get FREE toys and stuff, giveaway to subscribers ”monthly” | youtube show Bro Vision

boo. aaaaahh.
hello bro vision . were are bro vision gone? Boo.
welcome to bro vision giveaway. if you want to win stuff like this every month make sure
to subscribe. to begin with lets start with the gudex boys,
there in america and they have won rip spin warriors, heres the warriors and heres the
game. gudex boys this is yours its on the way.
these are both going to the 3 crazy sisters.ones a crazy Kitty and ones an inflatable dory
and this is a voice activated smart kitty. the tonka truck is for Little Boss and hes
in europe. bb8 is for Family friendly toys.
and the designer watch is for Pi and Mo’s channel, so guys make sure to subscribeif
you wanna win craZY TOYS AND STUFF like this next month.

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