‘Gilmore Girls’ Trivia: Melissa McCarthy vs. Kelly Clarkson

‘Gilmore Girls’ Trivia: Melissa McCarthy vs. Kelly Clarkson

– In honor of “Gilmore Girls” that we have that we each have, an Irish whisky, decorated by Michael with our face. That’s right. And you know what, I
don’t want to be rude. And it literally has whisky. And you have a little cup holder. – Yes. I thinks somebody’s like,
“there’s a splash in it.” I’m like, it’s 90% whisky and then there’s like
a drop of coffee in it. – Well I’m Texan, Melissa. So, you’ve got a heavy hand there. Okay, how many of you all
are “Gilmore Girl” fans? You all fans? (audience cheers) Can’t talk, can’t talk. Me too. And so now, Sookie St.
James and I are about to go head to head in trivia
battle we’re calling – [All] Who’s More Gilmore? – That’s what I’m talking about! Me, me! That’s how its gonna. I’m talking a lot of smack. I haven’t seen an episode in a while. So, its going to be good. – I haven’t seen it since I did it. So, good luck! – Here’s how it’s going to work. I’ll ask you 10 questions
relating to “Gilmore Girls” – Sure. – Wait, Alex this doesn’t work, we need a host. I can’t host and play. So, who’s asking the questions? – [Announcer] I am, Kelly. Using my powerful and very sexy voice. – God, you sound like Morgan Freeman. And I like it. – [Announcer] For legal reasons, I’m not. (laughing) – Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. – [Announcer] However, I
am the greatest Gilmore fan in the universe. So it’s only fitting
that I ask the questions and be the judge. – All right. – Will you also re-record
my outgoing message? Because that is kind of amazing. – [Announcer] I will for a small fee. – For a small fee. Nicely done. Even God has a cost. – [Announcer] All right, you got it girl. I’m going to read, I will read a series of
questions about “Gilmore Girls.” Now the first one to buzz in
has five seconds to answer. Now if you are correct, you get one point, but if you are incorrect
or do not answer in time, the other person can steal. – Okay. I like how he said steal. – [Announcer] Steal. – Yeah. – [Announcer] Steal. – Steal. – That mic got close. – [Kelly] Yeah, God got a little sexy. All right, All right. – [Announcer] The most points wins, – Sure. – [Announcer] And the winner will receive the most cherished thing on this earth, an amazon… – Eternity! Life everlasting! No. – [Announcer] No. An amazon gift card. – [Kelly] I don’t know if
I want to live forever. (crowd cheering) – That’s good, that’s good too. – That’s good. I am a prime member, so, I’m ready. – [Announcer] Are you
ready, ready to play? – Yes. – [Announcer] Here’s your first question. Dinner with the grandparents
happened on which day? (ding) – We kind of did it at the same time. You go. I’m the host, you go. – I’m going to say Friday night. – Yes. – [Announcer] That is correct. – Ah. I’m shocked. – Okay. – Okay. I’ve got to be quicker. – [Announcer] That’s
Melissa one, Kelly zero. – Thank you. – Oh, thank you for
the reminder, I forgot. Thank you. – [Announcer] Here’s your next question. When Jackson met Sookie,
what was his occupation? (ding) – Oh, he was a, he was at
the fruit and the vegetables, he was like a farmer, not a farmer. Yeah, yeah it was at the vegetables and he would come in and he was the guy that gave the vegetables. He was the guy that
brought the vegetables. He was the gardener. – [Announcer] Will we accept vegetables? – No he had the vegetables, he… – [Announcer] No, so close. (crowd booing) – But that’s what I would’ve said. – Wait, what is his… – Yeah, no, he was a farmer,
he was the vegetables. – He was the guy that gave the vegetables. – He was my produce delivery guy. – Oh God, that was, okay. – [Announcer] That is correct. Produce. – I don’t know. I think we have to split the point. – I couldn’t even think of produce. I couldn’t think of the word. – But you said he was the
guy with the vegetables. – I know that’s not a right answer. I know, God, I got it wrong. She’s got two. – [Announcer] Are you
going to question me? I don’t think so. – Oh my gosh. – [Announcer] Let’s move on. Question number three. Luke’s Diner used to be a what? (ding) – Hardware Store. – Oh, yes. – [Announcer] That is correct. – That’s right. That’s true. That’s true. – One. – Now that you say it,
it’s all coming back to me. – [Announcer] Once again,
that’s Melissa two, Kelly one. – Oh, thank you. – [Announcer] Melissa is
beating your butt right now. – Oh my God. – [Announcer] All right,
here’s the next question. How did Rory break her arm? (ding) – A car accident, Jesse. Oh it’s Jess, Jess. Not Jesse. – [Announcer] That is correct. – I said Jess. I knew that one. – There was an intensity. – Because Lorelai was like,
“he’s a bad influence,” and she was like “he’s so cool.” – I love the intensity in which you screamed
that answer in my face. It was wonderful. – I know. Jane Lynch doesn’t like
playing games with me. – I love it. I love an
aggressive game player. – [Announcer] We have a tie game and I’m going to need a
drink myself after this. (laughing) – Here’s the next question. Originally, how many children
did Jackson want with Sookie? (ding) – Six? – [Announcer] I’m sorry, that’s way wrong. – I was going to say four. – [Announcer] That is correct. – Yes! Its very rock and roll. – [Announcer] We now
have ourselves a game, as Kelly, the host of the show, now has three points to Melissa’s two. – Just to remind you. – Okay. – Three and you’ve got not as much. – Now, at the moment. Which just means, boy, that
victory’s going to be sweet. – [Announcer] Question number seven. Lorelai named her dog after who? (ding) – Oh, you hit it first. – I was going to say bagel. – No, no, no, no. It’s the, it’s the singer. It’s the artist. It’s the, it’s the artist, the singer. It’s like the old dude. I can’t remember. – [Announcer] Well, the
answer you were looking for was of course, Paul Anka. – Paul Anka. – Oh my God, that’s right. Oh my God, it’s even worse, yes. – We are dumb. – Yes. – [Announcer] You said it. I didn’t say it. You did. And now our next question. – Oh my God that’s right. – God has so much spirit. – [Announcer] Where did
Jackson propose to Sookie? (ding) – Uh, in, next to Miss
Patty’s out in the grass. – Wait, wait. – Or like at a picnic. – Picnic, yeah a picnic. – [Announcer] That is correct. – Every once in a while. Every once in a while. – [Kelly] Every once in
a while I pull it off. – Fun fact, that was supposed to be at noon and we shot it at like one
o’clock in the morning, so we were just under
like crazy klieg lights trying to make it look like daylight. So we couldn’t really look at each other because it was so bright, and we were like and I was
like, “I do, I love you,” and they were like, “look left, look left,
you’re not looking at him.” I’m like, we’re both like. – You can’t see him. – It was so bright we
couldn’t see each other. We were like, “ugh, our retinas!” – No, see, acting sounds hard. Okay. – [Announcer] All right now,
we have a tie game here. And this is the final
question for the game. – Okay, I feel great about it. – [Announcer] And here it is. How did Jackson ask Sookie
out on their first date? (ding) – He, you did. He didn’t ask you out, you did. Yeah! – [Announcer] That is correct. Congratulations. – Oh my God. – [Announcer] Kelly is the winner. – Yes. – Oh my God. – [Announcer] Now listen, Kelly, make sure you get to catch Melissa on the new season of
“Little Big Shots,” on NBC. – Thanks guys. – [Kelly] Thanks guys.

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  1. And now, the easiest trivia questions ever… WOW any superfan would know the answers. HOW DID THEY FORGET PAUL ANKA?? The man himself appeared on the show in Lorelai's dream.

  2. 1. I yelled Paul Anka so loudly my husband though Paul Anka was in our living room! 🙂
    2. I love how crazy competitive Kelly gets!!

  3. Lived for the moment of Melissa and Kelly being in the same place at the same time😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. I wish Kelly would realize some of the dumbass shit she utters from her mouth on tv. it's really embarrassing. I feel sad for her

  5. They didn’t realize how major Gilmore girls was, but now social media is like putting it in their face how impacting and brilliant the show is. Once in a life time kinda shows for some people.

  6. "acting seems hard" True that! Having to act to nothing, in crazy weather conditions, at any hour of day or night, crazy costumes…and the list goes on!

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