Gina Torres – Playing a Woman Who Typifies Excellence on “Pearson” | The Daily Show

Gina Torres – Playing a Woman Who Typifies Excellence on “Pearson” | The Daily Show

-Welcome to the show.
-Thank you. So happy to be here. I have been a fan of yours
for such a long time. I don’t know if you know this,
but Suits was huge in South Africa. All of my friends and I
would watch it together. We’d argue, acting like we’re
lawyers when we know nothing. We’d be like, “What do you think
about the merits of this case?” -We knew no merits,
no anything. -It’s all right. So were the actors on the show,
we knew nothing. -We just– it was good.
-I feel like you did, though. You played that character
for so many years, and people loved you
in that role so much, that now your character,
Jessica, -has moved on to
a spin-off show. -Yes. Which is really exciting.
Congratulations. Thank you, thank you so much. -Thank you. Yes.
-(cheers and applause) Yes. Let me ask you this question. Why do you think Jessica, just, like, resonated
with people in a way where audiences
and networks were like, “No, she needs
to have her own show”? Oh, my God, how often do you get
an example of a woman that just typifies excellence? -Right. -Everything about her
was impeccable. She had a Harvard law degree. She was the smartest person
in the room. She knew how to get things done. She dressed, like,
for… for the masses. I mean, just– I mean,
she was ridiculously perfect. And she was fearless. And so, people want to be that. And the fact that it was
this person… -Yes.
-(laughs) (cheers and applause) This– this woman… She’s a woman,
she’s a woman of color, and that was the lowest thing
on the list. She never led with that. -She always led with her
intelligence. -Right. Her integrity. Her balls. (laughs) It… It-It really, it really was one of the aspects
of the character that-that really resonated
with people was it– You know, it was an image that
not many people get to see. -No. -It was just, like,
a powerful black woman -who wasn’t defined by just like
the color of her skin. -Yes. It was, like, part of what made
her, but not what defined her. -Absolutely. -And we’re seeing
that in this new character that you’re playing because
Jessica’s now in a new world. -She’s in Chicago, but in
politics now. -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Why Chicago, why politics? Chicago is this microcosm of what’s going on
on a national level, -and-and to some degree,
on a global level. -Right. We– There’s everything there. There’s–
there’s political corruptness, there’s gang violence,
there’s immigration issues. There’s an incredible
and growing disparity between, um, not just the races, but, also,
on a socioeconomic level. And so we just chip away at it. And it’s-it’s
an interesting hotbed to have her live in,
because, you know, -we’ve seen your character
as a strict lawyer, -Mm-hmm. -you know, just the law
and the facts. -Yes. But politics is all
about emotion, you know. It’s policy but it’s the emotion
that comes with that. And what’s interesting
about the show is we don’t know
if we like or hate what your character is doing
throughout the show, because she, like, you know,
she keeps that barrier up. -Was that purposefully created?
-Absolutely. Well, it was part and parcel what made Jessica
so interesting. -She was quite an enigma
in Suits. -Right. Right. And you never really knew
where she was gonna from because she was always seven
steps ahead of everybody else. Um, we–
For those who love Jessica, don’t worry, we got you. She’s still very much
Jessica Pearson, the Jessica that you know,
she’s very present. -But now you get to see
the whole woman. -Yes. You get to see
what motivates her on a personal level. You get to see what motivates
her on a professional level. Is she power hungry? Really? Or is she now
at a place in her life where she’s using her powers mostly for good and not evil. It feels like, in many ways,
you share a lot of the drive that Jessica,
your character, does. Because, I mean,
here you are in a position where you’re executive producing
the show. You know, you’ve been
staffing the writers’ room. You’ve been
at the forefront of saying, “Hey, I want this show
and its creators -to represent the people
in the show.” -Mm-hmm. You know, where you’ve said,
“It’s not tokenism. -“I want real diversity
on the show. -Yes. “I want black and white. I want Afro-Latina,” which has
been very important to you. -Why?
-Yes. Because who else is going to
tell our stories if not us? We have been… (cheers and applause) For years, for decades, we have been watching ourselves through the lens
of white writers, of white, male writers. -That’s just… (laughs)
-(audience reacts) And they don’t get it right
a lot of the time. -Quite frankly.
-(laughter) Even the best of them are just, “Well, can you…”
And you kind of– And there have been a couple of
times when we were doing Suits where I’d have to talk
to the writer and say, -“If we’re gonna go there,
then go there.” -Wow. Don’t just, you know,
say that you went there because you stepped
in the doorway. Go in the door.
Open up a window. -Sit in the room.
-Right. And stay there for a minute. -(cheers and applause)
-Um… And so that’s what we’re doing. We’re going through the door. If you look at Jessica’s
journey, we’ve seen her in law, we’ve seen her now
consulting in politics. Do you think that one day
she would run for office as president
of the United States? (laughs) It would be her time,
wouldn’t it? -It definitely would.
-Well, stay tuned. We’ll see. Thank you so much
for being on the show. Wonderful having you here. Pearson airs Wednesdays
at 10 p.m. on USA Network. Gina Torres, everybody.

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  1. Wow. Gina Torres is stunning. The epitome of class, intelligence and beauty. I'm glad she is FINALLY getting a chance to truly shine as she deserves to! 🌹🌈⭐

  2. Almost jumped out of my chair and did exclaim out loud just seeing that MY GYRL Gina Torres is on the Daily Show with Trevor! Typing this during the ad… This made my day! and I haven't even watched the clip yet…

  3. From South Africa and hell yes, its big here. Cant wait to watch Pearson , I just love Her character and Tina!!

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  5. I ❤️ her! Glad to see her character continue on & that’s she’s exec.producing w/a diverse writer’s room. That’ll give well rounded characters. Look forward to the rest of the season👏🏽

  6. Gina Torres' gums are soooo big, you could cast her as "Jaws" in the next culturally appropriated reboot of the franchise.

  7. Congratulations to gina torres

    And until when we'll be racists by calling blacks…. Afro's??? Blacks are blacks and not necesarilly related to a continent which by the way have all "the colours"! Trevors obsession with skincolour is at this point worrying !

  8. it's weird that all they talk about is race. it's insane. when two black people meet all they talk about are white people and how they this and that.

  9. She is so gorgeous, it is UNBELIEVABLE! Plus she is so insanely sophisticated and talented. Honestly, the two guys get all the credit for being "hot" or whatever. But she is the one, who is truly beautiful and unique. Meghan Markle was literally nothing compared to her.

  10. I'm glad to see that Gina Torres is doing big things… I fell in love with her on Firefly and have been following her ever since.

  11. Lowest or hardest what a fucking unfunny joke. No problem with the actor but the racist concept of the character is retarded. Like native Americans, Asians, Indians and so on don't exist or are even a thing. That ain't even touching for example struggles that people without working legs for example have to make do with in their work

  12. Gina Torres has come a long way. From getting kicked in the ass by Jennifer Garner alias Sydney Bristov on Alias, to Firefly to Suits , now on her own spin-off. Take a bow queen.

  13. Everytime I see Gina Torres I think, "god damn, that is a badass bitch!" and I mean that in the most flattering way possible, I've been watching her since Hercules and Xena.

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    except, it really is……

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