which state kicks off the presidential nomination
season by holding the “first-in-the-nation”
caucus? Yes, Ravi?
>>Iowa.>>COSTA: Iowa is right,
you keep the board, Lexington.>>Fifty Nifty for 15?>>COSTA: 15 points: what state
is home to the easternmost point on the U.S. mainland, ironically
named West Quoddy Head? Yes, Colin?
>>Maine?>>COSTA: Maine is correct. You’ve got the board, Lexington.>>Fifty Nifty for 20.
>>COSTA: 20 points. Over a third of the nation’s
vegetables, and two-third of its fruits and nuts
are grown in what U.S. state? Yes, Nick?
>>California?>>COSTA: Correct, you’ve still
got the board, Lexington.>>Fifty Nifty for 25, please.>>COSTA: 25 points:
what is the only state in the union that has political
subdivisions called parishes, rather than counties? Yes, Colin.>>Louisiana.
>>COSTA: That is correct. And you’ve still got the board.
>>For 30.>>COSTA: You’re going to go
for 30 points on this. In 1777, what was the first
U.S. state to abolish slavery, when it broke away from New York and became an independent
republic? Nick?>>Vermont?
>>COSTA: Vermont is right. And Lexington,
you’ve got the board, but you’ll need a category.>>Hidden Figures for ten.>>COSTA: Okay, the new category
is Hidden Figures, and these are questions
about math. And for ten points:
what is 8 minus -4? Ravi?
>>12.>>COSTA: Correct, you’ve still
got the board, Lexington.>>Hidden Figures for 15.>>COSTA: 15: what is the amount
of simple interest accrued on $20,000 at 8%
over three years? Ravi.>>$24,000.>>COSTA: No, North Quincy,
you want to try that? Yes, Ethan?>>$25,000?>>COSTA: $4,800 is the answer,
so Lexington, you keep the board.>>Hidden Figures for 20.>>COSTA: 20 points:
the area of a square parking lot is 144 square yards. What is the perimeter
of the lot, in yards? Yes, Colin?
>>48?>>COSTA: That’s correct, you’ve
still got the board, Lexington.>>Hidden Figures for 25,
please.>>COSTA: 25 points:
Amy paid $300 for a painting that was 40% off
the original price. What was the original price? Yes, Ravi?
>>$500.>>COSTA: Correct, and you’ve
still got the board, Lexington.>>Hidden Figures for 30,
please.>>COSTA: We’re going for 30. Calculate the determinant
of a 2-by-2 matrix where the top row is 5 and 5,
and the bottom row is 2 and 4. Ravi.
>>Ten.>>COSTA: Ten is correct. Lexington, you’ve got the board.>>Once Upon a Time for ten,
Okay, this is a new category. Questions about fairy tales. And for ten points:
what 2013 film– the highest-grossing animated
film of all time– is based on “The Snow Queen”
by Hans Christian Anderson? Yes, Colin?
>>COSTA: That is correct,
you’ve got the board, Lexington.>>Once Upon a Time for 15.>>COSTA: For 15 points:
in the Brothers Grimm version of “The Frog Prince,”
the frog turns into a prince when the princess
does which of the following? A) throws him against the wall,
B) kisses him, and C) says his name. Yes, Nicholas.
>>Kisses him.>>COSTA: No, Lexington? Nick?>>A?>>COSTA: Yes, A,
throws him against the wall. Not very nice, by the way. (laughter) So Lexington,
you’ve got the board.>>Once Upon a Time for 20,
please.>>COSTA: 20 points:
in “Sleeping Beauty,” Briar Rose is the alias
of what princess whose real name means “dawn”? Yes, Krishna?
>>Aurora?>>COSTA: Aurora is correct,
Lexington, you’ve got… (bell dings) Oh, that’s the bell
ending the category round. The score right now: Lexington High School,
755 points. North Quincy High, 130 points. How about it folks,
make some noise. (cheers and applause) Okay, we are heading into the
final 90 seconds of game play. It is the lightning round. You get 20 points
for each correct answer. Incorrect answers
will cost you 20. The clock is set, teams,
here we go. What is the scientific term
for the thighbone?>>The femur.
>>COSTA: Yes. In the mid-19th century,
Great Britain fought what country in the Opium Wars?>>China.
>>COSTA: Yes. The Red Sea is an inlet
of what ocean?>>Indian?
>>COSTA: Yes. During the winter solstice
in December, the sun is directly overhead
at what line of latitude?>>Tropic of Capricorn.
>>COSTA: Yes. The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794
began in what U.S. state? Pennsylvania?
>>COSTA: Yes. What constitutional Amendment
prohibits any U.S. president from being elected
to more than two terms?>>22nd.
>>COSTA: Yes. In chemistry, what five-letter
word is an abbreviation for oxidation-reduction
>>COSTA: Yes. In March 2016, what former
New York mayor announced he would not…>>Michael Bloomberg.>>COSTA: Yes. Kodiak Island is a large island
on the south coast of what U.S. state?>>Alaska.
>>COSTA: Yes. In Shakespeare’s play
Julius Caesar,
who is the wife of Brutus? Yes, Colin? (Colin groans)
(laughter)>>Calpurnia.>>COSTA: Portia. What four-letter word
is the Japanese term for a martial arts studio?>>Dojo.
>>COSTA: Yes. In the 1920s, what noted
American astronomer discovered the Andromeda Nebula…>>Hubble?>>COSTA: Yes. What American filmmaker directed
1972’sThe Godfather?Yes, Krishna?>>Coppola.>>COSTA:
Francis Ford Coppola, yes. What Spanish conquistador
is responsible for the demise of the Incas?>>Pizarro.
>>COSTA: Yes. What Scottish novelist
is best known for writing… (bell dings) That’s it. The end of the round,
and the end of this week’s game. The winner this week:
Lexington High School. 995 points. (cheers and applause) North Quincy High: 130 points. By the way, congratulations
to both teams for a great game. Lexington High will now move on
to play in the quarterfinals. So be sure to tune in,
and we will see you back here next week onHigh School
Quiz Show,
everybody. (cheers and applause)>>Buying insurance shouldn’t be
a race against time. These are the most important
assets you’re protecting. You can talk to an independent
agent about Safety Insurance. We’ll help you manage
life’s storms. (cheers and applause) Captioned by Media Access
Group at WGBH, access.wgbh.orgA production of WGBH.

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