Hide and Seek [Yandere simulator animation]

Hide and Seek [Yandere simulator animation]

Ding Dong.
I know you can hear me… Open up the door!
I only want to play a little.. Ding Dong…
You can’t keep me waiting… It’s already too late..
For you to try and run away! I see you through the window.. Our eyes are locked together.. I can sense your horror.. Though, I’d like to- See it- CLOSER!! Ding Dong,
Here I come to find you.. Hurry up and run Let’s play a little game and have fun! Ding Dong!
Where is it you’ve gone to..? Do you think you’ve won? Our game of hide and seek has just begun!! I hear your footsteps… Thumping loudly through the hallways… I can hear your sharp breaths… You’re not very good at hiding~! Just wait, you can’t hide from me! (I’m coming..) Just wait, you can’t hide from me!! (I’m coming..) Just wait, you can’t hide from me..! (I’m coming..) Just wait, you can’t hide from me… Knock Knock,
I am at your door now.. I am coming in,
No need for me to ask permission! Knock Knock..
I’m inside your room now Where is it you’ve hid?
Our game of hide and seek’s about to end! I’m coming closer.. Looking underneath your bed, but- You’re not here, I wonder..? Could you be inside the closet..?! Ding Dong!
I have found you Ding Dong! You were hiding here!! (Now you’re it!) Ding Dong,
Finally found you, dear! (Now you’re it..) Ding Dong,
Looks like I have won! (Now you’re it) Ding Dong..
Pay the consequence.. (Ding Dong..
Looks like I have won..) (Now you’re it) (Ding Dong,
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100 thoughts on “Hide and Seek [Yandere simulator animation]

  1. Me: *plays creeper aww man and fast forwards after being found
    Creeper aww man: TAKE YOUR REVENGE

    Wolfychu: no u

    Me: uno reverse, U NEED SOME JESUS

    Wolfy: I'm in ur room now


  2. I know first song is ding dong is from indo because indo, the song is indo and she is girl she is wanna play hide and seek and her friend don't want it , some days she is dead and she is want to play hide and seek, if some peapol is win can free and her don't want to play with does peapol, if some peapol is don't win she is will borrow is peapol to some place, i'm so creepy

  3. When you find out you’re mother only sent you outside to eat your Halloween candy, and then when you return she pretends she’s not home and you’re just like
    “Ding dong mother trucker”

  4. Wolfy: pins Jordan to the wall with a knife and rests her head on his chest
    Jordan: runs away
    Wolfy: I just want to go trick or treating with you Why are you running 😢

  5. "Could you be inside the closet?"
    Me: makes gay joke "Aha are you my mom? If so then yes im in the closet. If not im in the pantry."

    Im pan ;-;

  6. "Ding dong, I know you can hear me."
    Me: Then hopefully you hear that I have A KNIFE AND I WON'T HESITATE TO STAB YOU LIKE JEFF THE KILLER!!

  7. Plot twist: her boyfriend just thought she was actually scary when all woflychu wanted was him to go trick or treating with her lol

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