what is up guys we’ll come back to my
gaming channel I haven’t even been here for a while but that is gonna be
changing I’m gonna be live-streaming a be on twitch at likelizzys with an S
at the end and I have stove here with me who also live streams that also has a
YouTube channel for heat games I game and today since you guys love this game
so much we are gonna be playing hello neighbor but but but you just play game
what it is okay so stove has never played this game yeah and he’s gonna be
playing it for the first time ever and we are gonna get his first live reaction
of him playing this game what what does it help me like you make it sound like
it’s something like super scary or something it sounds pretty straight uh
well I mean I guess it’s for good so it can’t be that scary right yeah yeah I
played the roblox version and it didn’t seem you know it seemed pretty fun
putting you in the gamer chair okay and oh so you thank you and so you press
ENTER to continue I think I don’t what’s that but I think
oh there we go okay okay so dude new game new game I was in there no cursor
want to start a new game yes I do yes I do okay alright keep oh I need oh yeah
put it on loud why because you have to like listen it’s like yeah for tonight
it’s like Direction me this is the trailer you can skip it
well do you want to hear – oh no all right so just put it like on your whole
ears cuz like I don’t have to hear oh whoa how do you uh okay so I don’t
really know the controls oh I’m guessing it’s like like any other what am I
supposed to do just cuz it’s like you’re looking that way do you owe me a skirt
over um honestly just like and I’m oh my gosh
what what’s happening oh I heard screaming oh yes is the trailer
what is this can I just skip this hey watch this you should really watch the
backstory oh my I hear this guy I wanted I gotta put one headphone huh this is
kind of creepy there’s screaming oh no that’s his house and if you turn around
I think that’s your house alright I’m wondering my house but you know the
point of it is to um you have to go in his house so I have to save whoever it
is yeah you have to figure out how to save the crying oh oh he can’t leave
like the premises oh so I have to pick stuff up I don’t like how it turns black
like that it’s like fades yeah oh oh you saw yeah
what do you mean Sami I think I know right I think you pick stuff up oh
really yeah oh and you get throw it or something here all these flies okay but
I don’t really know what it does but you have to go in the house I don’t want to
go in the house what do I have – yeah how do I get in the house that’s it
you can go in through the back there’s like different differences I don’t know
the controls let’s look at the controls Ian used to pick the stuff up
oh okay and throw oh I see okay so if you hold it let’s go back to the trash
bag or pick up the canyon so you hold it oh that’s cool so you can
use that to like distract him so he’s probably coming out the front door oh he’s he’s man hello oh break his
other window oh my gosh all right I’m gonna go out this way
music oh oh my name you keep going in his point of view he’s insane he’s
coming for you all right so I need okay I think I want
to pick up one of these trash trash bag you gonna walk through the door oh he’s
okay oh my gosh I think he’s so scared right
now it’s right behind you oh he left you could break the window I
don’t have to go oh you can leave Oh some things that you can hide in the
closet you gonna hide in the saving anyone yet
I don’t I’m some so scared to go in and find the key or something like that my heart is round like a bad this is wet
right now I’m so going to find the key and save the baby okay so like you look
what you do is like you look through drawers and you look in the closet and
stuff when you find clues and stuff so can he like show up at any time he’s
just like walking around his own house so you just have to like her to see you
or he I think you can open some of those you can hide in there oh so that’s the
door I want to go with ya see if they find the key to unlock it I think
where’s the upstairs Oh what is this I think you like boxes baby a closet or
something I don’t really know I don’t I don’t like this game this game is right
there so I just have to how do I go upstairs that’s the biggest thing so let
me let me go back in okay if you stack legs and you can go on top of them oh
yeah you might be right because you didn’t jump there up those ladders and
you I don’t know like I think you have to find it in the downstairs like
there’s definitely stuff down here yeah level look through all the doors the music so scary you literally came
out of nowhere I’m actually scared right now
I don’t know alright let’s get back into it
oh I think there’s a glitch the bog that’s lower than my resting heart rate
you’re resting I said 69 really are we sleeping he’s sleeping Oh can’t get me now you’re just taunting him can’t go
here I need get up that way okay is he throwing at me stop doing stuff I’m a
kid I don’t know I’m yes you want to try I’m gonna try you can
try I’m like my heart can’t handle that last one where is like like top there
are no we’re actually legitimately scared me it’s so hard yeah it’s like a
really scary game you have fun zone oh this thing is like the you’re like in
his I don’t even know this like intermission or something it’s so scary with this how do you how
do you open oh they’re just scary oh so that was
your house I think oh so how do I do this
well I’m ship this run and then he is pick up things and if you hold the right
button right mouse click then you throw it mm-hmm what is he doing know what he’s doing just kicking his trash cans he’s back
inside so we gotta figure out a way to go upstairs maybe I don’t I don’t think
I can’t think on this one I know it says so what is that on the right what is
this the stair ladder right there so we need a key or yeah
like a like a wrench or something to unscrew it that’s the first clue I guess why can’t you just go back to your house
and not get oh whoa I can’t go in really does that’s your own house yeah well
maybe it’s this one there’s so many houses well earlier you when you walked
out you walk down in front of this house so I wonder if your parents locked out
oh oh oh here we go I guess that only it’s Barry you had to
be on the right side I’m looking for a tool do you think it’s gonna be here I
don’t know maybe isn’t this a nativity really hi yeah this house is empty how does this house
not have anything loose here I think he does this is that this is why he’s no
sneaking around his neighbor’s house he has nothing else inside his house oh that water running before no it’s just
so confusing Hey I guess I’ll bring this water to him where is he is the music playing enough no yeah oh he’s sleeping okay your reactions are
worse than mine I’m the one playing in it oh where did he come from though I
think he said he was sleeping he’s like listening to the radio or
something how is he like oh he’s right there Oh what is it he just dressed he
walks around the stretches at random places Harry Jarvis were from the morning
Chronicle outgoing that right door and this place is messy
yeah because we keep messing with it yeah he’s got banana children man
hey hey hey hey watch out watch your back don’t have your back too I wanted
to get the frying pan over see if this house can burn down maybe oh I hear him
do you really can I collect water I just turned on all
his appliances Oh get in the car get in the car in crashing force their car like
that you must have been like in a rush oh he’s back in the backyard he’s doing
his yoga choices again I feel like there is a way to get up I mean I got it once
in a second show oh there we go that’s all you got up to this this kid doesn’t
know how to climb maybe I did something with oh maybe that that switch turns on
the pretty short oh I turned the house off oh well he has to go outside and fix the
switch so they turn it off oh did you actually turn it off yeah cuz this whole
house is all I’ll go back to that I feel like yep go to the ladder and do
something with that oh there he goes oh maybe definitely
distract them now go in this house can you pick up a chair where is he I don’t know all right well we’re go what is that is
that flashlight that’s a flashlight you guys are looking for tools oh yeah maybe
look in those drawers underneath the TV okay so we have to find something okay
so we have to find a tool or something sure just look it up my hat oh oh so I
think I think you’re on the right track you have to turn off the power make them
come out so you can search the at the house look up yeah look how about at
least the first step cuz this is just I labor died okay so you got you had to go back to
your house know what and then you have to grab two boxes and then something to
smash the window with so go back to closet yeah cause and pick up those
parents they say you can put in your inventory oh yeah and then can you pick
up another thing yeah and then you had to go and pick up like a TV set or
anything smash them into it yeah so now what you want to do is you want to place
it next to the window my stacked up on top of that yeah I don’t know why I need
the cuz it wants to get up on the roof you’re gonna break the window of the
second bedroom oh but then how do I change the I really know how you get up you did it
before Oh coming yeah so how do I switch from my inventory I don’t know press
escape go to settings Oh inventories wanted before Oh pick up
action shift Crouch use you can use one mm-hmm okay it’s like on the ceiling this dude isn’t
normal what did he do that’s crazy I don’t want to ever get back in the
house this guy’s insane and he keeps on doing that pup that stretch they’re not really going oh I think it’s like that whatever he’s
doing like glue or something okay where do you go uh how do I get in the back
inside I think after he fixes his light his
lights this is for kids like this game is scary is that scary is this like
really thrilling mm-hmm and this dude is just insane he’s like a crazy person
yeah okay he’s gone back inside Oh Oh all right so how do I use an item
I think you just drop it I left instead of holding right click you just flick it
what’s up look right there yeah there that’s it
okay so you gotta go back and get that box all right now we know we you can
actually get up though yeah so if the John’s been pressed forward Oh oh oh he’s coming yeah right now I put
them too far you might have to pick them up again okay so there yeah yes that’s still too
far oh he’s coming he’s gonna get you oh he’s not coming oh my well now you have nothing to break
the window wake up why do I have these boxes though because that’s the most
stable and there’s a flat surface just flying around do you pick up the other
box yeah I know how do kids play this oh I think he’s in there watching TV okay
are you serious alright I might have to take over Jana
yeah Oh something why so slow okay you play Oh oh my god the music is what scares me
I know Oh keys right there go back inside
yeah I think another trick you can do is you can go in his house and turn on the
like the radio thing and he falls asleep oh look there’s glasses oh use them yeah
well maybe you can what’s the point of it I know you don’t need any more boxes
though because they’re still there but maybe need more more so you have to
press covert as you saw other boxes oh you have two more boxes though sure okay oh my box is like really big oh my gosh alright I wanted to like oh oh you might
move your boxes you should distract them oh he’s moving
your box yeah come here come here oh whoa whoa whoa there are something oh I’m just going in oh my god face are you
okay how do I like it’s like not hold anything I think if you’re full of in
rotary you have alright I’m one of a bucket side so you guys inside alright
so we got the boxes I’m gonna stack them up alright there you go
finally house okay again oh oh why is he so annoying you should go inside and put
the piano thing on what’s the piano there’s like a disc that you put on any
falls asleep oh really okay maybe you crazy so instead of going through his
door he breaks his window okay there we go
oh you did it alright wait how do you know
well can you go more up if I had to go through over there oh whoa whoa what I
think you could just go through what does series I the other one I’ll have
any more where’s my TV Oh pick it up pick it up it’s like a
haunted two years oh he sees you okay don’t matter it don’t matter oh okay now we know it’s possible to to
get up there and where am i this is creepy okay guys you guys want to see us
do more and if we see if we can actually get into the house through the second
level comment down below and we’ll make a part two to this video thank you guys
so much for watching and I hope you guys enjoyed it bye

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