Heidi Klum Plays ‘Who’d You Rather?’

Heidi Klum Plays ‘Who’d You Rather?’

So you’re very, very busy. And do you take time to
have like a personal life? A dating life? Well not right now. I’m very single and
very ready to mingle. You’re ready to mingle? Yeah. Have you tried the apps? No, but I mean it
couldn’t be better than being here right now. Yeah. Right? How many people
are watching here. [CHEERING] Yeah, that’s true. But there’s like this
celebrity app thing. You didn’t try that? No. Should I? No. I don’t know, I’ve never– I just have heard that
there’s a celebrity app. But you know a lot of people. Do shout out for me right now. OK. Hi. Well, we’re going to
find out your taste. We’re going to play
“Who’d you Rather,” and we’re going to see
what your taste is. OK? I play that with
Mel B sometimes. All right. Let’s see two people,
and you’ll choose. We just call it “If you had to.” [LAUGHTER] This is different
than “If you have to.” This is “Who’d you Rather.” Jake Gyllenhaal, Bruno Mars? Jake. All right. Jake or Drake? Oh, Drake. Drake or Chris Rock? Drake. Drake or Milo? Drake. Milo. I like Drake. I mean, look at that muscle. You know that muscle. All right. Drake– Drake. Adrian Brody? Drake. Harry Styles– Oh, Drake. OK. I don’t think anyone’s
going to beat Drake. No, Drake. Drake. We’re sticking with Drake. Liev Schreiber? Yeah, Drake. OK. Hi, Drake. Chance the rapper? Drake. How many times can we say Drake? Even though this is not a– oh. Joaquin. Joaquin P? I have a soft spot
for Joaquin Phoenix. Really? Do you? I do, I do. Hi, Joaquin. [LAUGHTER] Wow. All right, now we’ve
moved to Joaquin. Oh my gosh. Joaquin. The Weekend? No. Joaquin. All right. Jared Leto? No, I’m sticking with Joaquin. All right. Lenny Kravitz. No, I’m sticking. All right. Yeah, but you said you
were sticking with Drake. OK, now it’s Joaquin. OK. [CHEERING] All right. Let’s bring him out. Joaquin? They were all back there. No, because they’re literally
like, “Hide. where’s the pillow?” They were all lined up depending
on who you ended up with. Now I got red. Heidi’s new intimates
collection is available at

100 thoughts on “Heidi Klum Plays ‘Who’d You Rather?’

  1. If you have money and muscle—-every girl likes you.

    Hey all who wants a change, grab you fire arms and lets rob a bank or at least let’s eat lots of proteins and attend full time gym.

  2. After watching several of these, I wonder if anyone got together with their chosen one? Does anybody know? Might be fun to know how things went! 😊

  3. i heard Ellen cares abt her fans and audience. would Ellen answer her fans' wish to bring Andrew Yang on her show??

  4. well little did you know that you have fallen in love with the clown prince of crime ….
    which makes you the next target for HARLEY QUINN

  5. I think its so unfair of YouTube that Celebrities are allowed to have there own channel and get millions of subs and views, but people like me who try and struggle get nothing!

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