Game of the Year

Game of the Year

Remember when Operation Flashpoint won game of the year back in 2001 and when you look at the gameplay it’s easy to understand how it beat out Final Fantasy 10, Paper Mario Twisted Metal Black, Pikmin Grand theft auto 3 Metal Gear Solid 2 Rogue Squadron 2 Smash brothers: melee Halo: Combat Evolved Remember when Dead Island won game of the year? That very mediocre game that nobody remembers to be fair, that was a slow year. uhh but uh wha-what is this? Men of war: Assault squad, which came out the very same year won game of the year ok this appears to be a mod for Company of Heroes sold as a retail game so I can see how this could beat out Dead Isla- woah woah woah woah what? this is game of the year? these all came out in 2011! Who was handing out all these awards?! are they just sayin this game was made in the year 2011? -And the game of the year goes to uh: Dead island and Men of war: Assault squad and AFL Live and Dungeons and Two worlds 2?! WHAT THE FUCK?! WHO DID IT? WAS IT YOU?? WAS IT YOU GAMINGXP EH?! DID YOU DO THAT SHIT?? look at this game woooooaaaaaaaaahhh You know what the only thing more fucked up than two worlds 2 winning game of the year is? Two worlds 1 winning it this is real they are really selling it like this. uh Pauly bring up the gameplay of Two worlds 1 *Intense music* *Intense music intensifies*

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  1. As relevant as ever. Watching the Game Awards now and it feels like the judges didn't even touch a majority of the games that came out this year (and I'm talking only AAA games). It's more like watching IGN's most popular list than an actual knowledgeable critic.

  2. Two worlds looks like a very very horribly bad version of a gothic game, actually that was like gothic 3 when it first came out.

  3. What? Operation Flashpoint was a revolutionary title, and Men of War: Assault Squad is the winning formula for real time strategy games. I’ll admit neither of them are perfect but jesus christ these are popular and famous games, at least actually look them up before you make fun of them

  4. I remember OFP, back in the day so many people created diverse mods… from aliens to zombies..
    There's this Dr. Pepper zombie mod which has got even Michael Myers as an exclusive character, heck there are even zombie animals like chicken, rabbit, cow etc.

  5. I wouldn't have given it GOTY, but I had a lot of fun with Dead Island. Sure, sometimes my weapons would simply disappear from my inventory. But the gameplay felt good.

  6. I really want Warbutt to win game of the year, but of course in Warbutt, the award would be acid.

  7. I like men of war, it is quite good and has more variation and interesting mechanics than Company of Heroes

  8. 2019 and watching this video again. I feel such an overwhelming pity for games, and despondence that shit like smash melee will never come out again.

  9. The "Game of the Year" title kinda disappeared, though, didn't it… But after that we got more like "Complete / Definitive / Ultimate editions" and crap like that.

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