(intense music) – Got it. – Try grabbing a wet one. – Okay, those teeth are chomping. Oh my gosh, get back! Come on now! (intense hip hop music) – Hey, good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. I, of course, am in Lucy’s cage and I am wishing you an
absolutely amazing day. You know we’re really excited. Lori and myself are heading to the Milan Reptile Show in Italy in just a little more than
a week and a half or so. But one of the things that I’m
a little bit concerned about is my girl, Lucy, here. Every other animal in the place can certainly be taken
care of by almost anybody, but Lucy is a little bit different. Of course, I’m the only
one that messes with her. So, what happens if
she messes the cage up, or she needs to be taken out, or something like that when I’m in Italy? Because we’re gonna be
gone for about eight days, or something like that. So, Lucy, are you gonna behave yourself? I figure maybe I’ll get Noah and Erik and kinda give them a dry run, just in case they have to
get Lucy out of the cage and service her cage for some reason. I don’t know how it’s gonna go. But I’ll go ahead and get them
and let’s see what happens. So I have the guys together. And actually, Noah has that dope tattoo that is healing up. So I don’t want him to get
all muffled up with Lucy. So you’re just backup okay? – Okay. – [Brian] You’re gonna be backup. – I’ll take the hook. – He needs the hook.
– Dude, I need. – You need a bit of string, I need a hook. – You need both your hands. – So, listen, this is what the deal is. All I want you guys to do is, just in case something
happens where Lucy has to come out when Lori and
myself are over in Italy, I want you to just go in
there, be very careful. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, I don’t want Lucy to get stressed out. Just go in there, try to get her up, and just kinda bring her over
here and see how it goes. – [Noah] So this is just practice, then? – [Brian] This is just practice. I just want you guys to
be able to get her up. Just in case you have to bring her out. Once you get her out here,
it’s pretty much easy-peasy. So, let’s see what happens, alright? – Alright. – [Brian] You guys ready? – Yeah, sounds easy enough.
– Alright. Let’s go for it. I have faith in you guys. Alright, Erik, you’re up first. – [Noah] You take– – Yeah, let me just see it. Let me just take it. – Alright, you can hold it. – Hey there, little girl. Hey, little baby. So, with any Reticulated Python, I’m sure you just want
to get this one moving. Oh, yeah, look at her, though. She’s getting a little bit timid. Okay, she starting to
kinda move a little bit. But I don’t trust her yet. We’ll just kinda make sure, oh, now she’s turning. She’s ready to bird him. Hold on, let’s see here. Come here little mama. (intense music) Hey, I’m your friend down here big fella. – [Brian] Use your hands. – Yeah, that’s smart. Oh, I hate when they twitch. Just looks like they’re really stressing. But I just like to get
’em a little bit movin’ before I creep up in there. Just kinda watch out now
if I come flying back, I don’t elbow you in the face there. She just likes to hold her ground. She’s not really one of those, I’m gonna run away from you. She’s one of those, try
and mess with big mama. Well let’s see here. I’m just gonna kinda try and ease in. – I mean, that’s all you have to do. Once she’s running, she’s
usually pretty good. But once she stops, that’s
when you gotta watch her. – So I’m gonna keep her moving. Now watch yourself,
she’s coming back at me. But we can just kinda pull her over here. Watch yourself, there. I’m just gonna ease her
on over here, like so. – [Brian] Good job Erik. – I think we’re doing pretty good. I don’t wanna see that gap. We’re not out of the water. (intense music) – [Brian] Now you’re
tryin’ to get her out, you got her movin’ around. Now, you have to be a little careful. – [Erik] I’m being very careful. (intense music) ‘Cause she, this animal can spin around and get you before you even knew it. – [Brian] She’s alright though,
right now she’s just rubbing but, you’ve got the back
now, that’s not gonna… – [Erik] That’s not gonna do it. – [Brian] You gotta be
careful in the back. – [Erik] Two minute
break, two minute break. (laughing) – We’ve just been going for one minute. – Don’t give yourself a heart attack. – That’s right. (laughing) She’s a lot stronger than she looks Noah. – Yeah I know we might
need to get T over here, he’s a little bit stronger than us. – Big T is a lot stronger. (laughing) He’s a hell of a man. – [Brian] She’s not showing game. – [Erik] She’s not really too aggressive. – [Brian] She’s not showing
any defensive nature at all, she’s just rolling. – Oh my gosh, it’s incredible strength. The strength and weight. – [Brian] Real quick I just
wanted to try get it like that. By you, right by you. (tense music) Okay hold on, back up. – I’ll slowly back up. (laughing) – She’s doing her S now,
now she’s in a position where she’s getting a little defensive. You always wanna exercise
caution when you’re doing this, if it starts to get into a
tough position just back up, you’re in no hurry, you can always reset. So basically what we wanna
do now is somehow get her to the point where she’s
back roaming again. What’s really important
when you’re walking up on a big snake is you never
wanna go face first. If you go towards her over
here, you’re gonna get bit. So you always wanna
circle back around okay? So what I would basically do
is get on this side of her and again just keep
prodding her the other way, I’m just gonna get her going. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Yep, give me that hook. And I’m in a bad spot over here. – [Erik] You are in a corner. Very bad spot, careful. – [Brian] Here we go
Lucy, you’re okay girl. You’re okay, you’re okay. – [Erik] Just watch man, ’cause she could really
come flying out of the tray. – So I’d say on a scale of
one to 10 we’re probably doing maybe a one right now,
we’re not doing good. – Yeah this is bad, this is not so good. – Y’know, what I wanna do,
and I’m just showing you guys so that you can do this if I’m not around. Just don’t ever put yourself
within the striking zone right. So right now I’m still outside the strike. So if you can see, she’s just
got that little S right there. And I’m gonna continue just
trying to get her to move. Come on girl. Come on girl. Come on, you’re okay. You’re okay sweetheart. If I can just get her
to move a little bit. Okay now she’s starting to turn
the way I want her to turn. – [Erik] Beautiful, beautiful – And now she’s moving again. – [Erik] Okay I’m just gonna step here. – [Brian] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – She likes to hold her ground okay. Usually they move when we touch them, this thing is like no way. I love snakes but isn’t it
nervewracking going to pick this snake up. – [Brian] You can probably
grab her right now, Yep, there you go, you’re good. You’re good, you’re good right now, now take her out. Now she’s in good shape. – Watch yourself. – Yep just keep that first
third, don’t let it get too far back, the further
back you’re gonna get, the harder it’s gonna get to get her. – [Noah] There we go Erik, pull. – Strong animal, it’s
like grabbing a wet rope. Oh my gosh. Come on now. – [Brian] Okay good now
that’s how you would do it. – That’s how you would do it. – [Brian] Now you would just go ahead, just get her out the door. – [Erik] Okay. She’ll come right out for us. – [Noah] Aw man. We can’t. – Now you would just have to get her into a holding cage, if
we had a holding cage which we don’t. So now what we have to do
is get her back in her cage. (laughing) I want you guys to like really
go through the whole process. – Sure. – [Brian] And again, you
wanna ger her up here. – [Noah] We have some visitors. (laughing) – [Erik] Bad timing. So what you’re saying you wanna
grab that first third half. – Yep, first third. That’s how you’re gonna control her. And then we’re just gonna slowly, we’re just gonna slowly
position her back into her cage or into the holding cage,
whichever we’re doing. She’s beautiful. – [Erik] Isn’t she something else. – And we’re just gonna
go ahead and let her go. – [Noah] Lookit, every time
we put her into her cage she runs straight to the top of the tree. – [Brian] So Erik, what’d you think? – Dude that was awesome. – You did pretty good. Noah, you did good, so now
you saw, you didn’t wanna mess her tank to up. But listen if you two together,
that’s what you have to do. Play it safe and I feel a
little bit more confident that if something happens
when we’re over in Italy, these guys can handle it. – And plus we have
Andrea too, she’s a pro. – Yeah, they’re gonna
throw Andrea in here. Good job. Alright guys, so good way to go alright. The big task today is hibernation. So you guys are capping, pulling my snakes out and
putting them in to the cold. – I’m sad man, look at that. – I know these are gonna be
empty, it’s gonna be so sad. You guys are taking my snakes away, but they’re just gonna be
next door in hibernation. You guys getting some
aerobic workout today right? – Oh yeah. – StairMaster 10 thousand. – [Brian] Alright good, good. – I could use it. – [Brian] I would expect you
to go at least 10 pounds today. – At least! – [Brian] Yeah jog up and down. Walk down with the snakes,
jog back up without ’em. – Aw man soccer practice is
what it sounds like to me. (laughing) – So we’re taking all
of these snakes here, going to hibernation here. Jessica actually is over here, you’re doing geckos today too right? – Yes I am. – Oh my gosh, so we’re
gonna do all the geckos, all the snakes. So the day has finally
come to see these animals go into hibernation. It’s gonna be sad over
here at BHB but it’s gonna be a good break so we can
dedicate ourselves to other things like the raise out
babies, raise out geckos and stuff like that, not to
mention all the other projects that we have this winter. (electronic music) Thankfully we actually have a
good crew who helping today, how you guys doing? How many steps of the
stairs you been doing? – I lost count after three. – [Brian] After three? What? – I just can’t, I don’t
need that negativity. – [Brian] Jake of course,
my nephew is helping out. We’ve got, thank you
for coming in today too. Bruce you doing alright? – Always, I’m likin’ it. – I hate to say it but
I’m super busy today so I’m not helping out so these guys have to do it all yourself. – Boo. – Alright, keep up the good work guys. Just a quick little
unboxing, couple of things that people sent us, no
idea but I think Lori said that one of them needed
to be refrigerated. First we have a thank
you from Polly and Zack. “Merry Christmas I wanna thank you for your constant positivity. It’s been a godsend in my life. I’ve had two back surgeries this year and at the age of 32 I still
wake up in chronic pain.” Sorry to hear that. “Watching you everyday truly
puts a smile on my face. I’m a frog lover, and I always
wanted to have an iguana, but my hubby says no.” So thank you so much, I
appreciate your support, and I really will be sending
positive vibes your way. Again, it’s a cute little box, let’s see what’s in here. Okay there’s a little package. Alright, you love Christmas stuff. It says “Merry Christmas
from Polly and Zack Lundberg” and this side has BHB and the Reptarium. This is our first BHB
and Reptarium ornament, oh my gosh. Thank you, we’ll definitely hang this up. We still have the trees up
so thank you both so much. You guys are absolutely wonderful. – Look at how cute. – Look at the box. – Has Cutes and BeeBee on there. And then lookit, Karma. – Karma, we got a snake over here, oh my gosh that’s so cute. I wonder what the mail people were thinking when they got the box. Says “Brian, Lori, Noah,
I hope that everyone had a great Christmas. I got you guys some locally
made candies from Marquette. Want to thank you both again
for the kind hospitality after Reptarium, tell
Noah I’m sorry I forgot to get him a gift.” That’s okay, he doesn’t need a gift. “I’ll have to bring it
next time when I visit, which hopefully will be soon. My stepfather and me are
talking about going in June.” So we hope you do come
back, thank you so much, you guys are absolutely amazing. And look at how cute this
is, that is absolutely cool. So what do we have? Salted caramels, I love salted caramels. – So good. – Oh my gosh. – You’re so annoying. Right here’s a present, this is heavy, this is the part that was heavy. – This is the part that was heavy. – Oh okay that fell out of here. – Oh okay, let’s see what’s in there. – Oh my goodness, hahaha,
I remember those as a kid. – {laughing} That’s awesome. Chocolate covered Oreos. – Oh wow, a fan favorite, caramels. – Caramels, salted caramels. – Assorted truffles. – Oh my God. – Kelly you’re killin’ me
but you definitely know the way to my heart in more caramels. – Oh my Gosh. And these look like the good ones. – Yes they are. – Oh my gosh, okay gonna
open this up real quick. – How in the world am I
gonna lose any weight. – And then we have some
other assorted candies. (laughing) So you guys definitely, we’re
gonna share this with the crew ’cause me and Lori don’t need
to eat all this by ourself. But thank you so much, you
guys are absolutely wonderful. As always I appreciate all
the letters you guys send us, the gifts, everything else, you
guys are absolutely amazing. I have the PO Box down in the description. So thank you guys, you guys are wonderful. – Thank you so much. I love it. (laughing) (electronic music) – [Brian] Erik how’s it comin’ man? – Goin’ really good. – [Brian] Maybe a halfway there? – Yeah I’d say we’re about halfway there, ’cause next we have the geckos, so yeah. – [Brian] Okay, I’m
gonna let you keep goin’. You doin’ alright? – We got ’em, we’re doin’ good man, burnin’ those extra calories
off that’s for sure. – [Brian] I’ll buy you some pizza. – No don’t do that. (laughing) – Last thing I have to
do over here at BHB is actually you can see Daisy,
kinda startin’ to shed, but as usual, for the
entire time I’ve had Daisy, she’s always had bad shed,
so she has a bunch of stuff. So we’re just gonna go
ahead her and get her in a little bit of soak. You can see that shed is
almost coming off no problem. ‘Bout a half an hour of soak
is probably gonna do her really well anyways, so she
looks absolutely gorgeous, look at this. But let’s go ahead
Dais’, let’s get in here, thankfully I have Bruce to help me out. Oh, come on girl. – Nice try Daisy. – There we go sweetheart. She doesn’t like water as much as Lucy. She does good in it. When I put Lucy in the water
she just goes right in. Sometime you have to fight
Daisy just a little bit. That soak is just gonna help really get all of that extra skin off. So again, we’ll probably
give her like a half an hour or something like that. She doesn’t need a lot. And that just gives us an
opportunity to clean her cage up anyways and then we’ll get her back in and then she should be
absolutely gorgeous. And then we’ll go ahead and
feed her in a couple days. As you can see all the colubrids
are now in hibernation, as well as all of the leopard geckos, so those guys really worked hard going up and down those stairs,
probably 100 or 200 times, so it was really good,
but thankfully the animals are finally in hibernation. To be totally honest with
you we should’ve had them down there about two
weeks ago, but it’s gonna be completely fine and
we’ll keep an eye on them over the next couple of months
before they come back up and we start breeding again. When it comes to leopard
geckos, it’s probably only gonna be about six weeks. Colubrids will probably be
between eight and 10 weeks. Something like that, we’ll see how they’re reacting down there. But that is one huge thing down. But it is kind of a bummer
because now it is empty over here at BHB. In all honesty, it’s
really not that empty. All of these racks are
filled up, plus rows and rows after that so we still
have plenty of animals, but it is kind of a bummer
that we won’t be able to look at the colubrids
except for in hibernation. Alright so I’m gonna go ahead
and get out of the Reptarium. As well as wrap up here at
BHB and go ahead and head home and call it a night if you don’t mind. So I will end the vlog
here and wish you guys an amazing day, evening, whenever
you happen to be watching. As always your support
means the world to me and I truly love you so much. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to get in with Lucy and give
it a go like Erik and Noah did. I mean they didn’t do great but at least it was good practice. Hopefully no one will
have to get in with her and pull her out when we’re in Italy, ’cause usually you can
spot clean around her, but hey, I do have to
prepare just in case. And really Jessica and Virg
are really good at it as well so I think we’re gonna be completely fine. With that said, your support is amazing and I truly love you guys so much. Can you do me a couple favors
before we get out of here? Can you smash that like button? Turn those post notifications on. Remember to be kind to
someone, and I promise, I will see you guys tomorrow. (electronic music)


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