Genki English Awesome Teacher’s Set: Digital Flashcards, Songs & Games

Genki English Awesome Teacher’s Set: Digital Flashcards, Songs & Games

Hi guys how you doing? I’m Richard from and i’m just going to show you today the Genki English software So this is actually the download pack I’ve got here and you can select all the volumes (no real life CDs anymore!) It’s all digital now! So basically you choose a volume that you want. So say you want new number 9 hit that there, choose the theme you want let’s go with superhero and then for each theme you’ve got different sections at the top here. So we will start off with what we call the digital flash cards so basically you just hit number one on the keyboard and the first phrase or the first word from the song appears so jump and you get the kids to repeat and there are different accents and things jump jump jump and different people speaking so the kids get different intonations. And of course they are animated so the kids get a lot more fun out of it If you need a more traditional view you’ve got ones like this where you can see all the flashcards on there You’ve got the mini-lesson. So there in the mini lesson I actually teach the song to the kids “acapella” without the music there Which is a bit fun. ( And makes it great for teachers who don’t like singing! 🙂 ) And then for each theme we’ve got the Genki English song and this is why Genki English is famous because these songs encapsulate all the English in very funky Genki music And you can do all the gestures and things for it I’m a superhero! And then for each theme you’ve got a game as well so you just I can fly fly there you go. Yes! I can stretch stretch it and the superhero climbs the tree there I can jump jump jump jump up jump that’s jump! I can climb If you have the site license you can put them on all the computers in the school or if you just got one machine you get the kids to come to the front and it’s a great alternative Its got a’ll the basic Genki English themes The famous ones like left and right and Hello how are you? The ones Koyuki the girl from Last Samurai she was singing on TV The pictures are sometimes a bit weird but these are the ones that got the best response from the kids, the ones that they went wayyyy! If they were too good pictures then the kids just went “meh” and they didn’t care about it Under the sea and again with the music funky music, all with gestures and actions and lesson plans to go with this on the site. Other basic stuff, like fruits And of course if you’ve got a touch screen TV you can just touch it bang and it does it. If you’ve just got a normal TV you just have to do it like this there we go. We’ve got other things you got greetings, sports transport, how did you get here? And we’ve got doctor doctor, animals special halloween ones This one’s a bit scary And again the songs for all these, the cute version and the scary version. We’ve got the Christmas songs a bit of techno in there Parts of the (gingerbread) houses We’ve got the song there as well. It’s nice music isn’t it the animations make such a big difference And then other things you know we’ve got animals If you hit the “q”, the question “q” on the keyboard brings up the question or the first part of the phrase so I like beans I like potatoes There you go with the other things as well soccer themes, breakfast, time rooms of the house, where is baby monkey All with funky music and the games and everything for each one so that there is the Genki English download pack as a teacher’s tool it is the best investment you will ever make! You’ve got there all themes on there all the songs and stuff, the entire Genki English curriculum All 10 ( now 13!) volumes of it In one little download pack ( no CDs now – we’re all digital now!) Definitely check it out that’s the Genki English So you have the kids saying “Can you speak English?” “Of course you can!” You’re using Genki English! Enjoy yourself check out more on the website at see you later

23 thoughts on “Genki English Awesome Teacher’s Set: Digital Flashcards, Songs & Games

  1. Very cool.. Btw, would you suggest learning Japanese as a second language via audio CD, or possibly a rosetta stone type program?

  2. @GenkiJapanNet you are soo, sooo talented and you have given me and idea to do for my Ict A level since we have to make some interactive media so maybe i could make it for learning purposes … woop! x x

  3. Oh my god Richard, you are a genius.
    Your amazing, what a real, true amazing teacher!
    I love the way the guy looked when he ran and when he stretched, I'm sure kids get a kick out of that. And the different speaking intonations idea is incredibly smart, you rock Richard! well done!

  4. @jikarax It's not a case of the opportunity as such, if you've got internet access and at can make least 30 minutes to start that is your opportunity. But it's more a case of deciding exactly what you want to do and then putting in the hours & hours and making the sacrifices to make it happen. It took years, testing, testing, getting feedback and many hours to get to where things are now, and there is still a lot to do.

    But if you do choose that road, you'll certainly get everything you want!

  5. You my friend, are a genius. Great teaching methods, and you obviously love what you do. You got my sub. Don't stop doing this. :') Just wanted to let you know your work is appreciated 😛

  6. Very nice! I was very pleased to meet Richard in Ukraine! Thanks for your lectures. Genki English! best greetings to Japan! 🙂

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