66 thoughts on “GWENT: THE WITCHER CARD GAME | Lunar New Year Festival 2020

  1. How does a Chinese theme fit into the world of the Witcher? It's such cheap promo just to get into the Chinese market.

  2. Well you killed consoles and my pc is trash so im waiting for android version and now you are lunching your events? Nie fajnie redzi nie fajnie

  3. Who cares game is for streamers and people with no life. I played and won lots during Christmas and got nothing. 😂

  4. GWENT is a great game so prioritize fixing the issues that the community including Gwent partners are talking about over those far less important campaigns. The meta is insanely boring and more than 50% of the cards are becoming useless meme cards.

    You can automate the production of cars, phones games and everything but you can’t automate the production of customers.

    Thank you for all your efforts!

  5. For anyone asking about Android release the devs said q1 of 2020.

    Like this comment so everyone can seee instead of asking

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