GM Eric Hansen | Lounge Session #84

GM Eric Hansen | Lounge Session #84

33 thoughts on “GM Eric Hansen | Lounge Session #84

  1. That guy sitting co-pilot with you Eric… He needs to shut the fuck up, and fuck off somewhere else. Trying to tell you how to run your stream MID STREAM.. Like really dude? Fuck off. 20:46 – It's rude he's putting you on the spot like that mid-stream. That should be something he brings your attention afterwards, so both of you get to save face. – Him especially; after you lay into him about how it's your stream, and you do as you please.

    Bitchy PC co-pilot: "You sound a lot like…."

    I wanted Eric to say, "You sound like you need to shut the fuck up!"

    And before someone says, "Oh but bitchy co-pilot has his own stream./is renowned" Good for him, I didn't come to Erics Video/Channel to watch the bitchy co-pilot.

    As the stream continues… Bitchy co-pilot just becomes more of a hinderance/distraction. Boot him Eric.


    a Fan <3

  2. A female IN THE HOUSE! WHO is the girl buddy, come ON! We need some ASL, occupation and NAME. Keep it up , buds. >8 (Love)

  3. You should make a contest where someone hangs with u guys for a day!!!! Bro i would winnn that contest lmao well try 2

  4. hey…it would be hilarious if for one of your cover pics of you and Naka, you were Donald Trump (cuz u look a bit like him) and Naka was Korean leader Kim Jong..(he cold look like him with a bit of photoshop)…maybe have the bishops be nuclear missiles taking off at one another…lol!

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