Giant Snake of the Everglades – The Invasive Burmese Python

Giant Snake of the Everglades – The Invasive Burmese Python

– I’m Coyote Peterson, today
I’m in the Florida Everglades, and I bet you’d never believe
there’s a 12 foot python right at my feet, but there is. Check this out. This is the Burmese python. (dramatic music) Today and the team
and I are out walking the sawgrass fields of
the Florida Everglades hoping to stumble
upon what has become this ecosystem’s
notorious invasive alien, the Burmese python. And while it is
estimated that thousands of these large constrictors have taken up residence here, they’re incredibly
difficult to find. and we had no luck coming
across one naturally. The giant you are
looking at here was captured a few years
ago in the same area, and is now being used as
an educational ambassador to encourage inexperienced
reptile lovers to think twice before
deciding to get one of these snakes as a pet. This snake is
about 12 feet long, and you can see why
a python of this size would he quite the
voracious predator out here in the Everglades. And what people
really worry about is these eating some of
the more threatened species like American
crocodile hatchlings or the Key Largo woodrat. Their natural habitat
is Southeast Asia. And in Southeast Asia a lot
of these snakes are killed for their skins and
sometimes for their meat. Now these snakes are
just so well camouflaged in this Everglades environment, and you can be out
here for days looking, and never find one. And that’s why we
wanted to bring one out so you can see just how well they blend into
the surroundings. And you’ll see how easily
they can just kinda disappear. And this brown and yellowish
coloring blends in perfectly with all this brown
and yellow sawgrass. All right, now these
snakes can grow to almost 20 feet in length. And this one is about 12 feet. And a way that pythons eat is by constricting their prey. So this is a
non-venomous species, but they’ve got
these hook teeth, and two rows of them
on the upper jaw, so if this snake wants to, it can kinda latch down, and then it coils
itself around quickly. And the way a constrictor
kills its victim is to just keep
squeezing and squeezing until the oxygen
supply is cut off. What she’s doing right now,
flicking her tongue out, she’s just smelling you guys. This is kind of a different
experience for her working with cameras. OK, she’s kinda close
to my face right there. Sniffing me. Going for my hat, all right. Now if she starts to constrict, I would love to show you guys
how these snakes actually– – [Chance] Say, “And now
that is a python hat.” – And that’s a python hat
right there. (chuckles) Now this snake is
used to being handled, so I don’t really feel nervous with her wrapped around my body. I would never recommend
that you try to pick up a Burmese python if
you see it in the wild. You know, it’s best to
just leave it alone. Obviously they’re
an invasive species here in the Everglades, so you’d wanna alert
somebody if you did ever encounter one out here. People get them
when they’re small, and they grow into
these 12 foot giants. And then people release
them into the Everglades. Unfortunately, when these snakes are now captured
in the Everglades, they’re immediately destroyed. Thankfully for this snake, she’s gonna live for education. Such a cool, cool reptile. Now because these
snakes are constrictors, their body can
expand quite a bit, so if this snake ate
something bigger than it, the skin would
basically stretch, and it would take
it a couple weeks to fully digest that meal. Now these snakes will
never try to take prey as large as a human. And you don’t need to be worried about running into this snake and being constricted and eaten. Now the skin is
actually really smooth. Some people think
that snakes are slimy. Not the case. Very, very silky. You can feel all
those little scales. I just rub my hand
this direction. Or if you kinda
go the other way, it feels exactly the same. And this allows these
snakes to move so easily throughout the environment. Now being wrapped up
with a python like this is pretty cool. You can feel the weight. I mean, the snake is probably, I’d say probably
close to 40 pounds. And just the muscle
mass is incredible. And she’s not constricting
down very tightly on me, but I’ll tell you what, if she wanted to, she
could squeeze the life right out of this Coyote. I think we should try to see if we can hold this snake out. Maybe Melissa, Mark if you
wanna put down your camera, we’ll try to hold
it all the way out so you guys can see how
long this snake really is. You guys wanna try that?
– [Mark] Yeah. – All right cool. – Ready? – [All] One, two, three. – Lift. And there you have it, that is a 12 foot
Burmese python. You guys ever held a
snake this big before? – [Melissa] No.
– [Mark] Not me. (laughs) – Chance, you’re missing out. Yeah. – [Chance] There you go. Now I have. – Wow, what a cool experience with the Burmese python. I wanna know what
the biggest snake is that you guys have ever held, so leave me your snake
stories below in the comments, and let’s talk pythons. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next adventure. If you thought that
was one wild adventure, check out these other
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100 thoughts on “Giant Snake of the Everglades – The Invasive Burmese Python

  1. i have known of a snake the laid down next to a person and the person was thinking it was trying to be sweet but no it was trying to size her to see if it could eat her the a dif person came in the room and found the snake and the other person was no place to be found but the snake was bigger in the middle of it like it had eaten a deer

  2. i have an invasive species project for school, and I picked Burmese python, and this video was perfect for jots !!!!

  3. I was in my backyard and pick up them picked up a kingsnake and I keep it for one day and then somehow it escapes

  4. When I was like 3-4 I walked up to this wild 6ft snake ( don’t know what type it was) and I decided to pick it up and the snake didn’t bite me and now when I get bit by a snake I say “I guess my lucks ran out!” Then I have to explain the story to the people around me

  5. Either way this is GODS LAND and all the evil stingy ruler people in this world will pay for their transgressions against people and animals…..

  6. Snake: squezing the life out of coyote

    Coyote: and folks this is how prey is killed and just look the muscle is unbelievable and the power of the –

    Snake: AM I JOKE TO YOU! eh whatever your already dead.

    Coyote : flops to the ground and that guys is how prey of this python dies.

    Mark (I don't know his name) aka dude behind the camera : OMG
    the cameras busted

    Random stranger : HELP HELP THIS MAN IS DEAD

    Dude behind the cam : oh don't worry its happened before all natural

  7. You can keep those snakes as pet but than as hatcheling and rise him up by yourself because I want maybe a python or another not fenemous snake

  8. Hahahaha! Biggest snake I've ever held…hahahaha, you're funny. The only snake I've ever been willing hold/catch is a worm snake. I might be willing to hold a rat snake, or corn snake, or anything relatively small, but I'll leave the big ones to the herpetologists, and biologists.

  9. I've had a few reptiles in my time from bearded dragon ,iguanas,and rat snakes beautiful ones. I have the temptation to buy a python once but I didn't. And when the bearded dragon or the iguanas go to big I took it back to the reptile store so they can give it up for adoption or just take care of themselves. What's that about these guys is that they're innocent they were picked up as a baby maybe half a footlong. And when go to 10 ft or more abandoned in the Everglades. They don't belong here and they're pretty much killing the ecosystem but they're not the bad guys is the owners and their the ones that put them out here the ones responsible for this. Truly sad story all around.

  10. "i dont recommend putting one up, if you find one in the wild"
    Boy, if i see one of these in the wild im going to run as fast as i can

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