Gathbandhan – 7th October 2019 – गठ बंधन – Full Episode

Dhanak. Don’t cry. You are doing the right thing. Mom! Mom, you’re looking very pretty. Thank you! Mom, are we going somewhere out? Didn’t I promise you… …that today I’ll
make you meet your dad? So, were are going there.
– Really? Yes. So, Uncle Raghu
was right. Yay! He never lies, mom. I’m going to meet dad. I’m going to meet dad. Yay! I’ll meet dad! I’ll meet dad. Mom. How does dad look like? When you’ll meet him you
can see it for yourself. Did he bring gifts for me? Just gifts? He has created
a heaven for you. A big room! A soft bed. And a lot of teddy
bears on the bed. A wall with snakes and ladders. And toys all over the floor. Really?
– Yes. Mom, you said that… …there will be a
meteor shower… …when I’ll meet dad. Yes, it will. It definitely will. Yay! I’ll go and tell all
my friends about this. Raunak, be careful. Dear, I will send Sejal here. You come with her. ‘Raunak, I am doing all
this to get you a father.’ Be careful with it. Raghu, is the room ready? Just a few work is pending.
– Okay. Listen,
decorate his room with good care. My grandson’s room
should look perfect. Right.
– Absolutely. Go on! What are you waiting for? Mai, I got Raunak’s
toys delivered here. His favorite toy. Ball, bat, teddy bear. Everything. Today my dream of living with
my son will be fulfilled. I will give him all the
happiness in this world. Raunak may also have
dreamed about his father. Mai, I want to fulfill that dream. You will. You definitely will. I am sure,
you will be as good father… …as you are a son. Five years. Mai, my son and I have
waited for 5 years. Now once he comes here… …I will keep him close to me. I won’t let him go
even for a second. Now three more hours to go. Dhanak will be here with Raunak. ‘The number you are trying to
call is currently switched off.’ ‘Please try again later.’ ‘The number you are trying to
call is currently switched off.’ ‘Please try again later.’
– This… Why is Dhanak’s
phone switched off? Sanskrit Chant Sanskrit Chant Sanskrit Chant Seju, go and get Raunak. I’ll introduce him
to Akshay today… …as his father I want him to be a
part of every ritual. He will understand
if he stays here. And he will be able to accept
this relationship soon. Go. ‘Phone is switched off. ‘Or is it…’ ‘No, it is not possible.’ ‘She will be on her
way with Raunak.’ ‘Then, Raunak will be with me.’ ‘Close to me.’ ‘I will never let
him go away from me.’ Please start the
marriage proceedings. Dhanak! Dhanak,
Raunak is nowhere to be found. What do you mean? He said he is going to Chintu’s
house to play but he wasn’t there. I checked at home,
but he isn’t there too. Where can he go? He must have not
left the chawl. Then… – I’ve looked for him
everywhere, he isn’t there. Sir. Sir, where should I
hang this photo frame? In my bedroom. Sorry, sir. But is it right
to put up a blank frame? The photo which is to be framed
in it will be clicked soon. There are a few minutes… …left for 24 hours
to be completed. Dhanak should have
been here by now. Dhanak, did you find Raunak? No, Akshay. Dad, I searched him
in the entire chawl. Raunak is no where. I don’t know where he is. I don’t know whom
he must be with. Raunak never goes anywhere
without informing. He doesn’t even stand
with a stranger. Then… Did someone coax him with
with their talk and take him? We shouldn’t waste time. We should file a
police complaint. No, dad. I know where Raunak will be. Dhanak, wait.
– Let her go. You are right, dad. Raunak didn’t go with a stranger. He went with someone he knows. Raunak! Raunak! Raunak! Raunak! Raunak where are you? Dhanak. I knew you will come. The circle is over today. The story will start… …from where it
was left incomplete. Welcome! Where is Raunak? Mom! Raunak. Raunak. Why did you come here? Why did you go
without informing me? I was so worried. If you do this again,
I will beat you. Get it? Don’t go anywhere
without informing me. Let’s go. Some one said it right. Money can change a person’s life… …but not who they are. You showed me who you are. How could you get my son
here without informing me? Please, mom. Don’t scold Uncle Raghu. It is not his fault.
It is my fault. He came to meet me… …and I came here with him. The idol of morality! Did you hear what
your son just said? He came here willingly. Just like you did. Sakhu!
– Yes, Mai? Give me the ‘aarti’ plate. Mai. Don’t mistake an
incident to be reality. Lets go, Raunak. You have come so late. Now that you are here please
take a look at my house. Even he has not seen it yet. He said that we would check
it out once mom is here. Do you want to hurt him? Raunak, tell me this. Why is your mom so angry? Please mom. Calm down. Come. Let’s check out the
house of the Uncle Raghu. Look, Raunak…
– Mom, please. Just for once. Just give me ten minutes. Aunt will take us around… …we’ll check out the
house and then we’ll return. No, Raunak. I’ve refused you once.
That’s it. If you act stubborn,
I will beat you. Is that clear? Just come home. Please, mom.
I want to check out the house. I want to check out
this house right now! Please.
– Raunak. – Please take me around. Please, mom. Just for sometime. Please, mom! Please mom,
I want to check out the house. Please, mom. Please, mom!
It’s just a matter of sometime. I want to check out the house. Please, mom! Okay, fine. Don’t cry.
Stay quiet. Only for ten minutes, okay? The ritual that I’m doing now… …is for the sake
of my grandson. Come on, mom!
Let’s check out the house! I’m extremely happy! So am I. I’m ready to tolerate Dhanak
for the sake of my grandson. But I will deal with
her in my own style. I will set the rules… …and the moves too.

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