Hello Hindi Full Movie – Salman Khan – Sharman Joshi – Sohail Khan – Gul Panag

Hello Hindi Full Movie – Salman Khan – Sharman Joshi – Sohail Khan – Gul Panag

‘We don’t believe certain things.. ..until we don’t experience it.’ ‘Something like this
happened with me too.’ “Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!” “Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!” “Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!” “Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!” “The world says.” “Boom! Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom! Boom!” “The crazy man says.” “Zig Zag Zoom.” “The world says dance merrily.” “Bang! Bang! Bang!” “Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!” “The world says.” “Boom! Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom! Boom!” “The crazy man says.” “Zig Zag Zoom.” “The world says dance merrily.” “Bang! Bang! Bang!” “There is intoxication all around.” “So how can I be sober?” “There is smoke all around.” “Somebody’s heart will burn.” “Dance merrily with a sway.” “Along with me just
party like a rock star.” “Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!” “The world says.” “Boom! Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom! Boom!” “The crazy man says.” “Zig Zag Zoom.” “The world says dance merrily.” “Bang! Bang! Bang!” “My, my, say that you are a
Rockstar. I am a Rockstar.” “My, my, say that
you are a Rockstar.” “Everybody knows.” “Everybody knows me.” “Everybody knows.
Everybody believes.” “I have made my own world.” “What punishment is
this in my journey!” “Nobody else will
be able to cover it.” “Dance merrily with a sway.” “Along with me, just
party like a rock star.” “Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!” “The world says.” “Boom! Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom! Boom!” “The crazy man says.” “Zig Zag Zoom.” “The world says dance merrily.” “Bang! Bang! Bang!” I can’t take it anymore! “The entire city knows my style.” “Nobody understands my language.” “Everybody is smitten.” “Where do I go away from you?” “I have received only blessings.” “Nobody can harm me.” “Dance merrily with a sway.” “Along with me, just
party like a rock star.” “Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!” “The world says.” “Boom! Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom! Boom!” “The crazy man says.” “Zig Zag Zoom.” “The world says dance merrily.” “Bang! Bang! Bang!” “Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!” “The world says.” “Boom! Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom! Boom!” “The crazy man says.” “Zig Zag Zoom.” “The world says dance merrily.” “Bang! Bang! Bang!” Sir, it will take two hours for
the helicopter to be repaired. This is our private lounge.
You can rest here, sir. Thanks. Listen, captain. Can I smoke here? Sorry, sir. Smoking is
injurious to health, sir. Is this the chopper?
– No, sir. This is just a showpiece. I will be back, sir.
– Okay. Bodyguards! Are you standing here
to give me company? Or will you save
me from the ghosts? Sorry, sir!
– Sorry, sir! Sorry, sir! Excuse me, Mr. Khan. I really need to use the
power socket. Can I sit here? Sure. Thanks. Are you as bored as I am
or much more than that? Those who are bored..
they are a bore. Those who are bored..
they are a bore. Makes sense! You are checking your mails! E-mails! E-mails! You look so busy. Are you really busy or
are you pretending to be? What do you do? My job is to deliver messages. Message? Like a courier company. Like the DHL, FedEx. Or tying notes on
the pigeon’s leg.. ..and letting them fly away? Something like that. Something like that. Do you have any message for me? Yes. There is a story. Story? Look at this! Any problem? I am checking whether you
are carrying any camera! Or is there any tape recorder on. I feel you are a journalist
doing a sting operation. This is not true. There is a story which I
would like the people to know. Is your story as pretty as you? More than me. Oh really! Then narrate it to me! But there is a condition. Condition?
– Yes. If you heard it then you will.. ..have to make a
movie on this story. Look at this! Even my daddy never
placed this condition. Nowadays if you give
some liberty to girls.. ..they make you
dance to their tune. Then you can’t hear it. Who wants to hear it? Ridiculous! At least, tell me a line. It’s the story of a single night. Wow! Of six people. Wow! They work in a call centre. How unusual! Wow! They received a call that night. A call was received
at the call centre. It’s so unusual! Wow! This was not an ordinary call. That night.. that
night, God had called. God had called? Yes. I told you. God had called. How? If you want to hear
the rest of the story.. ..then you will have
to accept my condition. ‘I got stuck.’ ‘When she took God’s name,
I had to hear that story.’ What? What did you say? Nothing! You narrate the
story! I accept your condition! Before hearing this story, it’s
important to know these six people. Shyam! Shyam! Look, you are not
doing the right thing. You didn’t sleep at all. And now you are
toiling at night too. You will fall sick. Let me create this website manual. Then everything will be fine. No. I am sure its something else. You are behaving like this
since the past two months. Mother! I am like this
for the past 25 years! Shyam! Son.. I am your mother.
Look, you don’t worry at all. God can see how
much you are toiling. I think today your
God is really angry. Come on! Quickly give me supper!
– Yes! Give me something to eat.
I am famished. – Yes. Hey, beautiful! Come on, brother Shyam!
Fill my scrap book. Not now, sister. Please. Do it, son. She had been
waiting for you since long. I will get supper. No, no. Its okay, brother
Shyam! We will do it later. If you talk like this then I will
have to do it, my little princess. Here I sit. So sister, ask the first question. My favourite colour. Blue.
– My favourite boy. No! My favourite friend, girl. Priya. Actually no one. Cheating, brother
Shyam! Quickly tell me. Okay. Next question. I want to be a..
– Team leader. My dream.
– My own business. The person I don’t like?
– Bakshi. Definitely. Who is Bakshi? Bakshi meaning Ravan.
Dangerous Ravan. Let me call him. Bakshi! No, sir! Shyam, sir! Shyam!
– Sir, Agent Sam! Agent Sam! I always recognise a man
with potential! Tell me! Sir, today it’s
raining heavily. So.. Is it raining in America? Sir, America? I
don’t think so, sir! Yes! So it’s not raining here too! If they are working in America,
we are working in India! You have a good one. Sir, I will inform
the rest of the team. Okay! God bless America! Go! Answer the call!
– Yes, mother! Listen! Keep my milk ready! Yes! Oh my God! What a daughter-in-law
have you given me! She is always on the phone! Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you? Hello, how are you? Yes, Radhika! I spoke to Bakshi! Today, it’s a working day. Look, let’s go to office. I will call military
uncle and Romi. You.. Don’t worry. I will tell the girls. Thanks. You are a darling. Bye. Aryan, have you
ever sat on a horse? No? Elephant? No? Son, if you had
been here, I would.. ..have become an
elephant, a horse for you. But now you have gone so far away.. ..that I can only scan
photos and send it to you. Hello! Military uncle! We
are working today! Okay! I will be waiting
outside at 21:00 hrs. Hello. Yes! Shift is on. Be ready. Listen, don’t come to pick me
up. I will come on the bike. Are you mad? Look
outside your window. In this house, you don’t
have to open the window.. ..to see the storm. Are they at it again? Yes. But nowadays
it’s very serious. Listen, ride the
bike safely. Please. Mad! Completely mad! Hello!
– Hi, aunt! I wanted to tell Priyanka that
the call centre is working today. You are so sweet, dear.
Priyanka will miss you a lot. Priyanka will miss me? Why, aunt? Hang on. She only will tell you. If you beat her again then I will
make the police thrash you so badly.. Priyanka!
– Yes, mother. Radhika’s call. Very good girl. Radhika! This time who has
got smitten by you? No. I was teaching a
lesson to my maid’s husband. Teach a lesson to Mr. Bakshi. Can you believe it? Today
too he has called us. O God! Are you serious? And listen, aunt was saying
that you will miss us! Actually.. “Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!” “Krishna! Krishna!” “Hail Lord Rama!
Hail Lord Krishna!” Mom! “Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!” What’s happening? Is
everything fine, Priyanka? It’s a long story. I
will tell you later. Bye. “Hail Lord Krishna!”
– Mom! Greetings. I am going for work. Who? Who are you?
– I am Shyam! Shyam, time for his
medicine! You go. Who was he?
– Father.. take medicine. Who are you? Sir, today, too you
will sit in the front? Why are you starting the
wrong topic? Start the car! Yes. Hi, guys!
– Hi! What is this? Is
this the time to come? We are waiting since
the past 15 minutes. Then you should have left!
You are not doing any favour! That is what we will
do from tomorrow. Stop it, guys! Stop it! The night has just begun and
you guys have already started. Its 9:30. Let’s go! We have
to pick up Priyanka too! Come on! Wait! Mom! Nobody should cast an
evil eye on you! Come on! Hi!
– Hi! O God! What a night! Esha, you didn’t call! Hello, military uncle!
– Hi, Priyanka. Driver!
– Yes. Shyam!
– Priyanka. Let’s go! Hello! Hello, teddy! I have to leave!
The shift is getting over! No. Just 15-20 minutes
more. There is a traffic jam. Such a bad teddy! I am so sad! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! The network is bad! I
am just reaching there! I can hear you! Talk to me! Hello! Hello! Hello! There is no network? There
is network in my phone. You want to try using this?
– No, thanks. Who was it? Shefali? Shefali who? Shefali.. that Curly Vurly!
– So! If it’s true then say
so. Why are you hiding? I am telling you.
– Stop it! Stop it, both of you! This is too much! Just relax! Always doing this! Hi, Shefali!
– I won’t talk to you! I am sorry. I got late
because of my people. You know, I am really sorry. You are the team leader, right? No. I am going to be
one. Bakshi is trying. But tell me, how was your shift? Aren’t UK people
better than US people? I always told you! How unromantic! You are talking to me
about work. I am very sad. Because you are very bad. I am really sorry, sweetie pie. But my shift is about to begin.
And my people too must be coming. So you will have to go. Okay. Then be sad. Be sad, teddy. Sad! Okay! Sad! Is that good? Teddy is so sad that
you are going away. So sweet! Kiss!
– What? Kiss!
– Okay! Yes! Of course! Let’s go.
– Come. They must be waiting for you.
– Let them wait. Curly Vurly! Shyam! Bye, teddy. Hello!
– Hi! What are you doing? Million dollar
expression! Man in trouble! You don’t belong to either of them. Love life is bad.
And a worst career. I don’t understand your thinking. Please give an explanation. Just think. Our lives have become miserable.. ..while reforming
foreigners’ lives. We are no longer us. From Varun, you became Victor. From Shyam, I have become Sam. Why? For these foreigners. When confused, these foreigners
call the local helpline.. ..and do you know passing
through which links.. ..do we receive the call? Then we spend the entire
night solving their problem. How may I help you, sir?
What can I do for you, sir? I tell you. It’s a horrible job. Why are you smiling? Tell me something. Are you angry with
foreigners or yourself? This is the problem
of the entire office. You can ask anybody.
Here. Your turn. Come on. And she is my
confused Indian woman. Rebecca. Sorry. Radhika. Aren’t you ashamed
to change your name.. ..from Radhika to Rebecca? Absolutely not, Vroom. I would do anything for Anuj. Thanks. Now she will sing
her husband’s praises. Sorry! Military uncle! Tell me something. At times,
don’t you feel angry working here? I get rid of my anger
before I come to work. Do you vent out your
anger on the fair people? You too are fair. Come on! Come on! Otherwise
he will spit on me. Oh! I will be Ms. India. She is Elizabeth. Alias Esha. She missed all modelling events. Esha, any complaints? Shut up, Vroom! I
am really angry! Go! Get lost! She looks so pretty
when she is angry! Shall we go?
– No. I will stay here. I will zoom. Shall I go?
– Yes. Coward. Coward! Priyanka, any problems? Only with you both. Got it? I told you. Shefali is better. You deserve Shefali. And she is thin too. Listen, shall we interview him too? Bakshi? Bakshi! Hey, Bakshi! You are
a life saver, man! Well, you know my
wife has this thing. She wants to visit..
what do you call it? The Taj Mahal or something. Yes! Yes! Yes! Your wife’s trip
to Taj with family. Consider it done, sir. Give me the pleasure
of sponsoring it. No, no, Bakshi! I can not do that! No, no, no! It’s not too much! She is.. she is like my
bhabhi (Sister-in-law)! Bhabhi! What did
you just say? What? Bhabhi means brother’s
wife in India. Brother’s wife! Bakshi!
You are no brother of mine! Yes! Yes! Yes! I know that! But in India when we like someone.. ..he becomes our relative. So, she is my bhabhi! You mean, in India, you make
people relatives just like that! O man! India is truly
an amazing country! Yes! India is an amazing country! But God bless America! Bye-bye! And it’s a slam dunk. Bill, sir.
– For what? For food, sir. What else? 200 samosas (fried snacks).
– Yes, sir. 150 cold drinks.
– Yes. 300 Gulab Jamun (sweets).
– Yes. I think this is an some
unhealthy party’s bill. Yes, sir. The party took
place two months ago. I have not received a penny
of the payment. – So? So sir, will you do it?
– What? Payment!
– Why should I pay? Sir, it’s your wife’s
birthday party bill. Oh! I see! I see! My.. Yes, this is my wife’s birthday
party bill. – Yes, sir. Why was she born? You are right, sir. Will you do it?
– What? Payment, sir!
– Payment! Yes! Forget all this! Tell me something.
– Yes. How is your cafeteria going? Fine, sir. People
lick their fingers. I see! I see! And how long have
you being doing the contract? Three years, sir!
– 3 years! I think, this year, I will have to
give the contract to somebody else! Why? Why? Why, sir? What happened? Because I have
received a complaint. No, sir! No!
– I have received it! Soups contain flies. And
that too malaria flies. Sir! Sir, you get
malaria not from flies.. ..but from mosquitoes. A worm is a worm. Forget that. You
have lost your job. Now sit at home and kill the flies. And mosquitoes. No, sir. Please, sir. And this bill? Sir! Sir! Sir! I forgot! Your wife meaning my
sister-in-law. – Yes! That’s right! It’s a birthday gift
for sister-in-law. You are a very intelligent man.
– I tore it. I love a man with
a lot of potential.. Now watch! How many
contracts you receive! Sir! Sir! Sir!
– What happened? Your ball!
– Thank you! Okay, guys! There
is an announcement! All the call centre
officers are being informed.. ..that tonight anytime everybody.. ..will be called for
the fire drill exercise. Yes! 10:29 guys. One minute
to go. Have a good one. O my God! I am in big trouble! I am having a problem
with my fridge! It’s not cooling
down! Can you help me? Yes, Mr. Smith. You have
a large WA500 refrigerator. Am I right? Yes. This is Mrs.
Smith. You know me? So you were saying your window AC.. ..cools up much more
than you require. Yes. Can I tell you? You
have a very attractive voice. That makes me very hot. This is not a good morning.
I am in a complete mess. And I really need your help. I
unscrewed the cover of this thing. You screwed the oven. Well, yeah. What else would I do? Madam, you have unscrewed
the cover of the oven. That should not be done even if
you are the company personnel. Victor, I had a large
dish. And it was too big. So I improvised.. The foreigner is in trouble. There is absolutely nothing. I
can’t see anything on my screen. Madam, you need to
put the power on. Power? It is not going to
work without the power. Thank you. Have a nice day. It’s always a pleasure,
madam. Thank you. Bye. Hello! What happened? Supervisor, there is too
much static in the line. Shall we pack up? The naked truth is, Bakshi,
the calls are going down. We have to get rid of some people. Is that a problem? No, no, no, no! No, no, sir! No problem! No problem at all! Here, countless people die during
rainy season. – What? In India, thousand people
die every year in the rain! No problem at all, sir! In India, job cuts, no problem..
You don’t worry about it, sir. Okay. I am your man in India.
Bakshi! I will do it! Thank you! You are a real lifesaver, Bakshi! May I come in, sir? Agent Sam! Please come in! Sir!
– What can I do for you? We had to shut down the systems, sir.
– Why? There is too much
static in the lines, sir. Static!
– Yes, sir. Must be because of the weather. Go and check. It will be fine. No, sir. The static is very
bad. Nobody can hear anything. And because of the rains,
there are less agents. And the load of calls is more. If we can solve this
problem immediately.. ..then it will be nice, sir. It means this is a serious problem. Yes, sir. Agent Sam!
– Yes, sir. What have I told you
about serious problem? Sir.. Chuck it back! Come on!
Come on! Chuck it back! Nothing really, sir. Always look at the bigger picture. Picture!
– Yes! Big!
– Chuck it back! Big picture! Big picture! Meaning it’s important to
think about the bigger picture. Right, sir. – You know
what I mean? – Yes. Let me show you! I will show you! What’s this? I am not sure.
– This is your career graph. Right now you are here.
And you have to reach there. Where I am right now.
– Right, sir. Think big, Agent Sam! If you think big, only then
will you reach bigger places. High thinking! High thinking! Right, sir. Got it? Now think. If you had to solve
this serious problem.. ..then what would you have done? Sir, I would have called
the system officer.. ..and informed him.
– Yes. But sir, if you called them,
then they will come quicker. But of course, I will make
the call first. It’s okay. Good! Very good! I
like that! I like that! Sir! One thing, sir! Sir, if you can take a look at this CD.
– What’s this? Sir, it’s a website manual.
Victor and I have prepared it, sir. It’s ready now. Completely. Sam and Victor’s website
manual. Very good! Thank you, sir.
– Very good! Once you have a look at it,
shall I send a copy to Boston? No need! When you
have given it to me.. ..then it will reach Boston too. Of course! Right! Well done, Agent Sam. I like
a man with a lot of potentials! Thank you! God bless.. America!
– Right, sir! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Listen! Everybody in the house! “Mumbai is around 200 miles.” “The operating system
is corrupted files.” “DLL files. DLL files.” “And the system guy, there is some
problem in the security patch.” Who is going to fix it?
Who is going to fix it? I am going to fix it! What are you guys talking? Treat him! What does he say? 20 minutes break.
Shall we chill out? Time pass is everybody’s favourite.
– Everybody has that. Priyanka! I remembered! Aunt was saying there is
special news today. What is it? What’s the matter? You people know. My mother’s dream is to get me.. ..married to a well
settled NRI guy. Yes. I always used to say no. But this time she insisted a lot,
so I spoke to him on the phone. He is decent. Well settled.
He works in Seattle. With Microsoft. Mummy was keen. He
asked my decision. So what did you say? I don’t know. Something clicked. And I said yes. I lose. Great news! Esha, there is a
difference between.. ..great news and breaking news. Congrats! Congratulations, Priyanka! Thank you, uncle. My son and grandson are in America. It’s supposed to be a nice country. Anyway, Priyanka. Aunt was right. We are really going to miss you. And now you will be on the
other side of the phone. Whatever it is, babe. I am very happy that you
have taken the right decision. Okay! Won’t you say something? About what? Systems are being
repaired. It will be mended. I am getting married, Shyam. Marriage is a good
thing. Well done. My mom and dad too got married. They say it’s very
good. So good for you. Can you give a better reaction? I said good. I will say
it twice. Good! Good! Well done! Excellent! 10 out of 10! Your marriage has been fixed.
India has not won the world cup. You are talking as if I am
responsible for all this! Here, the systems are not working. And she wants to know my reaction. Congratulations, my friend.
– Leave it. Now why are you tense? Your tension is going
across the seven oceans. Listen, since the
time you met her.. ..your life has been a mess. Remember the first day? Priyanka! You don’t want to come? Where?
– For the training. 5 minutes are still left.
I am coming. – Okay. Hey! Hi! O God! What was that? Is this your bag? Yes. Are you okay? Are you okay? Yeah! Yeah! I am all right! By the way.. Its quite heavy. Must be weighing a kilo or two. I am so sorry. No. It’s all right. I am really sorry. Thanks. Priyanka. Shyam. Nice to meet you. I am sorry once again.
I am really sorry. No, you are most
welcome. I mean its okay. Okay then.
– Okay then. See you.
– Oops! See you then!
– Bye! I received a blow that
day. And it’s still hurting. American guys are so lucky. Right from Madhuri
to your Priyanka. These NRIs get girls easily. Nowadays the girls will
talk about love and romance. But they will marry not the
guy they love, but a rich guy. It’s the best combination.
Idiot and rich. But that time I didn’t feel so. 35 equal 10. This rule will help you
to understand America. Just remember. A 35 year old American
is equally intelligent.. ..with a 10 year old Indian. They are like children. So be patient. Are you an American?
– No. So why are you
writing like a child? Shut up! So now we come to the
most important session. Accent training. And mock calls. Well, I think it’s overheated. Why don’t you just switch it off? Best is to take it to the dealer. Can you try to be a
little more polite? Show a little more patience.
– Yes, sir. Good! Well, I think it’s overheated. Why don’t you switch it off? Or sir, just take it
to the nearest dealer. Elizabeth, here. My Queen Elizabeth!
I am George Bush here. Shut up! May I help you? Of course, Elizabeth. My toilet’s flush is not
working. Can you help me? Vroom, you are an American. How
come you are talking in Hindi? It’s the current trend.
Americans talk in Hindi. Indians talk in English. Shut up!
– Already fed up? Shall we go for coffee? Before I get the job, you
will make me lose the job. Listen please! Sir, you have a problem with
your toaster. – Yes. Maybe your washing machine.
– No. Your oven?
– Yes. Maybe your head.
– A little lower actually. You mean your heart. Well, I am afraid, sir. I
can’t help you with that. Because I seem to be
having the same problem. That’s nice! You think a coffee and a
movie thereafter might help? Maybe. If you love Priyanka, then
why do you stay with Shefali? I want to forget about Priyanka. And Shefali is a distraction
to forget Priyanka. You know. I understand. To wean you off the milk
bottle Shefali is the nipple. What examples do you give! Don’t worry.
Everything will be fine. Tomorrow morning they are
coming to have flatbread. Sweets will be distributed. And you are saying
everything will be fine. I couldn’t do anything
in so many days. What will I do overnight? Everything will be fine. Once the website manual is passed.. ..you will be the team leader. You never know! There is still time
for the morning. Don’t worry.
Everything will be fine. The way it was before. “System, cables, have
no labels in Mumbai.. ..who want to become Shanghai.” “You know why because
I am the system guy.” Quiet, you idiot! 5 minutes! 5 minutes! Shyam!
– Yeah! Can you please do me a favour? Yeah. Sure. Ganesh messaged me. He is saying he can’t get through. Can I give him the landline number? International mistress. Sure. It’s your marriage. Please. Hello, Shyam! That hurt, didn’t it? What are you? –
Your well-wisher. The devil inside you. Devil!
– A small, selfish devil. Like Ravan. Why are you standing? Sit. Sit! Sit! Don’t be afraid! Sit! Sit! How did you suddenly remember me? You don’t want to hear
what Ganesh is saying? Tap the landline,
Shyam! Tap the landline! You just have to join two
wires in the system room. Yes. I am not interested. It’s a sin to tap the lines. It’s a sin to endure
injustice, Shyam. You leave. Go. Hear how he is
enticing your Priyanka. Tap the landline. Tap the landline. This is the limit! What happened, Radhika? Being a daughter-in-law is more
difficult than being a model. Trust me. Poor Anuj is working in Kolkata. He called at home. Mother-in-law said that
I make the milk cribbing. The almonds were big. It could
have got stuck in my throat. She said.. is Radhika
trying to kill me? It’s too much! Even after doing all
this Anuj tells me to be.. ..like a
daughter-in-law. It’s too much. This is the limit. He is stupid. Why
do you even bother? Yes, Radhika. How long
will you hear her nonsense? And at this age she won’t change. You only will have to do something. Talk to Anuj. Put your foot down. Tell him what’s happening. How will he know if
you won’t tell him? Priyanka has started
a women’s movement. Was she always like this? No. I think I have
made her like this. All right! Cheers! Okay. What’s the matter?
You are not happy? Yes. But I would have been
happier if we both had been alone. It’s our second anniversary, Shyam! I know. That’s why I invited
everybody to share our joy. What’s wrong? You will never understand. Priyanka! Listen, I have to.. I will just be back. Okay! Rahul, did you see Priyanka?
– No. No, no! Did you see Priyanka? -priyanka. You don’t know?
– I don’t know Priyanka! Okay! Priyanka! Shyam! Priyanka! I’ll come there! What..? And I got you there! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen!
– Shyam! Shyam! I am sorry! Look, tonight is a special night
for us, so let’s not spoil it! We had decided that we will give
time for our relation to grow. And on our second anniversary.. ..we will take our relationship
forward, to the next level. Tonight is the night
to make love, right! Shyam! What is this? What are your intentions? Have you seen ‘Titanic?’
– Yes. But in ‘Titanic’ the
hero dies in the end. You won’t survive either! This is unbelievable! I will never forget this night! “Hold me in your arms tonight!” “I want to feel you next to me!” “Holding me so tight.” Do you have a condom! I have been carrying one
for the last two years. I will just have to
check the expiry date. “Come baby, let’s dance!” “Girl, give me a chance.” “Come baby, let’s dance!” “Girl, give me a chance.” “Come, sway with me, girl!” “Let’s do some romance.” “No, no, no!” “Don’t trouble me like this!” “I have come across many like you!” “Don’t try to
instigate me like this.” “I say hello, you say bye!” “Come sway with me
girl, have a cup of tea!” “Just once..” “Just once..” “Just once..” “Just once..” “Just once..” “Just give me one chance, girl.” “Just give me once chance, girl.” “I want to dance with you.” “I want to dance with you.” “Heart beats! Heart beats!” “Heart beats! Heart beats!” “Dance.” “O beloved, come embrace me!” “Come, take a kiss.” “Why do you roam around alone?” “Come, I will take you around.” “I am not so easily instigated!” “Don’t try to instigate me.” “I don’t want to go
anywhere with you!” “Get lost from here!” “No, no, no, no, no!” “O beloved, don’t
trouble me like this. “Listen to what I have to say.” “Don’t shatter my
dreams like this.” “Come baby, let’s dance!” “Girl, give me a chance.” “Come sway with me, girl!” “Let’s do some romance.” “Dance.” “I need you baby!” “You drive me crazy!” “How I miss you!” “Let me kiss you.” “Let me kiss you tonight.” “You think you are,
some sort of hero!” “I think you are, a perfect zero.” “I am not your wife!” “I am not going to.. cook for you.” “O beloved, give me a chance.” “We both will be fine.” “Come be with me!” “I will make you really happy” “No, no, no, no, no!” “I am not going to listen to you.” “Listen young man.” “O young bad man!” “Everything you say is a lie.” “I say hello, you say bye!” “Come sway with me
girl, have a cup of tea!” “Just once..” “Just once..” “Just once..” “Just once..” “Just once..” “Just give me once chance, girl.” “Just give me once chance, girl.” “I want to dance with you.” “I want to dance with you.” “Heart beats! Heart beats!” “Heart beats! Heart beats!” Hello!
– Hey Priyanka, Ganesh! How are you doing tonight? Hi Ganesh! Doesn’t he have any
work in the office? What Microsoft? He must be Bill Gates tea-server. Shyam, tap the phone-call! Carefully. Tap the phone, don’t bore me! Come on!
– That’s wrong! That’s a very wrong thing!
– Go from here, I told you! Go!
– I should leave! Give me some time to think. Shyam, tell me one thing! Is it necessary for Priyanka
to play with her hair.. ..while talking to Ganesh? Okay, got to go now! I will call you later. Think about the colour, okay! Bye!
– Okay! Fine! Talk to you later! What was he saying? He is buying a car. Some Lexus! Wow, Lexus! Boss, she is marrying a Lexus. He was asking you to
choose the colour too. Lucky girl! Is this Ganesh a man or a child? Needs money to select a girl.. ..and a wife to select
the colour of the car. Wife! Who, wife? No! Let’s do one thing! Let’s tap the line. That’s thinking like the devil. I like it. Okay! What are you doing? Nothing! I was just
checking the static! You think I am a fool! Tell me what were you doing? I was taping the landline. Now, don’t ask me why! Fine! Why? Don’t ask me such questions
at such delicate moments. Do one thing. Join the red wire with the blue wire.
– Yes. I don’t know why I
am helping you, man! Done. And now that you have resorted
to such cheap methods.. The girls are having a
discussion in the bathroom. Shall we go there wearing a veil? Ladies, gents, common wall. And walls have ears too. There. Shyam’s face was worth watching.. ..when you asked about the phone. Obviously, Nisha,
he will feel scared. After all, he loves you. Love is fine, it is important. But money is more important. It’s according to one’s need. Some need money and
some love. Chill. Girls, please! This is
not an NDTV talk show. Let’s change the topic! And by the way, everything
is important in life. Money, love, etcetera,
etcetera, etcetera! Except for Shyam! We want to hear what they
are saying, and not you. Listen! Why doesn’t Anuj
ever leave his mummy? Forget about mummy.. ..he doesn’t even have
time to spend with me. He spends all his time
in keeping others happy. Radhika, a sales job is very tough. You have to do
everything for career. Are you okay, Esha? Yes, I am fine. Actually, I am a bit
stressed for Nick! I did all I could. I just hope it gets done. It will happen! Lord, please fulfill her task! Listen! – Come on, girls,
we have spent a lot of time here. The boys must be tensed. Tension, us. Catch me! Shyam.. he isn’t taking
Ganesh’s news rightly. He is so childish! Is she talking about me?
– No! Get real, girls! Ganesh is much more well
– settled than Shyam. Oh God! – And this is a question
about getting married! Not just going around. Right! She is talking about me!
– No! Why you? What are you doing?
– Leave me! Leave me! Leave me! Leave me!
– I won’t spare her! Hello! Hi! Sir, it is not what
you think it is. I don’t have to think. I can see everything. But, I can understand
the pressure of work. Late nights. Long shifts. But doesn’t matter, this
is an American company.. ..everything goes here. Why aren’t the girls
in their places? No idea, sir. No idea! No problem! I will just go.
– Sir! Sorry sir! Please excuse me! Thank you! Thank you! Hello! “Start spreading the news.” Sir, you sing very well.
– Thank you! “I am leaving today!” “I’m going to be a part of it!”
– What happened? Should we ask him about
the website manual? Shall I?
– Yes. “I am gonna be.” “Away.” – Sir,
we wanted to ask you something. Sir, actually.. That.. Excuse me. Excuse me. No, no, no, no sir. It’s regarding the manual.
– Yes sir! The website manual. –
Yes! – Not a problem. That has reached Boston!
– It has reached. Yes.
– Superb! You both continue. Continue, boys! Have a good time!
– Thank you sir. Enjoy yourselves.
– Absolutely. Do visit our loo
sometime again sir. Boston! Boston! We are going to make it there. What are you thinking, Esha! Life is so strange, Varun. Everything seems to be going fine. And then, suddenly the next
moment.. everything seems over! You know Esha you need
a anchor in your life. What do you mean by anchor? These days I have been
thinking a lot about you. About me? You know how long
we have been friends. I think we should go beyond. You think that something can.. Come on, Esha, you know me. I think we should see each other. Hello! Yes would be a better answer. Varun, you know.. I even
left home for modeling. I don’t have time or place
for a boyfriend in my life. A boyfriend can be a friend too. He can support you
like a friend too. Come on, Esha, don’t
deny the comfort level. We have spent so
many nights together. What do you mean by that? In the call centre. Varun, there is a limit
to cracking a joke. Just shut up! Esha! Esha! Esha! Varun! That’s it! Girlfriend!
– Yes. Yes sir, I do understand. So, you are trying to tell
me that your vacuum cleaner.. ..sucked your socks.
– Yes! And it’s not a pleasant feeling. Just sucked in by a machine. It’s like Jaws. And you were wearing
it at that time? Yes, and I am still wearing them! O God, I don’t know what to do. Okay, don’t panic sir. All you got to do is
shut down the power. Okay, but how can I move? Thanks! Yes ma’am, I understand
it’s an emergency.. ..but you simply cannot wash
your innerwear in the dishwasher. Oh, no innerwear, only dishes. Yes, but you can wash the dishes. You really need to add
that feature in there. Trust me, women will thank you. Western appliances
sir, how can I help you? This is Sam here. Good afternoon, Mr. Fox! I believe you are having
trouble with your vacuum cleaner. When did you last
change your dust bags? Like hell I remember! Dust bags! It’s a crap machine! Who are you talking too? Sir, I would request you
not to use that language. Give me a break. You are some brown
kid from India, right. Sir, I am sorry I cannot
disclose my location to you. I know you are some nut from India. So what did you do to get this job? A degree in nuclear physics! Sir, do you need help
with your vacuum cleaner.. ..yes or no? Oh, stop it! I can change my own dust bags. When are you going to change
the code of your country! Hey, you good for nothing
fat American couch potato! Right, sir.
– If you say anything about India.. ..then I will thrash
you black and blue! Hello! Hello! Vroom! What are you doing? You know we don’t have
to talk to such people. We have to..
– We can’t talk to them like that. They call themselves superpower.. ..and they take all
the information from us. If the system wouldn’t
have been down.. ..then I would have given
him a piece of my mind. The system is down, I will
have to organise that first. Forget it. What forget it?
– Take a break! We can’t just take
a break like that. Why, you are very eager
to talk to such people? That’s our job, Vroom! Can’t get through also. You are just great. Why you..
– Hey. Vroom, what’s wrong with the line. It got disconnected. Like me, everyone’s
line got disconnected. Stupid! Idiot! Why are you looking so grumpy? Just missing Anuj! It’s been a long time
since I talked to him. Do you want to talk to him?
– What? You want me to call him?
– What? Call him!
– What are you doing, Vroom? You are missing him, and you
don’t want to talk to him. Are all girls confused? Stop it, Vroom! You know how Anuj is! Vroom, what are you doing? It’s very late, and you know.. ..Anuj doesn’t like
this sort of jokes! Yes, sure! –
Vroom! – Yes. You are missing him, you
want to talk to him, isn’t it? Everyone, line 5! Hello!
– Pick up! Pick up! Pick up! Hello! Hi, am I talking to Mr. Anuj?
– Yes, who is this? Hi, this is Max from Radio Mirchi! Sir, you have just
won a gift hamper. Gift hamper! You aren’t selling
anything, aren’t you? – No sir. We aren’t selling
anything, we are sending it! In fact, you can send anyone
in India, a dozen roses. Really! Anyone, your friend, your sister,
your mother. – Hey! Your wife. Then I would like to
send it, to my girlfriend. Her name is Payal! My girlfriend Payal stays in Delhi. She is a modern girl, so
send her a modern bouquet! Anuj! Who is Payal? Hello! Who is this?
Hello, hello Max! Hello! Hello! This is not Max! This
is your wife, Radhika. Your foolish wife, Radhika! What is this joke? Hello! Hello! Radhika! I am really sorry! You didn’t do anything! Shit. Radhika! Radhika!
– It’s okay! Let me take my medicines,
everything will be fine. What are you doing? God! Hey, Shyam!
– Yes! I have been trying to
send a mail to my grandson. But the mail comes back
with an error message. Just take a look. Sure, I will take a look. So, he likes animals. Doesn’t this look like Bakshi? I have zipped the file. It will lose some
of it’s resolution.. ..but he will receive the mail.
– That’s done. When we were young,
we would fight men! Now we are fighting
these computers. But thank you very much. This means a lot to me. You will know when you will become
a grandpa. – Grandpa. I don’t even have a girlfriend! God knows when I will have a
wife, when she will have children. I mean, when we will have children! Then those children
will have children. It’s a very long struggle, uncle. Is it an error message again? Let’s see. No uncle, this time you
have received a reply. Please don’t clutter my mail box… …the way you have
cluttered my life! Stay away from my son! I don’t want your attachment! Or file attachments. Surely something
must be wrong with me. Or else, why would have
my son send such a message? He won’t let me meet you. Hello!
– Hello Priyanka! Good that you picked up the phone. This woman is a major problem. Did you hear her voice? Mom. You are still awake? Did he give you the good news?
– What good news? Is he dead? That he is coming to
India the next month. This time, he was
come to select a girl. But he has decided, to
get married, with you. Mom! So soon. I am there! Why are
you getting worried? Just see, I will
organise a grand event. Mom, it is not about
organising a party. How can I.. without knowing him.. It is the question of my life! No, no, no! What, no, no, no? Am I not worried about your life? You know, I prayed for you so much. That my daughter gets settled down! She becomes happy. I have just finished my
veneration for the 5th time! Just for you. When two women are fighting.. ..then, the woman
that cries first wins. Mother knows everything! Hail mother! Hail mother! Mom, I am working. Please
don’t create a scene. I have said yes, why are
you pushing me for marriage? I haven’t even met him? You met that vagabond
Shyam so many times. Did anything happen? Can you kill her! Torment her to death, please. Mom, that’s over. How many times have I
told you, that’s history? Okay, okay fine dear. You think about it! Take your time and think. But dear, this time
think about everyone. Don’t just think about yourself. Okay! Yes, Priyanka’s mother, yes! To this loffer… Four months ago,
your dear daughter.. ..made this vagabond history. To tell you the truth, Shyam! My mother married my father.. ..and he was just a
government employee. Why? Because he was a nice man. She spent all her life
washing clothes and utensils. Her sisters waited, and
married more qualified men. And today, they are wealthier. And mummy feels they are happier. It’s not that mummy doesn’t
want good things for me. And actually, I want to
marry a well settled boy too. So, the problem in our
relation is not just your mom. It’s you too. There is no one reason for a
relationship going bad, Shyam. There are many issues. You don’t take a
feedback, keep taunting me. And don’t understand my needs. How many times have I said,
concentrate on your career. Shut up now! Just shut up and
don’t start about my career. I know what I am doing. Save your advice for your
next boyfriend, please. This.. your attitude. At home, mummy doesn’t understand. And here, you don’t understand. You have changed so much. I am still the same. I keep it up everyday! I am a bad boss! I know, I know.. ..half the bosses
of the world are bad! You have changed! We used to go to the inn and
have tea, were happy then. But now, if you need an
NRI boy to spend your life.. ..okay fine, I am fine! Cool! Just go ahead and break up! Break up for all I care. Can’t we at least be friends! No, I have many friends.. ..and I don’t need
friends like you. Thinks she is offering
me a consolation prize.. ..can’t we be friends! What.. won’t you say anything now? I don’t know what to say.
– Why? Any last vice, advice. Don’t miss your last
chance to taunt.. ..your good-for-nothing
boyfriend, please. You know, you keep saying
you are good for nothing. That’s not true! There is one thing you are very good at.
– Yes, what? You are very good
at hurting people. Excuse me! Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me? America’s complaining
systems are down! Systems are down! Systems are down! Systems are down! You are talking about systems. You know what all are down here. Someone’s marriage is
on the verge of breaking. Someone’s son has left him. Someone is looking for love. And my life doesn’t
have a any meaning. Can you fix all this? Sir, I can only fix the system. I am sorry. But sir, either God can fix
your problem.. or Rajnikanth! Why Rajnikanth? Because he is God
in our Tamil Nadu! Excuse me, sir, there is
still some time for take off. Take some more time.
– Okay sir. Your story is very interesting.. ..but your God has
still not called. He will. Why don’t we have a cup
of coffee before that? Here is your coffee!
– Thank you! Come on, quickly start
narrating it again. After that, there was a phone call. Nice colour, isn’t it? Pick up the phone, some one. No one else is
thinking about anything. Hello! Hi, Piyu!
– She hates being called Piyu! Who is it? Hi, and it’s Priyanka! Oh, sorry! How is your day? I mean, how is your night? Ganesh, mummy was saying.. You are a big fool. So mummy told you. I wanted to give this
good news to you myself. Tomorrow, my parents are
coming to your house.. ..to fix the marriage date. To fix the date!
– 30th February! It’s not there in the calendar. Anyway, I am arriving next month. First marriage and then honeymoon. Tell me, Bahamas or romantic Paris! You fool, you are going
to go there alone.. ..decide it yourself! Tell me! Bahamas or Paris? I will do one thing,
I will book both. Yes, anyways! Dogs are
not allowed in the hotels. Ganesh! Isn’t this going too fast? In this computer age. You have said yes to me. Yes, but this marriage and we
haven’t even met each other. And it is the question of our life. In just one month, how.. Whether it is a month or a year! I want to marry you! And to tell you the truth, I
have already married your photo. I just have to make you
sit in the palanquin.. ..and bring you to America. And you come on the donkey! Ganesh, please. I can’t understand anything. Priyanka, you have
talked to mummy isn’t it? She is so happy. Why doesn’t he marry mummy? He can take her tomorrow itself. In fact, he can take her right now. The fool. I know family is important. But Ganesh, nothing
is going right now. Give me time to think. Just tonight. Okay, bye!
– Bye. Everything fine?
– Fighting fit, sir Priyanka.. finished
talking to foreign! Any trouble in paradise? I was talking about my honeymoon! Any problems?
– Never! If I get a Lexus in my marriage.. ..then I will happily
go for the honeymoon! Isn’t it? Yes, why not? If you get a Lexus, then
you go for a honeymoon.. ..in Bahamas or Paris!
– What? What did you say?
– What did I say? You said Bahamas or Paris! No, I said go for the honeymoon! Before that!
– If I get Lexus! Shyam, you said Bahamas or Paris! Really, did I say that? Did you hear that?
– No! No, I didn’t say that. Don’t change the topic.
You said Bahamas or Paris! Yes, he said it. I heard it too. He might have said it,
why are you getting angry? Ganesh had mentioned
the same two places. How do you know? Did you tap my phone? Yes!
– No! Yes!
– Yes! Yes, we tapped it! You showed me how to join the wire. Shameless people! I can get you fired. See. Look Priyanka, do one thing.. You.. You.. you.. Do whatever you want about
it, what else is left. Please, stay away from my life. There are a lot of
problems already. Forget it! Don’t argue with them. Esha! You have lost that chance! Shut up, Vroom! Guys, guys! 2:30! Team meeting, remember. Hi guys! I have called you here because.. ..it is necessary to bring
changes in this company! Unfortunately, we have
to downsize this company. That means people will be fired. So, it wasn’t a rumour. But why are you firing people? There is a lot that can be done. What can be done? You tell me. When I can’t think of an idea.. ..then what will
anyone else think about? Sir I mean.. who will
be losing their jobs. I mean.. when will we know that. The list is being prepared
you will know it by morning! How many people
will lose their job? Well, after all the
efforts I feel.. 35-40%! This is absolutely crazy, sir. I can’t help it guys. I am.. I am really sorry. But I have no choice. Sir, that’s ridiculous. That means 1000 agents. Hey Mr. Journalist! Not just 1000, if we
have to fire 2000 people.. ..to save this company,
then that’s alright. That’s the reality! I mean the moment of truth! Understood. Hello! My big brother from Boston. Anytime is a good time
to hear your voice, sir. Could you just hold
on a moment please? Thank you. I will see whose job I can save. You may Go! God bless America. Hello sir. Vroom! Keep the receiver at the
side and press extension 2! You were trying to say something. I am eagerly awaiting it! What’s the news, sir? Oh really, Thank
you very much, sir! I am so very glad. You are transferring me to Boston! Well, that’s so cool!
– Boston! That’s fantastic! I am going to tell my wife.. ..I am sure she is going
to be right over the moon! He is shifting to
Boston, what about us? I am really glad you
liked my website manual. Website.. His manual! Sure, anytime. He is shifting to Boston saying
that he has made the manual. Has he even read the manual? I am going to kill this fool! That way we will
surely lose our jobs! Who cares? Why don’t we mail the
Americans and tell them.. ..what he has done? And, whom will they listen to? The manager, that talks
to them ten times a day.. ..or one of their
agents amongst millions! First marriage and now the job. Great! I will not spare him. Vroom! When the enemy is cunning.. ..then use your
brains and not might. Meaning! I mean, use your brains sometimes. That’s right, Vroom! Tonight, nothing is working right. Hey! Hey! Are you okay? Esha, that.. To fulfil my dreams, first
I fought with my parents. Then I fought with this city! I fought with the world! I fought with my fate! I fought! I fought! I fought! I am still fighting. For the past three
years, nothing happened. In the third year, scared
of not getting a chance.. ..in the fashion
wing, I gave into him. He lied to me! He used me! And I hate myself! I hate myself! I hate myself! Vroom, what are you doing? Vroom, stop it! Vroom, what are you doing? Vroom, control yourself. Vroom, what are you doing? What are you doing? What happened? What is all this? I am sorry, Esha! Hey! Vroom, what do you want to
get out of doing all this? What did you get from
sleeping with that ma’am? And what was all that Esha? I left home for work! I don’t have time for a boyfriend. And today, when I jokingly said.. ..that we have spent so
many nights here together.. You felt so bad. Now, after hearing your truth..
how bad must I have felt? Why are you talking
to her like this? It’s her life, she can
do whatever she wants. Who are you to insult her
like this in front of everyone? Yes, you are right! Who am I? I am sorry! Tell her!
– I am sorry, Esha! Its okay, Vroom! There was truth in what you said, …that’s why I felt bad. I need a break! I need to get out of here! Vroom, I will come along too. I need a chemist. I think I need a drink. I think we all do. I think it’s best if
we all take a break. This is just a piece of paper. Where is the doctor’s prescription? Where will I get the
prescription from.. ..at 3 o’clock in the night? Sorry madam, without that, I
cannot give you this medicine. Have you understood? Please try and understand. I
really need those medicines. Radhika! What happened, Radhika? Uncle, just see; he
wants a prescription. Where will I get the
prescription from at this hour? Excuse me! Give it to
her! It must be necessary.. ..that is why she needs it. Look here, sir; this is
not a normal medicine. This is a medicine
for anti depression. The youth nowadays
make wrong use of it. Look, I take the entire
responsibility. Please. There are side-effects
too of this. You just don’t understand. Thank you! Radhika, are these
medicines necessary? He says that there
are side effects? Uncle, Anuj was my
life and my dream. And to fulfil that dream,
I got married to him. After a few days
that dream shattered. And it began to hurt me. Then my mother-in-law
used to taunt me. Uncle I would have
suffered all that. But instead of taking my
side Anuj would always.. ..take his mother’s side. Then I had to undergo
an abortion forcibly. And then I was asked to join
the call centre for nightshifts. As if it was an easy task to look
after the house in the day time. And today Anuj ultimately
broke all bonds today.. ..on the telephone. Uncle, you tell me;
what should I have done? What could I do? Madam, your medicines. “I have my own sky.” “I have my own stars.” “I have my own sky.” “I have my own stars.” “I have my own storms.” “I have my own shore.” “I am my own master.” “My own master!” “I am my own master.” “I have my own sky.” “I have my own stars.” “I have my own storms.” “I have my own shore.” “I am my own master.” “My own master!” “I am my own master.” “I am my own master.” “I am my own master.” “The one who comes
will create some magic.” “Then the coming
moments will be our own.” “We have seen the
world very closely.” “You meet someone only by fate.” “You never attain or
nothing happens in a moment.” “People just say this.” “I have my own strength.” “I have my own support. “I have my own storms.” “I have my own shore.” “I am my own master.” “I am my own master.” “It is not in our hands
to live or to die.” “Only He knows who
controls everything.” “We own the moon,
sun and the stars.” “The twinkling stars
are our dreams.” “It is a crime to live,
our destination is far.” “It is such an amazing thing!” “I have my own world.” “I have my own views.” “I have my own storms.” “I have my own shore.” “I am my own master.” “My own master!” “I am my own master.” “I am my own master.” “My own master!” “I am my own master.” Hey!
– Are you showing your muscles? Hey listen!
– Yes! Give me the keys, I
will drive the car. If the car is there,
Vroom will drive it fast. Look here, you are
intoxicated, give me the keys. Don’t tell lies! Okay! Then tell me how many
fingers are these? Tell me. Tell me! Are you Hrithik Roshan? What? No! Then you will have
only five, isn’t it? Okay, take a deep breath
and show me. Come on. Show me! Come on do it! Saw! I told you, isn’t it? Come on now do not give me
advice, give me your hand. Vroom, what is your problem? Shyam, why can’t we smile
like these toothpaste Ads? Just see, how that liar is
smiling after chewing one walnut. And look over there; after
washing all those dirty clothes.. ..that wretched
lady seems so happy. Vroom, I have not
understood what you.. I will explain to you. I am tied half to my father
and half to my mother. And they have constantly
fought with each other.. ..all their lives. That is why my one half
fights with the other half. Buddy, forget about them.
They are as it is fighting. We will go! Come
on, get up! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Now what happened? These are our youth icon! Just look at this brother. He lifts up his bat and
says.. Oh my! Have a biscuit. And this stupid girl says..
with a smile.. drink Cola. Do you know how much
sugar this cola contains? Seven to Eight spoons! Poison! Diabetes! These
are our youth icons! For money they can even sell a
panty saying that this is a vest. Stupid youth icons! One minute!
– What are you doing? Hey, what are you doing? Come on! Come on, run form here! Come on all of you sit in the car. Quickly!
– Oh my God! Hey!
– Oh! Sorry, guys! Some day you will
land us into trouble. I will kill you! Give me water! Put on the brakes! Varun, off the engine. The car is balancing
on a few steel rods. If we even move a little it
is possible that the car.. ..may go down. Use your phones!
Cell phones please. Try and call up someone!
Call someone for help. Oh my God! No network! Is there network?
– There is no network? Oh my God! Guys, there is no
network. There is no network. No network. Hell! When it is
needed it never works. Oh God! Now what? Sorry, guys! It had to end like this. But think of tomorrow’s headlines. A drunk driver kills six
working at a call centre. If I would have got
one more chance.. ..maybe then I would have lived
my life in a little different way. Even I was thinking the same thing. ‘As it is what is left in
my life that I should live.’ I do not want to die!
Guys, I do not want to die! I do not want to die! Radhika, calm down! Calm
down, Radhika! Calm down! Radhika! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hey! How come from
a broken down phone.. But it is ringing. Shyam, pick it up!
– Pick it up! Shyam, pick it up!
– Pick it up! Who is it? Whose call is that? Who is that? It says God!
– What? Shyam, stop joking, come on! Shyam! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! God! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello, Shyam! Varun,
Esha, Priyanka, Radhika.. ..military uncle! Do you know us? I know much more than
you know about yourself. Are you really God? I only know the truth.
You human beings.. ..have started telling lies. Tell me how did
life come till here? May be you must have
written this in our destiny? No Varun; I do not
write your destiny. But your deeds decide your fate. The fruits of which have
brought all of you till here. But everything in
this world happens.. ..according to your wish, isn’t it? That is what the world says, not I. But you have created this universe. But you people stay in it. You decide what you
have to do and what.. ..you don’t have to do. Not I. I just keep an
account of your deeds. As your deeds so is the fruit. But the deeds also depend
upon the situation, isn’t it? And the situations
are not in our hands. Come on we will try and
understand it in this way. How many calls do
you hear in a day? 100! 200? And which is the most
important call from this? My call! But we are hearing
you for the first time! We are meeting you
for the first time. This is not the truth!
I am always with you. I have given all of you
a voice! The inner voice! The voice of your soul. That is my voice. That is to show you
the right path before.. ..you start any job. But you do not like
to hear that at all. Because that voice stops us
from doing so many things. It frightens us! But why does it stop you?
How does it frighten you? Because.. because we do all that.. ..we do not wish to do. How can we live such a life? So how good is this life
on which you have tread.. ..ignoring my voice? Why do you fear from all
that when I am with you? If you would listen to you inner
voice and tread on that path.. ..then may be you would
have had a better life. We accept what you say. But what was lacking in
us that we stayed back.. ..in the race of life? You will have to change
the way of your thoughts. Four things are necessary
for your success. You have the first two with you. A little intelligence
and a little imagination. The third thing is self confidence. Which you are losing gradually. You just accept anything
that anyone says. And the fourth? And the fourth thing is
the most difficult one. To lose!
– To lose? Yes! It is very
necessary to lose to win. Because this is one fear
that stops your progress. For you to make progress!
To take your own decisions. It stops you from doing everything. All of you are running away
from life from fear of losing. Till you fear falling down,
you will never be able to fly. We will convey your
thoughts to all. We will learn to win by losing. And we will teach
that to others too. You never ignore the
voice of your soul. You just change your present. I promise you tomorrow. Will we.. will we be
able to get out from here? It is the rule of nature, the
way you start that way you end. I say.. hold on one second. It’s about time! Yes! Ready for the first step? Esha!
– I got it! Come on!
– Yes! Let’s go! Hello Bakshi! Hello, Mr. Bakshi! There is a very important
call for you from Boston! From Boston? Alright!
Right! Put it through! Oh we are so sorry we cannot
transfer the call to main bay 3. Could you please hurry to bay 2? Main bay?
– Yes, sir. I am on my way!
– Thank you! New York! New York! Hurry up guys!
Bakshi is coming back. What is happening here? And what are you
doing in my office? And that’s my chair; get up! And who broke the cafeteria? Waw!
– Catch that, sir! You are in a bad plight. What do you mean my plight is bad? And please get up from that chair. Bakshi, the mail that is
written here, would you like to.. ..read or hear it? What mail?
– Mail! Email. To the female. Give me that! Dear, Esha! My
offer is very simple! Just one night with me. You make me happy. And I will save you
from right sizing. Talking about sleeping with
the agent to save your job? Sir, that is a very wrong
thing. It is very shameful. But.. this.. I have
never written this? Sir! I used to look up to
you as my father. And you.. But.. but.. please.. I.. Bakshi, you should feel ashamed. This was not expected from you. But.. but.. this.. this.. Esha! Calm down Esha. I have never thought
about you in that way. Even when you come wearing
these short skirts.. ..I never thought
about you in that way. Shut up you Sicko!
– What? Sicko? Sir can you prove that you
have not written this Email? And will the people from
Boston accept what you say? People from Boston? But what have the people
from Boston to do with this? Hey you American fellow! If it is not there
then it will become. Because I have many
friends in the media. And when every TV channel
will cover this then.. ..Boston! Boston!
Will ask you questions. Boston! Boston! We are standing outside
that call centre where.. ..the manager demanded
the honour of a girl.. ..against her job. The name of that fool
is Subhash Bakshi. He is such a fool..
That fool has come here. After all what do you
think the ladies are? Why did you do this? How would you feel if
this would have happened.. ..with your daughter? Tell us, what would you
like to say about this? No! No! All of you.. what do you all want? Sir, a small demand
before a big demand. Sir, if you could turn around? Please turn around, sir. Thank you! I love a man with no potential! Oh, that felt good!
Just one more time sir. Thank you! A simple question!
Why did you do this? Look here boys! The situation
was such.. what could I do? Either you would lose
your job or I would. So it is better that
you lose your job. You see, life is like a
game of snakes and ladders. Life is a game of
snakes and ladders. Some people get
bitten by the snake. And some people go
ahead on the ladder. I got the CD of your
website so I went ahead. But.. in any case now
it is too late you see.. ..because next week
I am going to Boston. But I have to say that
I wish you all the best.. ..for a very bright future. I.. I will miss you boys. And so will Boston!
– Right! Boston? But what has
Boston to do with this? Your boss is keeping
a watch on you! Bakshi, this is unbelievable! I never expected this from you. Stealing manuals!
Threatening people. What are you running down there? Your own kingdom? Sir please! Sir, please
try and understand. You see I was trying
to help these boys. I was trying to protect them. You better pack your bags,
Bakshi; you are fired! I am fired! Bakshi, get the hell out of there! Sir, you can’t do this to me. I.. I.. I promise you I will..
– You are fired! I am fired? Oh my God! Bakshi, this is a game
of snakes and ladders. From 99 you have come
down straight to zero. Time to go now. Go away we will do the packing. Get out! Move aside!
– See you sir! Bye-bye! Thank you, agent Sam! Agent Victor! Sir, it is not Sam and Victor
but Shyam and Varun, sir. I understand it is hard for
you to pronounce our names. But is important for you to
address the people correctly.. ..if you want to do
business in our country. Okay! Agents, Shyam and Varun. What’s step two? Well step two would be.. to
increase the call volumes? And we will have
to save the Charles. Sir, to increase the call volumes.. ..and to save the
Charles by this morning. By the morning? Seems impossible. But if you guys can do that
then we will truly believe.. ..that India is a land of miracles. Trust us, sir; India is
truly a land of miracles. Alright! Good luck and Gods be. Let’s get the fire started! Hello friends! Everyone!
Attention please! Hello! Hey you talkative fellow! From tomorrow you
will have all the time. Now pay attention here. The news is this that
tomorrow five hundred from us.. ..are going to lose their job. And the white fellows
there have already started.. ..making a list. Tomorrow we will receive the list. Hey boss, what joke is this? How can they throw us
out of the job like this? Why not? Leave aside our jobs.. ..Our government too
is dependent on them. Because they say that
they are first world.. ..and we are third world. And we have even accepted this. That’s not right! But they are white and they
always think that they are right. But this is wrong! There is a lot that is wrong. We keep quiet to
fulfil our necessities.. ..and they exploit us. Their job, their money
so it is their wish. So what now? So now what? We will
have to start a fire! Fire!
– Fire! Not here but there. We will have to make those
white fellows understand.. ..that if we can earn four
times more and give them. Then when the time
comes we can take it too. Yes! Yes! But how is this possible? Generally the white
fellows are fools. And they are scared too. Because they have a lot
in their lives to lose. That is why scare them. Okay, but how will we do this? Tell them that there is
virus in their computers. And they will have to keep
calling us to save from that. Then you see! Till tomorrow
those white fellows will.. ..get so many calls that
they will need at least.. ..500 intelligent
operators to handle that. Aren’t we right?
– Right! I can’t hear you!
– Right! Shall we set that on fire? Set it on fire! Hello! –
Hello! – Yes! Hello!
– Hello! Hello!
– Hello! Hello!
– Hello! Hello! Is it a dangerous virus? Yes! Let me inform you that
this is the most dangerous.. ..virus that is
ever, ever been found. I’d better get home then. We have encountered the
most dangerous virus. This is the most dangerous virus. Mr. Farz! There is a dangerous
virus in your computer. Please take that
extremely seriously.. ..and please keep calling us back. What? A virus effect?
Thanks for the warning! Oh thank you! A virus
attack in America? I had told you that
India is better? Virus? It seems like a virus message! Please call India every hour! I would just like to
inform you that there is a.. ..deadly virus in your computer. So please keep calling
us back so that.. ..we can help you throughout. There is a dangerous
virus in your computer. How do I discharge
myself from this virus? Kindly call us before
you decide to use.. ..any of your
appliances, thank you! Is this 142316? Yes,
that’s right, ma’am. Please keep calling. Thank you! God, trust these people! Right sir, thank you very much! This is amazing! The white
fellows have gone crazy. The calls are not just stopping. Brother, this is just insane! In half an hour fifty percent
of the volume of the calls.. ..has gone high. Finally, the shift is over. I am so excited that you
are coming to Chandigarh. Of course! Just that military
uncle should introduce me.. ..to his divorce lawyer,
then I will be fine. Do you wish to give
one more chance? I don’t think so. I am not in a mood to make
breakfast for my mother-in-law. Thank you! I love that! Hey! – Hey! Are you going? Yes! With Vroom on his bike. Shyam, I am going to miss you. I am going to miss you too. I am sorry; everything went wrong. Happens! I’ll get my bag! Shyam, tell me one thing. Our country is poor but we do
not stop loving it, isn’t it? Of course! Because it is our own. And there is potential too. Why are you being so
patriotic early in the morning? Because this logic
applies to Shyam too. The one who is not
successful today.. ..but that does not mean that
he does not have any potential. And it does not definitely
mean that you must.. ..stop loving him. Priyanka, this is
a very wrong thing. The whole night, I was
trying to detest you. But you said these
beautiful lines and.. But now what is the use? I cannot bring a Lexus
like Mr. Microsoft. Ganesh! Not Mr. Microsoft. Ganesh! Sorry! Maybe Maruti 800. But Lexus.. no ways! Maruti? AC or non AC? Leave it; now you too.. By the way where is your wedding? Your mother will enjoy a lot! It may be in some five star. Since long, I have saved it. You will come, won’t you?
Otherwise it will look strange. I do not know! But why will it
look strange if I do not come? Will it not look strange
if the groom does not come.. ..for his own marriage? What? What did you say? I am sorry, Shyam! I really am! I am sorry that I
judged you so much. I am sorry that I
wasn’t patient with you. I am sorry that.. I
behaved so badly with you. I am a cold, insensitive,
confused, selfish female. I am sorry! Come on, now, please don’t cry. By the way, your self
assessment is good. Shyam, I wish to marry you. Will you marry me, Shyam? No one knows me besides you. And the one who loves
me after knowing me.. ..that is only you, Shyam. The proposal is mind blowing. But no! Priyanka I wish to
start a new life. And this new Shyam wishes
to live his own life. For you, Ganesh is fine. You do not need me! I
think it is better that way. But Shyam!
– I am sorry. Thanks for coming back but … …now I want to go ahead. Sorry, buddy, come on! Were you drinking water
or were you bathing? No that.. Priyanka proposed to me. Then?
– Then what? I refused! What? Priyanka proposed to
this fellow and he refused. What? –
What? – Yes! Chill guys! This was
right for Priyanka. And I did what I thought was right. As it is a new Shyam
wishes to live his new life. What happened?
– Let’s go! You are an utter fool! NRI! NRI! NRI! NRI! NRI! Buddy, if Ganesh’s
parents eat those bread.. ..then the game is over? Buddy, can you catch? Of course I can catch! Go and get someone’s
helmet and sit behind. Let’s go! Let’s go!
Let’s go, Vroom! Let’s go! Come on, let’s go! At least let me start this first. Open! Open!
– Hey, open the gates! Hey Priyanka is not on the
right, she is on the left. Priyanka, listen
to me! Listen to me! Priyanka, at least listen to me. At least, open the
glass on your helmet! Priyanka, listen! Look
here, I am really sorry. Priyanka see; you
know me very well. Do not take what I say seriously. But take me seriously. Priyanka please stop the car. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Yes! Yes! Priyanka, I am sorry! What was all that? New beginning? New Shyam? Those dialogues are
only good to say. This new Shyam does
not need everything new. Go! Go! Priyanka… .. today I feel
that if I lose you.. ..then I will never be
able to win you back ever. Will you marry me? Yes! I will! And in this way they found
a new path for their life. But where did this
new path take them? Military uncle took a visa for US. And he went away to his
daughter and grandson. To make friendship. Vroom and Shyam opened
their own website company. In a months time, they
started getting local orders. And negotiations are going
on for international orders. And Radhika too is
happy with her life. Because Anuj and his mother
realized their mistakes. Esha left her modelling
and joined an NGO. Now she raises funds
for these poor children.. ..from big multinational companies. Priyanka is doing her B.ED. She is interested in
becoming a school teacher. I think there can never be a cute
nursery teacher than Priyanka. It is obvious that she is very
happy with Shyam’s success. Wow! Good story! Did you like it? But there is one thing that
maybe the people may not like. What? The call from God!
-What about that? I think many people
may not accept that. People nowadays need reality. Don’t you think that
this is possible? It is possible but there
should be some logic. Okay! I will show you one
more way. Logical! Okay? Okay! -Okay. Rewind it! Everyone is trapped
in that construction site. And they thought that
their end is near. At that time military
uncle starts speaking. That means whatever God
spoke, that military uncle.. ..said being a friend and a guide. Not God but our
deeds write our fate. The way you do your
deed, so is the fruit. Okay! After all, God
had just given advice. He did not do any miracle. Did this happen? I did not say that. I just said that this is
one way of narrating a story. Now it is your responsibility. As to which way are
you going to choose? The one of God! There may
be logic in life or not. It becomes better with God! Okay! Thank you! Esha, right? I am not Esha!
– Priyanka! No!
– Then Radhika! No! Then don’t tell me, Shefali! No! If you are not anyone from these.. ..then how do you know the story? Who are you? If you try to believe
then you can believe this. Where did that girl go? Sir, which girl? The one who was with me just now. Sir, we are here from a long time. But no one came here! “Pick it up! Pick it up! Hello!” “Pick your phone up! Hello!” “Pick it up! Pick it up! Hello!” “Pick your phone up! Hello!” “When the phone rings,
you say ‘Hello’.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “People run here and
there becoming crazy.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “When the phone
rings we say hello.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “We run around everywhere
but the life is slow.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “The school of the white fellows.” “Tom, Dick and Harry.” “Creates problems
and then says hello.” “There is no one up and
there is no one down.” “There are no
brother-in-laws.” “There is only hello.” “There’s no one up.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “The school of white fellows.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “There are no
brother-in-laws.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “Hello, hello, wake up, wake up.” “Hello, hello, wake up, wake up.” “Hello, hello, wake up, wake up.” “Shake up! Shake up!
Shake up! Shake up!” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello.” “They are happy in
someone else’s happiness.” “For us everything
is topsy-turvy.” “Hello!” “They are happy in
someone else’s happiness.” “For us everything
is topsy-turvy.” “Hello!” “Tring, tring, tring,
pick up the phone.” “Who’s on the line?” “Ring a ding, ding,
answer the call.” “Then say hello.” “Ring a ding, ding,
answer the call.” “Who’s on the line?” “Tring, tring, tring,
pick up the phone.” “Then say hello.” “Hello! Hello! Hello!” “Hello! Hello! Hello!” “Hello! Hello! Hello!” “Hello! Hello! Hello!”

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