Harry and the Snake | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry and the Snake | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Make it move! Mooove! Move!
He’s asleep! He’s boring. Sorry about him. He doesn’t understand what it’s like,
lying there day after day watching people press their ugly faces in on you. Can you hear me? It’s just… I’ve never talked to a snake before… Do you… …I mean… Do you talk to people often? You’re from Burma, aren’t you? Was it nice there? Do you miss your family? I see… That’s me as well,
I never knew my parents either. Mummy! Dad! Come here! You won’t believe what this snake is doing! Thankssss Anytime! Snake! Mum! Mummy! My darling boy!

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  1. wish I can talk to snakes and besides did you know that they are the most misunderstood animals just give them some space and respect them and they won't have the rights to harm you

  2. I like it when Harry talks to the snake and when the snake says thanks and Harry says anytime 😁😁

  3. I remember the first time watching this scene my little brother commented “now he’s the snake!” Made me laugh 😂

  4. Fun Fact:
    The snake that Harry talked to in the Sorcerers Stone is actually Nagini


    I’m guessing people already knew that…

  5. Im only here because I love snakes but after watching all the harry Potter movies I never understood any of the plots especially since the characters speak in a British accent

  6. I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to come in contact with this snake, hold him, and “talk” to him. Very docile python, but still exuded power. For some reason, he seemed to be more calm when I was with him than anyone else, dunno why. That was one Potterhead exhibition I will never forget. I don’t remember where it was held unfortunately. I hope he is back home in Burma now, after his acting days have finished. A really beautiful snake, one that I shall cherish as long as I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

  7. I tried few words from parseltongue last time I visited zoo… I kept hissing but the snake never reacted….. Poor deaf snake. 😥😥😌😅

  8. I am so jealous of harry back in the days because he could talk to snakes. I didnt know i have been doing it for years already.

  9. I'm always jealous about harry potter talking to a snake. But It turns out I've been doing that for years🙄

  10. I think Harry was unknowingly speaking Parseltounge for the first time in this scene, but it was translated to English so the audience could understand what he was saying.

  11. Dear Harry potter
    A vanishing charm was used this afternoon at "The Zoo".
    Use underage magic again and we will come and break your neck.
    Yours Truly,
    Madam ministry person

  12. When I see that seen I wonder what was the zoo employer reaction when the see the kid at the place of the snake and the window still in place.

  13. I love it at 0:08
    The Dursley son make it move
    Dursley father: move
    Dursley son: MOVE
    Harry: he's asleep
    Dursley son: he's boring
    Then at
    1:53 Dursley son: mom mommy oh will u please help me help

  14. No muggle can see Harry Potter talking to snakes. Also, if Dudley is a muggle, he noticed the glass disappeared as he tumbled and then reappeared after the snake escaped. He shouldn't have stand up and leave earlier, but it was too late.

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