Google amazing tricks ! Google’s tricks that you know will benefit👇👇

Google amazing tricks !  Google’s tricks that you know will benefit👇👇

Google has become a very important part of
our life in today’s world. Actually today we will tell you. About 7 such special tricks
of Google Will tell you, which you hardly know.
1. As soon as you type Do a barrel trick in English on Google, the entire page of Google
will be reversed. Yes, this is a fantastic trick.
2. Similarly, if you type Blink HTML on Google, then blinking the whole word. I.e. that will
start to shine differently. 3. If you want the old Google experience,
then you can search by typing ‘Google in 1998’. This will give you a Google search result
with the speed of 1998. 4. When you write Shake It Trick on Google,
a song will start playing on YouTube’s site and the whole screen will start moving.
5. If you want to play the game then this trick is fantastic .. If you search the Atari
Breakout on Google, then a game will come, with which you can pass the time well.
6. When you type Recursion in Google search, you will see normal search result, but as
soon as you click on the Did you mean: recursion option, your result will be the same. 5. Triks!
Google just does not provide information, but Google also plays guitar. Search Google
on Google Guitar Open the link given at the top after this, after which you search the
guitar in the search box and see what happens

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