Halo 4 Story (Game Movie) HD

Halo 4 Story (Game Movie) HD

Tell me about the children. Dr. Halsey. You already know everything. You kidnapped them. Children’s minds are more easily accepting of indoctrination, their bodies more adaptable to augmentation. The result, was the ultimate soldier. And because of our success, when the Covenant invaded we were ready. Dr. Halsey you bending history for your own favor, and you know it. You developed the Spartans to crush human rebellion. Not to fight the Covenant. When one human world after another fell, when my Spartans were all that stood between humanity and extinction, nobody was concerned about why they were originally built. So you feel in the end, your choices were justified. My work SAVED the human race. Do you think the Spartans lack of basic humanity helped? What are you after? The others before you were naval intelligence, but you… You’re something else. Records show Spartans routinely exhibited mildly sociopathic tendencies. Difficulty with socialization– HALSEY: The records show, efficient behavior operating in hazardous situations. I supplied the tools to maintain that efficiency. Do you believe the master chief succeeded because he was at his core, broken? What does John have to do with this? You want to replace him. The Master chief is dead. His file reeves missing in action. Catherine. “Spartans never die.” Your mistake is seeing Spartans as military hardware. My Spartans are humanity’s next step. Our destiny as a species. Do not underestimate them. But most of all… do not underestimate him. [Inaudible] Mayday, mayday mayday. This is UNSC FFG-201, Forward unto dawn. Requesting immediate evac. Survives aboard. Prioritization code, Victor zero five dash three dash sierra zero one one seven. Wake up chief. I need you. Chief! Easy! Been out for a while. Where are we? We’re still adrift on the dawn. Why did you wake me? Hang on, bringing your systems online now. I rewrote your systems firmware while you were out. You’ve been busy. Activating the ships gravity generators [Inaudible] chief look up. You need to pull the manual release seems like old times Chief, Be careful! Because some areas might have lost pressure. Right. Chief watch out! Didn’t realize the ship had deteriorated so badly. I thought we had a truce with the covenant. A lot can happen in four years. Either way He’s probably not alone. We should be careful the covenant the one scanning us So worried about the giant metal planet We’re cutting it rapidly well, can you track the escape [Pod] negative? you Where are we? Checking coordinate impact Data We have asked you to give me the childhood teacher Cortana I’m sorry, it’s the crash. I’m fine Something was wrong [even] before we left the dawn Chief really. I’m fine Cortana I was put into service eight years ago eight years Hey eyes deteriorate after seven chief Halsey Chief, we need to find Halsey Chief, please She made you she can fix you I won’t recover from RampAncy Chief If we can just get back to Earth and find Halsey she can fix this Don’t make a girl a promise. You can’t keep We need to move Doesn’t look like the covenant fared much better than we did how many ships made it through the roof? Unti why we still need a ride home? The cartographer keeps acting like the transmission is coming from everywhere on the planet at once It doesn’t want to triangulate infinity signal oh Wait, I got it That can’t be right scan again We’ve already passed through one layer of the planet’s surface. It’s not crazy to think that someone else made it deeper inside than we did You mean the planets hollow? Let me see if I can figure out a way to reach these coordinates that doesn’t involve us digging a really big hole There’s a terminus on the far side of the complex. We can portal to the [planet’s] core from there What I? Don’t know If we have a shot at getting you back to infinity. We’re taking it look According to the [cathedral] this terminus is just one node of a larger transit grid that spans the entire planet what When I tried to [access] the outlet closest to infinities transmissions The system responded with this. What is it? That’s the kicker. It’s the [forerunner] symbol for reclaimer Humanity that’s got to be infinity. Can you get us to those coordinates let me try to open a portal Cortana I’m picking up on known energy signatures where this can’t be right? Set a waypoint out of the tower Cortana How did quick into the portal? Chief go Where’s infinity this is requiems [core] [alright], but infinity is definitely not here That satellite in the center is amplifying the ship’s broadcasts like a relay. Maybe we can use it to respond perhaps Those beams coming off [that] are creating the interference we’ve been experiencing. We’d have to take them out to contact infinity Can you get us there? Opening a gate to the first beam pylon pull me and let’s go Look out Wellhe’s sister ray of sunshine isn’t he from that peek under the hood. I’d say these constructs must be mimetic in nature Wait, something’s not right. We don’t have time fellers touch the pillars Infinity this is zero one one seven of the unSc forward unto Dawn. Do you copy the fun for Infinity, do you read? Chief she [clicquot] of the contacts Find us an exit. Don’t wait around on my account So [fades] the great harvest of my betrayer [ha] Even these beasts recognize what you were? Oh, please mean your nobility has blinded you as the librarian Left Little to chance [still] Telling my own guardians my own world against me But what Hubris [believed] she didn’t act her pets for me forever? If you have it mastery than these bridges and man has not attained the matter There are sentence may yet be prevented Time was your ally human and now has abandoned you The Foreigners have returned This tool is now yours Slipspace rupture cheap Chief please We’ve got to go That didact he manipulated infinity signal to get us to release him What’s happening? He’s gotta find a portal out of here before the whole network collapses whoa Cowboy Chief there Mayday Mayday This is the captain of the unSc infinity Unknown entities Seize control of our ship. We’re without power on [a] collision course with an unidentified form on a planet Track its descent marking impact predicted seventy seven point eight kilometers due north You know where he’s heading same place. We are Stay Low Recon Sortie heading this way The ship looks intact something tells me that’s only because the didact wanted it that way This is Sierra one one seven of the unSc forward unto dawn were on station ready to assist Signals bouncing in and out, I can’t clean it up light up there friend or foe tags. We’re gonna need something to zero in on Multiple Ids chief they’re friendlies Afraid we’re Gonna have to give you an iou on that welcome home party Tom lasky first officer the [infinity] Never thought, I’d see you again seal her [up] I Thought you’d be taller well Commander Radios, huh? spot the Cop fuck what three What? Frequency debit infinity this commander last hell can recon teams are down repeat all birds are down We got numerous casualties that require immediate assistance over Finally to get the coordinates that gravity well affirmative sir, but we’re gonna need a bus out of here make it happen You were sent on a scouting run in the middle of an attack on the ship The Captain thought affinity could provide us cover and hold off the attack at the same time Sir, we’ll never get the wounded back to the ship on foot I Don’t [know] if it’s too soon to ask you for a favor, but we’re gonna run out of breathing over here real quick Don’t suppose you’re any good at clearing Aziz on occasion. I’ll send out an all-clear once the area is secured [good] passageways unlocked come and get me Sorry about back there that hatches security was more difficult than I expected It’s [alright], not [alright] nothing about it is alright What I want to know people is where the hell did those things come from? it’s possible that they’re native to requiem or whatever counts as native for a forerunner Ai We’ve never seen this type [of] offensive reaction from any of the other installations other installations, Mr.. [Lasky] Infinity’s mission has been to locate the remaining halo rings an established permanent, basis to study them for decommission we got locations up and running around installations five and three but lately they’ve run into some setbacks a science team got zapped excavating a forerunner artifact this Sensor Data is all that was left Interesting these symbols are a derivation of the forerunner Glyph system and our geeks managed to pull some coordinates I’ll give you three guesses where it led Sir Gipsy company is prepped and ready to roll [on] your orders. Thank you palmer Mr.. Lasky you take point. [I] want boots on the ground in 60 captain This is a first contact scenario Master Chief Priority is to free infinity from requiems gravity well and file a threat assessment back at fleet comm you mean We’re leaving sir infinity. Drove the didact back. He’s vulnerable He isn’t the only one You know I [think] you of all people would appreciate the benefit of living to fight another day infinity [to] gypsy company The air corridor to Gravity well is blocked by a network of Particle cannons Infinity Shields are still down Open the lane for us to move up and provide air support Captain what’s Force recons assessment of the terrain? I know you’ve been off the field for a while, Master Chief, but this is a blow [threw] up Sending in Recon would just slow us down Telemetry indicates the particle cannons are being controlled from a command post southwest of our position [role] on that Target and [neutralized] those guns We’ll meet on the other side you take the gravity well infinity out I don’t know about you, but I usually like a little more intel with my intel. We’ll make it work They don’t care about you. They replaced you Blast it It’s okay How how is this okay? How is putting you at risk because I can’t hold it together, okay? Do you even understand what Rampancy is? Really? We don’t just shut down Our cognitive processes begin dividing exponentially according to our total knowledge base We literally think ourselves to death You know I won’t let that happen And if it happens anyway Who are you I? Am what remains of the four? once known as the library My memories will retain to assist [humanity] on their path to the Mantle though Sadly That plan is now at risk The didact is leaving requiem soon You must not allow it leaving he seeks this the composer A device which will allow him to finally contain the greatest enemy ever faced by the four others you mankind spread into the [stars] with an unexpected desperate violence entire systems fell before the die [Dax] warrior servants Rose to Halt the aggression when the didact finally exhausted the humans after a Millennia His sentence was severe We had no way of knowing that the forerunners were not your only enemy Humanity hadn’t been expanding They were running We confirm our conflict there were no match for the parasite which pursuit you The forerunners made plans for a final great journey, but the didact refused to yield our mantle of responsibility He would save all life in the Galaxy at cost In the 4runners quest for transcendence the composer had been intended to bridge the organic and digital realms Would have made us in water it’s [results] soured the [stored] [personalities] fragmented and our attempts to return them to biological states created only abominations Such Moral concerns faded from the dye tax attention the flood only assimilated living tissue To compose provide the didactic solution and his revenge the prometheans They’re human They were only the beginning You would have encrypted your entire race if we had not removed the composer from his care and imprisoned him here reclaim her when I indexed mankind for repopulation [I] hid seeds from the didact Seeds which would lead to an eventual ‘Ti your physical evolution Your combat skin even your ancilla Cortana You are the culmination of a thousand lifetimes of planning planning for what? Has found us even in death of Methane continues Reclaimer the gene song [I] placed within you contains many gifts including an iMmunity to the composer, but it must be unlocked how relinquish your contract essence Your evolutionary journey must be accelerated can I defeat the die Dad without it? No Then do it prepare Chief what happened your bio readings are all over the map It’s a long story But I know what the died acts after I know that part the librarian filled me in when she snatched me from the system But what I don’t know is what she did to you Infinity cannot handle that kind of punishment Not again this isn’t about us, or this ship anymore, sir We’ve seen what the didact is capable of if we let him leave this world humanity will be at Risk Look I understand what you think you saw [and] With all due respect sir. I know what I saw and with all due respect to you soldier I’m not willing to jeopardize my ship because of the hallucinations of an ageing Spartan and is malfunctioning Ai Sir, what if he’s right? now As soon as we know we’re airtight. I want a course late in the Carinae station come prepare a warning beacon I Will not allow you to leave [Ratana] I Didn’t mean to I didn’t mean to do that commander lasky pursuant article 55 of UnSc regulation 12:1 for 572 I’m ordering you to remove that a eyes dated chip and retired for final dispensation Don’t want to you don’t [want] me to remove the chip now commander please Give me that chip The didact has to be stopped If you won’t do that, [I] will I Am ordering you to surrender that I? know sir lieutenant Arrest that man Captain arrested Captain get word to her that trouble is coming Cortana, and I will do what we can back here you I Can give you over 40,000 reasons why I know that [sun] isn’t real I Know it because the emitter israeli effect is disproportionate to its suggested size I Know it because it’s stellar cycle is more symmetrical than that of an actual star But for all that I’ll never actually know if it looks real if it feels real Before this is all over promise me you’ll figure out which one of us is the machine So what’s your plan? Infinity’s track the didact vessel to a docking structure south east of fear will jump ship as infinity exits the roof You know I sent down here with orders to prevent you from leaving Casey had already gone. I took the precaution of watering a pelican outfitted for full combat pursuit I hope to god you’re wrong about that forerunner or whatever he has chief [in] the venue now And Chief good luck both of you Come on Chief. Take a girl for a ride initiating pre-flight diagnostics forward [auto] [Cannon] check Check main Thrusters check memory boosters check all right king engine It may be a while before we find another ride home. You know that right? It’ll be okay contact didact Dead ahead tapping into this Buyer central net They’re mine What are you doing? I can’t resist remedial like Thunderbolt e-everything me Chief the [Ship’s] online, they’re leaving. I’m sorry. I don’t know what Track those [Lich’s] we can go across them to get to the didact ship weight across them Yes Um there there [are] several [lich’s] moving in formation towards the didact ship We’re only going to have one shot at this Okay, go Cortana what’s happening? [I] don’t know hey They’re jumping into subspace get below deck no time you Cortana still here A halo installation [3] it’s where infiniti found the coordinates [to] requiem, then why are they bypassing it? Because the composer’s not on the ring What are you waiting for that stations, not gonna save itself? Put into the console This is unsc master chief to base. Do you read yes? I read you. This is Sandy Tilson of Ivanoff station We’re under attack Thereafter a forerunner artifact you took from the halo ring. How do you know about that doctor? I need you to protect that artifact until we arrive send whatever Do you know what that covered in your first game of chess Cortana even I don’t call it my name anymore? Correct your approach. Yes. Now. He also said you’re better alone. [I] Can see why you chose him catherine more time your grace cheap man? You detect him up now I’m sorry. I just can’t stop them Arguing oh Dr.. Tilson are you there? when your signal cut off I doctor listen to me you have to issue the order to evacuate the state you’ve been trying the covenant They’ve already taken over the landing bays Send me your coordinates. [I’ll] see what I can do about clearing an evAc route on my way to you I Desperately hope you know why this is [happening] Because [to] be honest my objectivity isn’t doing me a whole lot of good right now Hold on I’ll start us down The device you recovered was a forerunner weapon the commander that [ship] wants it back wants it bad You don’t think you can remove? It can’t leave the station. [you] know that right? We don’t have any choice doctor It’s not a matter of choice It took three months And and the biggest starship the unSc could throw at it just to relocate it here Unless you’re a lot stronger than you look It’s not going anywhere Can you give Cortana access to the station’s supply manifest? What for if we can’t move the composer we have to make sure the didact can’t either? [oh]? wait We have years of work invested here Inventory lists seven excavation great [Havoc] mines just one of those would turn this base into a pinata I’m sorry doctor keep rounding your people to the eVac centers once we take care of the composer You won’t have much time oh Make sure the [nooks] are prime so you can detonate them remotely Maybe next time you rescue us You can give us more time to pack next time This [compromised] the station’s hull, the [didact] [stake] [in] the [composer] get these people to the eVAC centers Take it. Take it [out] tap the flight deck find us something that can carry a payload wait something’s happening Kitana can you access the station’s defense systems, they’re not responding? Cortana [geez] Are you okay? I? monitored the Data polls I Could hear them what’s left of them. We need to move These people are gone and more will follow if the [dye] dad reaches [Earth] they’ll pair you with another Ai Maybe even another Cortana model have halsey lets them. That’s not going to happen it. Won’t be me You know that right? Spinning up a broadsword and Hangar C11 whatever the librarian did to you obviously worked? Cortana It’s not over not yet, not yet approaching the didact ship in two hundred kilometers Once we get on board we’ll find bridge He’s on the move again the fighter shields aren’t rated for [Slipspace]. No, but the died acts are That’s the last one infinity. You’re clear roger that chief you might want to back up a little mean battery Clean hit we’re proceeding to insertion acknowledged movie on station if you need us Make sure you get the didact our regards infinity out Now what do we do? Plan B Chief I know, I don’t know what to do But we’ll have to deploy the warhead manually how and where I always know what to do. I always know just [keep] scanning for the composer we’ll figure it out on the way I Won’t take care of you Good for something I’ve got to do something you’re not going to like What did you just do I checked it my rebbe? If I do that it each of us beams two copies can overwhelm the composer shield And yet [steel-frame] Cortana You persist too long after your own Come then warrior have your resolution so misguided Humanity’s imprisonment is kindness you In that case you won’t mind if you [returns] a favor your compassion for mankind is misplaced. I’m not doing this on hand time Cortana Cortana Do you read Cortana come in? Oh, [oh], I’m the strangest thing [you’ve] seen all day But if we’re here, it worked, you did it just like you always do So how do we get out of here? I’m not coming [with] you this time what? Must be is down there. I Only held enough back to get you off the ship no, that’s not we go together It’s already Done I Am not leaving you here, John I’ve waited so long to do that It was my job to take care [of] you. We were supposed to take care of each other And we did oh Donna please wait Welcome home, John you Can I picture him? not if I join you Of course, not sir, Eddie’s Chief feels Kinda odd [for] you to call me sir Beautiful isn’t she that’ll get to see her often enough [I] grew up in new Harmony attended Core [Buelow] military academy never saw [a] [thin] person [till] I was an adult, but I Still think of her zone You don’t talk much do ya? Chief I won’t pretend to know how you feel [and] I’ve lost people I care about but Never anything like your going [through] Our duty as soldiers is to protect humanity whatever the cost They say that like soldiers and humanity are two different things and soldiers aren’t machines We’re just people I’ll let you have the deck to yourself She said that to [me] [once] but being a machine you you in this [our] victory with his only defeat I Asked why? We are forerunners guardians of all that exists The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending Where there is life? The wisdom of our countless generations has [saturated] the soil [I] was trained as a luminous sun towards which all intelligence blossoms and the impervious shelter Beneath which it has prospered I stand before you accused of the sin of [ensuring] foreigner ascendancy of Attempting to save us from this fate, or we are forced to recede Humanity stands as the greatest threat in the Galaxy Refusing to eradicate them is a fool’s gambit We scwander eons in the darkness while they seize our triumph for their own the mantle of [responsibility] for all things Belongs to Forerunners alone Think of my acts as you will But do not doubt the reality The reclamation has already begun And we are hopeless to stop it

100 thoughts on “Halo 4 Story (Game Movie) HD

  1. 42:52 – ''Do you know what that condescending bitch said to me after our first game of chess?''
    I almost spat out my drink. xD

  2. Never played any Halo games, but I do enjoy the lore of it very much. 1000lb armor capable of nearly anything, some nice storyline, history, a future game done right, etc.

    My only hark about any of the animation scenes, (which look stunningly gorgeous by the way), is that none of them do the combat/speed capabilities justice.

    I read that, with the enhanced reflexes/movement system of a Spartan, the movement alone would be significantly too jerky or fast for a regular human and would pretty much kill them. Not only that, but the force and power that is able to be generated is supposedly insane, so I would expect Master Chief or any Spartan to be able to literally knock out/kill the Covenant trooper in the beginning with just one punch. That was heavy, hard metal, and that punch to the jaw barely fazed the enemy. He was able to throw him off easily though, which made sense.

    I like how Master Chief is literally 7-9ft tall in his armor. That's cool.

    But, that armor is 1000lbs, are the covenent actually strong enough to compete with such weight and power? That's what kind of confuses me, because not many of the actual cutscenes actually show the power or any of the armor compared to what I've read in lore.

  3. How on earth after a Mellinia of fighting did the forerunners not learn about the flood? no interrogations? intercepted transmission, diplomatic channels, or chance discovery of the flood? even failed compositions? ANNND it took a millennium? A 1000 years for the flood to finally eat humanity? WHILE it was fighting the forerunner?

  4. Master Chief is by far my must favorite game character ever

    And at the end seeing his armor getting removed gave me chills, when his chest piece hit the ground and didn't even move after it hit the ground, really giving a good sense that he's wearing a real suit of armor for a hero, and gives a good idea of just how strong he is

  5. The beginning cut scene of halo 4 was so good it's like they knew exactly what we wanted to hear then you see the new ship, armor, the elites are enemies for no reason they did this to themselves halo 4 coulda been one of the best halo games

  6. All the good halos were made by bungi since they let 343 studios take over 343 studios have not made a good halo yet

  7. Damn when this first came out I thought the graphics were insane now they just look super outdated,wow time goes by fast.

  8. I gotta say, the covenant cruiser explosion was depressing. They got horribly lazy with the missile launch animation.

  9. If the spartan II are humanity’s next step, that means everyone might be a test tube baby. Selecting the best genes to survive conditioning, but all the spartan II’s are sterile because of the conditioning. so again test tubes.

  10. Halo 5 campaign sucks ass but Halo infinite might be badass like Halo 3 who's in for the next Halo game

  11. I really don't like how much Chief talks or his new armour. It really doesn't feel like the real Chief if you know what I mean? It feels like a new character almost

  12. After watching the scene why chief disobeyed del Rio and simple chief is not under his command or is even in his chain as S2 were under direct oni control and the naval board which is made by admirals he can only take recommendations from higher ups of captains and below

  13. Halo 4 had such a good story and it could’ve been better but they threw it all out the window with Halo 5

  14. Halo 3 and 4 are absolutely epic games! You feel like your saving the galaxy no greater feeling then that. Halo 5 and original Halo not my cup of tea.

  15. I love how in halo 3 the Forward Unto Dawn has the classic UNSC frigate design but then In halo 4 it suddenly changes into the new 343 frigate design. Lik it’s not a huge issue, but it so dang annoying

  16. I wouldn't be surprised if half the dev team were sleeping or leaving 343i because of how boring the gameplay was

  17. Halo 4s story did absolutely nothing wrong and had a good conclusion for the whole series.
    Then i forgot spartan ops was a thing

  18. This game had so many flaws, but if there is one thing they did right while making this game, it was the story. Maybe some of the missions weren’t that fun. But the overall plot touching on Chief’s humanity, focusing on the forerunners like the didact, and having the courage to kill off Cortana was absolutely brilliant.

  19. Why is the Captain of Infinity such a GIGANTIC ASSHOLE? At least he gets kicked out and replaced by the other guy near the end.

  20. Why dude talking to chief like he not a goat boi told sis to arrest chief lol she ain’t move an inch cause she wasn’t tryna get put on a shirt😂

  21. 31:45 exactly why halo started to suck so much. cant we just have a normal sci fi shooter thats fun and engaging, without all this prophecy BS?

  22. Become immortal like a god like the kings and queens and Pharaohs cuz you remember all their names be immortalized in song and movies and TV shows the composer stole stories from the internet and immortalize people and twisted them into his own Creations making evil things

  23. So long story short: The Didact tried pulling a “Reaper” move, by harvesting the human race to create a synthetic army.

  24. Can someone explain to me why Halo 4 cutscenes sound so bad in quality compared to other halo games’ cutscene in terms of the effects, they sound so watered down and less in volume and so… fuzzy? Idk. Maybe my ears pick it up but I don’t know about Halo 5 being the same. But I know for a fact that Halo 1/2/3/Reach have better sound effects in cutscenes than Halo 4.

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