Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING A SNAKE* Gross Real Food Candy Challenge

Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING A SNAKE* Gross Real Food Candy Challenge

video with that with enough challenge video and today I am very scared because today I can’t you see it over to Logan the editor I said little thing love to give a little weight as Logan you can touch him he’s behind you and I said to my boy that’s it Logan I want to do a dummy vs real food challenge go out if I the weirdest the grossest real food and then going food so the way horse dies is that we’ve got through place one is covering real good well yes you did so when we got here is we’ve got two plates what is the real food and why don’t we go food I’m gonna open up folks Oh yo I can you twist on this video Jake okay the person who bond eclipse and land doesn’t have to eat it okay all right like that if I land this easy ball place I don’t have to eat the real food all right so we got to official regulation bottle flips for maximum bottle clippings that would have been really illegitimate it would know it’s like a popinjay you’re all right so do you know what I ready clap idea okay so you know what’s in it I are you go oh we got a little chicken you got baby chicken there are real baby chicken thing did you steal a baby chicken do this is even coming this is like this is like marshmallow just hide it looks cool okay so we flip whoever lands get to eat the fake one all right we got molding yet and we are gonna do the bottom foot this is an assassin ya know okay all right so we got support of this loser up these are real chicken which is not bad I don’t go first all right yellow swaggy boy oh it’s like chicken but it’s really gross because I don’t know where it came from do it takes a classic piece like this part all right next up we got two more so you put these ear off this one’s like what were they real spring up again me cry let’s see what you got here it is nasty smelly nothing’s next okay it’s not a war what it is it’s a banana where did you justice is not here we go haha no I he’s got it oh good oh I rather you finesse oh yeah ready boys rabinus yeah but this is business because you are in that I could possess neither alright so but it was not bad I don’t think Logan’s got anything good for us so far Jessie one’s got in store all right all right okay so next up Jake I got you a little present cuz I know what Papa Jake likes them up milk how we’re gonna go good job but no hotel I cannot get you what we got I got you an egg keep fucking epic cook of course listen it it’s another egg what went through your mind when you win in the steward life I’m good that’s a nice we’re done the fuck is that probably not eating an egg no since they look at Jesus haha this is cool it’s a horrible man i wouldn’t give you a not boiled egg you could like get put into that I trust you personally much fun bug you be like crazy today you mean I’m gonna have this day well Oh buddy theatre oh my god yeah he did I think I’d rather keep that boy looks wit he’s decide you’d eat it this is always our I don’t know their yoking plan what it’s like to be good hey while you wash it down with some eggs no I’m not drinking I realized how you get salmonella poisoning oh awesome dude it’s a it’s a little baby egg all right give it to me come to Papa Jake different here we go you got on the grill you got it bro yeah so nasty wet in and they’re like my tummy tucks you doing I can see that this is coming out so I hope that there’s not an animal under here and this one’s fine so I’m going to do that this is real and this is gummy unless you got something really mad what is that all right we got a gummy it’s a lemon yummy ok so if lemon juice all right all right a shot glass of lemon juice shot of lemon juice or a lemon jelly will do this oh yeah yeah I gotta look that all right captain oh I know what you got oh yeah you guys drink the lab all right now the Hat guy mmm not junk first down the hatch hahaha it’s good how’s nothing all right next up will we got no we got no no no no no no please don’t be yours oh it’s not for all right what is it optical are mine so we got we got a real worm this is the one but it’s chocolate come okay chocolate cover it has kinda but it is aware none the world are bi or it’s a larger than that it’s a larva okay I mean we got gummy worms or maggots so let’s let’s follow oh no oh okay okay oh really lost her surprise tomorrow you aren’t eating it with me bro tree the cricket was a nice little feta I’m sorry mix between if you can like this video for Papa J eating a cricket that would be amazing your public it just a cricket all right little buddy if you if you remove the fact that I just puts cricket in my mouth that had eyes and legs on it and if you avoid the tingly feeling of its legs and wings in your mouth it’s not bad looking what do we got here just go for it no you do not get a lot there’s no way there’s a space in here you can’t please make it look Izzy a massive gummies snakes place look at this rattling just know I’m not eating a snake bro yeah I pop it Oh with that snake your kid makes ya know his hairs on this dick that’s disgusting nah man look at the little baby snakes of baby Rattlers what could it think is it no like I’m actually doing this is I don’t know what type of snake it is but it just make its purity edible Jake that’s what matters if coming to make vs real snake let’s go Sean edition we’re not sighs you guys be suggestive no redemption up oh no Mike I would go trade yummies are so raw I’ll trade trip actually yeah man you didn’t even I to eat yummy all right okay well I have to tell me about a foot yeah oh my god oh my god let it taste like but the tires the gummies let’s go Papa Jason savage books that you really Harper Oh it’s a rattlesnake by the way it’s a while in Yemen thank you so very much for watching this Adam object place to call me food versus real challenge and you guys want me to do more dummies vs real food challenge make sure to smack that like let’s try and go for 10,000 likes on this video but thank you guys so very much hit that subscribe button up seaborne next time another awesome video also showed us to Logan are falling on

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