Game Theory: Metal Gear Solid’s HIDDEN Virtual Mission!

Game Theory: Metal Gear Solid’s HIDDEN Virtual Mission!

Hello internet, welcome to (Game) Theory, the show whose episodes are almost as long as that Metal Gear Solid 3 ladder climb Okay, we’ll check back in with Snake a little later. Good luck there, buddy. Now, it’s been a while since I last mentioned it on the channel But it bears repeating Metal Gear Solid 3 is one of my Favorite games of all time and in my opinion is one of the best games ever created. In a series that fluctuates a bit in quality- [We’ve managed to avoid drowning!] [GOOD JOB!] And sometimes gets a little too far up It’s owned butt- [La-li-lu-le-lo !] [La-li-lu-le-lo !] [LA-LI-LU-LE-LO !] “Snake Eater” found the perfect balance of deep narrative and tight gameplay all while keeping an attention to detail that was unheard of for games at the time. I mean, sure, we all praise GTA 5 for its level of depth in recreating the entirety of Los Angeles, but in MGS3 Almost a decade earlier You can kill a guard, hunt and eat the vulture that ends up eating that guard, then in The River of the Dead later in the game trigger a ghost of the guard who says [YOU ATE MEEE] The game basically says Yes to everything! You can spin around the camera in the torture room to make yourself vomit, thus allowing you an excuse to escape. When you’re captured and imprisoned, you can throw out your food and if you do it three times it actually prompts a significant cutscene that 99.9% of players will never know about where Snake and the guard talk about The Cold War and how they regret having to fight each other. And that’s only a few of the hundreds of little details hidden throughout this game So of course you can bet that there are gonna be some unsolved mysteries here, and there’s one in particular that’s been kicking around the internet for a decade that’s never been fully explored: that the game is just that. A game. A simulation. That you’re not actually playing as Naked Snake and going through his virtuous mission back in 1964, but rather you’re someone else playing through a recreation of the mission at a later date. Sounds impossible? Sounds too meta? Well, then you don’t know Metal Gear.
[Raiden, turn the game console off right now] [You’ll ruin your eyes playing so close to the TV] So while Hideo Kojima’s death stranding continues to leave us all in the dark now is the perfect time to revisit his crowning masterpiece, to prove that one of the best games ever created is really just a game within a game. If you’re not familiar with MGS3 or just need a quick refresher I don’t blame you, these games are complicated. So let me give you the essential information on what you need to know for today’s theory: Snake Eater is supposedly set in 1964 smack dab in the middle of the Cold War between the US and Russia. It’s the story of Naked Snake- voted most likely to succeed in his top-secret CIA unit: Force Operations X, or FOX for short Things start to go downhill when Naked Snake gets sent to Russia with his mentor The Boss whose combat attire is so ridiculous not even I can come up with a theory as to how it’s tactically advantageous, it’s distracting, I guess? ANYWAY the team is there to recover half of a fancy treasure map called the Philosopher’s legacy in what the CIA named Operation [Virtuous Mission] [Virtual Mission?] Whoa, hey, you’re getting ahead of me, Snake. Halfway through the mission the boss pulls a Benedict Arnold and defects to the Russian side. (Awkward!) Naked Snake gets stuck in the middle with the heart-wrenching task of hunting down and killing his former mentor, Which already sucks, But it gets even worse when he learns that she actually never betrayed her country and that the US government has been giving her secret orders the entire time. [So, what are you, a.. a TRIPLE AGENT?] So basically The Boss is like the best soldier ever but ends up dying and being labeled as a traitor to her country because of the nature of this secret mission, and Naked Snake had to be the one to pull the trigger. (Oh that’s even more awkward!) Obviously this gets Naked Snake to reevaluate his life decisions taking on the name Big Boss. Well, as well as The Legendary Soldier, The Legendary Mercenary… Hey, I said he was a good soldier, I never said that he was humble. So that’s the long and short of the game, But why would anyone assume that you’re not actually playing the role of Naked Snake and are instead playing the role of someone going through a virtual simulation Of themselves playing as Naked Snake? well because snake tells us in the opening seconds of the game. Here’s Naked Snake getting his mission: [The Head of the CIA has finally given us the green light for the Virtuous Mission.] [Virtual Mission?] [No, the Virtuous Mission.] So right away snake is referencing straight up the idea of a virtual mission It’s an odd detail to intentionally leave in the script if it has no bearing on reality, especially since it’s one of the first spoken lines you hear from Snake. Now, alone it would be no big deal Just an odd hiccup in the scripting, a strange creative choice, but it’s not alone. In fact, It’s far from the only clue that this game is more than what it appears. Metal Gear Solid 3, being the first game chronologically in the Metal Gear Solid lore gives players our earliest look at characters who’ll become important throughout the rest of the franchise and perhaps no one is more important than Revolver Ocelot, here appearing as a young major eager to show off his gun-twirling. Don’t worry if you don’t know who Ocelot is- you don’t need to know the specifics for this theory. Suffice it to say he goes on to Appear in every other main series title. He’s kind of a big deal in the MGS universe But if you happen to kill him during one of your battles against him in the game, out of the blue you get A Game Over. A Game Over! why would killing an enemy in a video game ever Prompt a reset? Well, let the Game Over screen sit for a bit and the letters rearrange themselves to say: Time Paradox. Suddenly a voice yells out at you saying: [What have you done?
You changed the future!] Those two lines are essential because it implies that someone literally knows the future that they understand what Ocelot is destined to become in this series and scolds you for breaking that continuity. That alone would be a weird design choice But making it even more solidly in the “It’s all a simulation” camp is the fact that the voice saying all this is Colonel Roy Campbell a a character, mind you, who isn’t even in Metal Gear Solid 3 I mean he appears in other games that happen later in the Metal Gear timeline, so what’s he doing here in 1964? Nothing. He’s not actually there in 1964, none of this is, none of what you’re playing on screen. the only way this time paradox makes any sort of sense as if the game is a Virtual Mission, where a soldier in training is learning by playing through Naked Snake’s earliest assignment. Roy Campbell is there because he’s supervising the training and making sure the recruit is staying in line with the events as they actually happen. It’s a lot like Assassin’s Creed actually; Where you play through the memories of someone else from an earlier time period but if you step too far outside of the real events that happened, you get a Game Over. Okay, but any “YOU DIED” screen in the game breaks the game world, so why is this one so special? Also this theory has been around for a while, so what new information do you have MatPat? Well, there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned yet that absolutely proves that Metal Gear Solid 3 is a simulation and it’s coming right from the snake’s mouth. Or should I say, right into the snake’s mouth. CalorieMate. CalorieMate is a consumable item in Metal Gear Solid 3 that restores all of your stamina. In real life CalorieMate is a nutritional energy bar found in Japan that dates all the way back to 1983. These items simply did not exist at all in 1964 when the virtuous mission was taking place which means that the CalorieMate had to have been inserted Somehow from the future, and if it’s all a simulation That’s just as simple as a programmer not removing the item from the game world. Either that or it’s just a chronological mistake on the part of the game, but again this is a game with meticulous attention to detail, it would be weird for something this egregious to slip in or Should I say three things this egregious to slip in because the CalorieMate isn’t the only item from The early 1980s to slip in: in a radio transmission about The Boss’s history we learned that she trained at the JFK Special Operations Center in 1957. There are two major issues with that: First, in both real life and in the game’s own continuity, John F Kennedy doesn’t become president until 1961. And two, that facility was built in honor of his presidency and wasn’t built until 1982, so this is another case of something that simply didn’t exist in 1964 and wasn’t even close to existing being inserted into the game. By simply mentioning this building It means that the speaker of the line is coming from a time past its inception, probably in the early 1980s, definitely well past the time of Operation Snake Eater. And lastly, there’s another conversation with your ally major zero that adds even more evidence that none of this is actually happening in 1964 Zero happens to be a big fan of James Bond, and is astonished when Snake doesn’t share his enthusiasm for the flashy superspy with cool guns and gadgets. [Snake, wouldn’t you like to have a gun shaped like a pen?] They cite it as: [From Russia With Love] The James Bond film from 1963 which would work with the timeline presented in the game Except the pen gun doesn’t appear in that movie or the novel it’s based on There’s a book gun and a phone gun that only appear in the novel but the pen gun Doesn’t appear until the movie “Never Say Never Again” a James Bond film that came out in 1983 [Positively shocking] Now if you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed that all of these anachronism share one thing in common they all center around the years 1982 and 1983 and I don’t think that’s a mistake. Again, Hideo Okajima doesn’t take these sorts of things lightly and the early 80s was a Crucial point in the timeline for the Metal Gear story because it’s here that we see the creation of a second Big Boss Let me explain by fast-forwarding the Metal Gear Solid 5- sorry, Metal Gear Solid V They changed it to Roman numerals now because it’s classy. in this game we learned that Naked Snake now operating as Big Boss has a target Back and almost dies in a helicopter crash, a crash that results in him falling into a nine-year coma. While he’s comatose, Major Zero, Yeah, the same one who loves James Bond, takes another victim from that crash, a medic, and alters him to look think and act like Big Boss, so that he can serve as a body double both physically and mentally. this body double gets the codename Venom Snake So just to clarify because obviously this gets confusing: Naked Snake from MGS3 becomes Big Boss. (He’s the original) Then, in MGSV we learn about the creation of Venom Snake- a medic caught in a helicopter crash who’s remade into a clone of Big Boss without him knowing. when Venom wakes up from his coma he not only believes he’s Big Boss, he’s equipped with all the skills and memories of Big Boss But how we don’t really know. The game explains it as Venom undergoing training while he’s in a coma, And that’s all we get. Somehow Major Zero had to train a comatosed man how to be Big Boss in every single way and what better way could there be than by having him virtually relive Big Boss’s most defining mission? i.e, the events of Snake Eater. After all it was the virtuous mission and operation Snake Eater when Big Boss got to really develop his Close Quarters Combat (or CQC) skills an advanced fighting technique developed by The Boss and Naked Snake together. We learned throughout the franchise that these techniques are considered very difficult to learn and other characters in the Metal Gear universe have undergone extensive training to master them which means that any replacement for Big Boss is gonna have to undergo some very specific and very intense training to fight like he does and for a medic to just wake up from a coma one day and inherently know them seems impossible unless that medic learned by going through all of big boss’s own experiences. Plus, the Metal Gear series has an established history of using virtual missions to Train agents trying to be Big Boss Raiden, protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2 went through hundreds of VR simulations of Solid Snake’s missions to prepare for his eventual role as ruiner of the series, but here’s where it all comes full circle Venom Snake wakes up from his coma and assumes the role of Big Boss in the year 1984 the year after CalorieMate and “Never Say Never Again” and two years after the JFK Center was finished being built Which means that all of those anachronisms in MGS3 would make sense in the timeline we’re creating. Thus we have two stories that complete each other: The oddities and anachronisms of MGS3 are explained away because it’s just a virtual mission taking place in the 1980s as a comatosed medic is trained into the identity of The Big Boss, in the process filling one huge plot hole from MGS V. But hey, that’s just a– oh wait a minute, I almost forgot- Hey, Snake! how you doing with that ladder? *climbs un-enthusiastically* *cynical celebrations* Huh, so our episodes ARE longer than the ladder climb. But hey, that’s just a theory. A Game Theory!
thanks for watching. [Snake?] [SNAAAAAKE!]

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  1. Liked the video overall just one thing that bothers me is that you claim major zero is the one who brainwashed venom snake ,

    Which is not correct, zero aka cypher is actively hunting down big boss after the events of the crash which puts venom in a coma for 9 years, the person responsible for brainwashing venom is none other then big boss himself

    Because he is the the man who sold the world

  2. So after watching This Video, I think it is just a whole hunk of horse hockey. Let’s go down the bullet points of why this theory is bogus.

    1) The Game Over players get for killing ocelot is just an Easter egg/4th wall break. Plus in the Japanese version of the game, the guy who voiced Campbell also did the Japanese dub for Doc Brown in the Japanese Dub of the Back to the Future movies. So in that version of the game it is even more of an Easter egg.

    2) The Calorie Mates being in the game is just a simple cross promotion with Calorie Mate. As when the game came out There were some ads featuring Naked Snake with tag lines along the lines of “If you want to survive, eat this!”. Nothing to do with the story, just a simple non canonical cross promotion.

    3) The cutscene where Naked Snake says “Virtual Mission” , he is not acknowledging that this is a virtual re-creation of Virtuous Mission and OP Snake Eater. It is just a simple case of him just miss hearing what Major Zero Said.

    4) The James Bond Pen gun thing, while a decent point for the theory, is still wrong. The Major was probably just making up ideas for things that could be disguised as a gun, in the book there is a phone gun and a book gun. Maybe he read the book and made up a new idea for a disguised gun based on those items. After all later in the conversation he makes up the idea of giving Naked Snake a gun disguised as a Snake.

    5) My Final Point, I seriously doubt that Kojima had the idea of MGS3 Being a Virtual Simulation to brainwash Venom Snake into thinking he is Big Boss in his head a full 11 years before The Phantom Pain was even released. I mean Kojima is a brilliant man but, I don’t think that’s what he had in mind when making MGS3, especially since both parts of MGSV wouldn’t come out for another decade.

    I hope that this all convinces people why the “MGS3 was a VR Simulation” Theory is false and stupid. That is all I have to say, Clipper2018 out!

  3. Uuh Zero is not the one who did the body double my guy that was Big bosses idea and ocelot.
    Zero is the reason snake got genetically cloned and thus Solid, Solidus,&Liquid were born

  4. Considering that Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty is hinted that it might actually be a Virtual Reality Simulation all along that Raiden thinks is real and is actually just reliving events from his past in VR (if his past isn’t also an illusion for all we know) it would make perfect sense that Hideo Kojima would go into the next game immediately after with a similar idea. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

  5. So if this is the case about MGS 3, then who is playing the role of Snake? I want to say it's Venom, but he was in a coma for 9 years so…

  6. There is a hole in the theory … in MGS5, both snake and Ocelot say he was with them from the days of Army whiteout borders ans the best guy there was with them. Means, his skill was probably mostly both Big Bosses and Ocelots work already done before the events at Mother Base, when he ended up comatose. Second, the project of creating an "copy" soldier of Snake was Zeros work, but actual VR training was shown in game at MGS1, seriously acknowledged as game-factual practice at MGS2 – after his disappearance/knockout thanks to Skullface. At that moment, the program was an development of Sigints work trough the created system … witch culmination, should have been the activation of GW ( or better said, Raiden was trained in VR, but still in a limited manner, as there is no possible figure, going trough such as intense VR training as MGS3 would be + the intel one would get from it. Raiden not just did not have any of the stuffs knowledge ( and never anyone potentially going trough that potential MGS3 VR session showed up in the series ), nor was he any better soldier as hes previous experiences from childhood made him ( as he was a child-soldier, just as gray-fox, Null ) – all playing MGS2 know what a conflicted person he is compared what a soldier should be ). It also was a several times mentioned Solid Snakes remarks, that VR actually s***ks in making soldiers and seeing the state of deviation of the whole system, that ended up in the 2000s of the game, it should be a realistic remark. ( just as same as the genome soldiers were a failure, just as the Terrible sons. With practically Solid as the only proper outcome of an soldier, but he wast really trained trough VR, or as a sucessor to Big Boss, but as Millers tool to kill him – Ocelot took the training of Liquid, witch left him owersight of his actions and fullfiled the talk between Miller and Ocelot at end of MGS5 about them turning Snakes sons against each other ) Not to mention that the whole system ( basically total information control ) wasn't really the thing Sigint and Zero were going for and the MGS4 showed the war economy on the other ideological side – the BigBosses spun to the same level of extreme with a little helping hand of Ocelot. In this, I wouldn't see the mentioned hick-ups as much of a game-breaker, as the MGS5s technological timeline-break Metal Gear ( and some Venom's gadgets ) ( aside some of the creations from the portable ops ). Id rather classify them as 4-th wall breaks. ……. in this, Venom was a good replacement to BigBoss, cause he was trained by real experience under his service.

  7. Wait you can't program effect skills into someone amd expect them to be perfect, its like brain washing someone to think they are the best runners ever when theycare out of shape and when they try to run they gets cramps

  8. Why are we here, just to suffer, every night my leg, my arm even my fingers hurt don't know the rest

  9. Kojima is all about 4th wall breaks, which is what’s implied when you kill ppl you shouldn’t… because YOU already know that shouldn’t be since you presumably played the other game(s). You mention Raiden… and you even show a clip from ground zeroes… well why does the future (current cyborg) version of Raiden show up along side a young big boss (and it’s not venom snake… since we all should know by now that ground zeroes is big boss and MSGV is venom snake)? Because kojima loves Easter eggs and nods to things he finds special/meaningful. He goes out of his way to show crazy attention to detail, but he also makes sure to place emphasis on special things. Those items lining up with 1982-1983 aren’t enough to prove it’s a virtual mission, it’s just a coincidence!

    If you love the mgs series like you “claim” you do, you’d know kojima would’ve added more things to point it out to the broad audience who wouldn’t get it. He’s a brilliant guy who goes full on meta and breaks the fourth wall all the time, but your evidence is too little to prove anything remotely close to what you’re implying. You’re really reaching here, and as an actual MGS fan, you should know better than to try to pass this off as a game theory. Another theory video that’s too short for the mgs series and too limited to have proof. Shame on you guys!

  10. Hey game theorist I had played metal gear solid V:the phantom pain and I found a cutscene when you lose at the game it says about the nuclear bombs.

  11. 11:10 so what I’m getting is metal gear solid 3 and V are in the same story 3 is explaining how venom got his skills? Correct me if I’m wrong I’m not done he vid yet

  12. you wanna know what disproves the venom got his memorys from big boss simulations part? they state in phantom pain he got hypnotherapy to get the memorys after he was placed in a medically induced coma

  13. How would they have had photo realistic VR in the early 80s, when VR is still not that realistic by 2009? You could argue that it’s a style choice, but I’m 2005 circa the Shadow Moses event, it’s even shittier, but there’s progression within 4 years (for Raiden).

    I always took these as nods to other titles in the series. Also, metal gear is famous for breaking the 4th wall.

    I also figured calorie mate was a branding/sponsorship thing.

    It just lays out so much information that if it was a VR mission, it would just give out too much info to anyone in the future.

    Even Jack/Raiden doing the Sharon Moses VR was not accurate in what went down. It seems like the game laid bare everything that could have been known.

    I guess it could’ve been a VR thing for Venom snake, though. To get him to know what’s up.

  14. Sorry to ruin it, but in one of the cassette tapes or in the credits they say Venom was used bcuz he saved Big Boss's life (the shrapnel) and it also says Venom was a fellow soldier of Big Boss and he knew everything about him even Operation Snake Eater. He also was on that heli on Ground Zeroes bcuz he was very loyal to Big Boss and bcuz of the previous statement.

  15. The drum mag at 4:24 was introduced in 1987, after both the games you mentioned, so the people programming the simulation would have no idea something like that can and will exist. Just something weird I noticed.

  16. (6:00) Considering how many secret cutscenes there are … if you kill Ocelot, that should trigger some cutscenes too; give alternative scenes from future games or something.

  17. la-li-lu-le-lo is uttered by revolver ocelot in mgsv if you shoot him with a tranq dart in the fulton training mission

  18. am i the only person who climbed that huge ladder in MSG:3 and was like "boy i sure bet there's an easter egg if i jump off this here ledge, and at the very least it'll be funny watching him fall all that way" only to jump off and find out that the game just "game over"'s you instantly without getting to watch snake plumet to his death 🙁

  19. Mr. Game Theory I think I know what's going on I think the person that training is Ahab from Metal Gear 5 because they did conditioning so he would think that he's big boss

  20. You do know that MGS 3 is based on the medic creating this memories for MGS 5 TPP after all Is on 1980's after all the music tapes

  21. Another strange thing is in the prologue mission for MGSV The phantom pain if you kill the man who helps you escape (I forgot his name) The game over screen says Time paradox. If MP didn't theorise on this already #TheoryForAnotherDay

  22. There's one problem with that theory: why would campbell be there during venom snake's training? It makes no sense why him of all people would be there to help with that

  23. Campbell was not affiliated with Venom Snake, if I recall. It doesn't make sense that he'd be there to scold Venom.

  24. Again. I know this is old. But enough with the absurd theories! Also if Roy Campbell isn't in MGS3 then how is he talking to Snake in the minigame where you capture monkeys?

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