Hidden Details in Vada Chennai | Freeze Frame | Avant Grande

Hidden Details in Vada Chennai | Freeze Frame | Avant Grande

To all the viewers watching this video, A warm welcome and thank you We have seen many movies right, but there are only few movies with which made us to travel along with it. Whereas in the recent times , we could say we have lived with it. It is a raw cult thriller film Vada Chennai-which was released in the recent times As we were watching this movie there were many detailing works that caught our eyes. Frame by Frame ,we were able to notice most of the works done by them . So here we are to show you all the details that stood out in the movie which we were able to notice in the Freeze Frame for VadaChennai, EVERY DETAIL COUNTS! Samuthirakani will be walking magnificiently by doing the ancient rituals and there will be mobs waiting to kill him. Dhanush will be the one who will save him from them . Immediately after this there will be a meeting called between the Samuthirakani gang and Kishore gang and a discussion goes on who was the reason behind this attack. If you look at this shot there is a scar right? Obviously after performing the ritual there will be a scar that’s how they have maintained the continuity in this movie The details in this scene does not end here. I will continue in the later part of this video. Outside the police station there is a scene were Dhanush will be shaving his hair and it is showed as if it took place in 1991. At those times ,normally a board will be kept outside the station In this board there is a thirukural written on it *Thirukural* *Thirukural* The meaning of this saying goes like the crime one does is the biggest enemy that will destroy oneself So we should protect ourselves from getting into those crimes. This is the meaning of this Thirukural. So when you relate this saying with the movie, Senthil,Guna, Jawa Palani and Velu – the crimes did by these four members is the one that will destroy them . With this one Thirukural, an accurate gist of this movie is given by the Director at the start itself . If you see in this movie, it is framed from 1985 to 2003. Look at the aerial shot that is played in the background Note this scene.There are many huts, the extra spacing and the boats in the shot. At the end of the film during the climax portion, there is an aerial shot that is played in the background and it was taken as if it was shot in 2003 . Now look at the changes- All the huts have transformed to brick houses and the extra spacing between the houses is developed into ” Singaravelan” Hall. Not only those, there are also some minute changes in the boats. This is because in the timeperiod between 1985 to 2003, in this span of 15 to 20 years, they have showed the development that a town would go through very sensitively and meticulously . Dhanush after cutting his hair, there is a scene near a water truck. In this background , it is written as Election Day 24-06-1991. (ADMK Party) When we look at it keenly, there is also a name – D.JayaKumar that is mentioned in the poster . This is not only for the purpose of the film. In 1991,the election actually took place on 24th June and for Royapuram area, D.Jayakumar represented the ADMK party. Not only he represented the party, he also won the elections and that is why there are many ADMK flags. Vetrimaran sir has mentioned that, Carom Board is a character in this film . In regards to that, in this movie Carom boards could be seen in many places. As Prince told earlier in this video as a continuation of the first detail, listen to this song first *song* *lyrics of the song* At the end of the lyrics, Andrea enters into the scene . The entry of her depicts the first attempt to murder Samutirakanni . From the lyrics, white colour striker is compared to Andrea and the black coin is compared to Samuthirakani. In addition to that, the pocket symbolically represents MURDER . At the later part of the movie, Andrea tries the same game with Dhanush. We know that, Rajan is murdered by the four membrers- Jawapalani, Senthil, Guna and Velu. So when we compare these four with four coins of a carom board the striker represents Dhanush and the person who is striking is compared to Andrea. This whole vengeance sequence is compared to the carom game brilliantly. There are many strong characters in the whole movie , but as soon as we hear leader , the character Rajan comes to our mind. In the second part , even if the movie continues with the title “Anbu vin ezhuchi” , Rajan is a great leader but still how Dhanush rises to that position is the main story . Starting from the first part , for both the characters there is a great parallel story telling concept I will tell you through each comparisons. In first comparison, the government brings up a scheme . Both of them equally approaches the scheme and both the scene are filmed as near equals. For example, watch this scene. Did you hear what they said? Now watch this. So both of them are stating the same opinions Let’s go to the second scenario There will be a portion where Amir loves Andrea parallely Samuthirakani also loves Andrea. There will be a small love triangle and Amir and Samuthirakani will be shown as close friends. Same like that, Dhanush will love Aishwarya Rajesh and the friend who is always with him,Siva Watch what he is saying in this scene In this scene, he mentions that he too loves Aishwarya Rajesh for three years. Even here there is a small love triangle and parallel story telling takes place. In the third scenario, both the characters tell a very important dialogue. *dialogue* Both the characters beat a policeman and says the dialogue to them . Even the place they say the dialogue is similar. The location where Rajan speaks is an empty ground and after years Singaravelan hall is built in that empty ground. That is the location where Dhanush speaks during the climax scene. Rajan teaches carom To Dhanush when Dhanush was a kid and in the same location there are sequences where Dhanush continues to teach carom to other children. In the climax scene, Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajesh moves into Rajan’s home. So, the events that takes place when Dhanush rises to Rajan’s position is showed by using a brilliant parallel story telling concept In addition to that, there is a concept called as ripple effect We will talk about this in our next video. If you enjoyed this video like,comment and share and mainly subscribe this channel Actually, there are many detailing works in the movie Vadachennai Same as Vada Chennai 2, we will have our detail work 2 So wait for our next video.

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  1. Bro … இரவுக்கு ஆயிரம் கண்கள்….hidden details upload பண்ணுங்க

  2. There's also a superb continuity. In the 2nd scene of the movie, the jailer would be enquiring about the personal information of Velu. So, when his father's name was asked, he'd have answered "Shanmugam".Now, there's a scene where Siva and Anbu are enquired. And during that time, when the same question is asked, he'd have answered "Shanmugam". That's level of perfection of Vetrimaaran🔥

  3. Bro padam 2003oda mudiyudhu but in 05:42 oru paiyan ipl team srh t shirt potu irukan…..???

  4. One of my favorite movie. Very cleared detailing I loved it😍 and I subscribed too🥰 and same time reveal mistakes also bro🙂

  5. My name is sundara mahalingam i found one detail in vada chennai anbu is rajan and so senthil killed rajan in his shoulder and dhanush killed senthil in shoulder
    Jawa pazhani killed rajan in hip and so dhanush killed jawa pazhani in hip

  6. Appreciate the great effort you boys have put to bring out the careful “attention to detail” Paid by the whole movie crew.
    As for your team; amazing attitude, presentation and timing…..
    Lots of wishes and blessings from Tamilan from UK 🇬🇧 (raised in agaram & Venus Perambur) 😁

  7. பிச்சைக்காரன் படத்துல நெஞ்சோரத்தில் பாட்டுல கடைசி வரை பாட்டோட கடைசியில ஹீரோயின் டெலிவரி பண்ண எடுக்கல அந்த கஸ்டமர் என்ன பண்ணுவீங்களோ தெரியாது posture with ஈரோடு கூட்டிட்டுப் போயி அந்த கஷ்டம் அடிச்சாரு அது எனக்கு என்னனு தெரியல சொல்லுங்க

  8. Danush enter the court first time justice called the bottle mani. I heard that name in some another movie. Then who is bottle mani

  9. Bro I have one point too …if Dhanush represents Stricker and pocket represents murder it's also revealed by Dhanush dialogue when he teach game for children . He says that "Stricker coin iruntha edathula irukanum coin pocket la irukkanu " means Andrea placing Dhanush at ameer's place

  10. ராஜன யார் யார் எந்த ஆர்டர் ல கொண்னாங்களோ, அதே ஆர்டர் ல அதே ஸ்டைல தனிஷ் ரிவஞ்ச் செய்வார்….. #செம_இன்டர்_லிங்க்

  11. Bro néenga soldringa Andrea dhan Dhanush vechi play pandraanga nu but Rajan oru police ah adikarapo ship la solluvanga unga ovoru death la ennoda sammandham irukum nu adha pathi edhuvum sollala neenga

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