Game Board for Chess, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Triangle Solitaire

Game Board for Chess, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Triangle Solitaire

I didn’t even know if these gifts were
going to be giveable. Hi there. It’s me Grammy Vulture. You remember my shoe shelf? I’ll
put a video link in the description box below and I’ll try to put it at the end of this
video too. In my shoe shelf, I bought one piece of plywood. Before I went to the store I drew this. Piece of that plywood. was cut roughly into 12 X 12 pieces. There was a very end piece as well. I might use it too, you never know. We’ll see. I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you at the end. Look at how
beautiful the wood is. mm-hmm I’m going to sand off all the sharp
edges. See right here. It’s got some wood splintering. I’m gonna sand that all
smooth. I’m going to be making something amazing. Boys, boys. Say hi. No? I’m just gonna give him a good sand. That’s nice. Some of these knots might need a little work. I did pay a lot of attention to the splintering edges and the corners of the boards to make sure they were nice and smooth. Okay, repeat. I’m sure you don’t want to watch that all day. hehe Grandpoo says”Oh good boy. They’re my good boys. Lmnop.” Oh, I guess it’s break time. Anyway, after I finished sanding, I’m just
gonna wipe ’em off with a damp rag to get any dust that was left. Here they are on my table with lots of stuff underneath for hand-print time. Look at that. They already look amazing right? I just took painters tape and placed it
very carefully all the way around. I’m gonna remark it with a pencil because
that, the permanent marker tip is really thick. See the difference in thickness? Inch and a half north and south. Inch and a half east and west. I’m just going to use this yardstick, to go all the way across my board, and I’m gonna continue on going both ways. I have found that cutting each line all the way
through. Is saving a lot more time. Than doing the squares one at a time. I gotta make sure the sides are stuck down real good and get the other one out from underneath. Try not to get the tape to wet. I don’t want it peel. I made sure all the brushstrokes
went in the opposite direction of the grain on this one. Pink. Check! Blue. Check! Green. Check! Red… ?wait a minute this is not red.
I’ll make it red….. Sponges on these are made for dabbing. I like the texture I printed out this template. I have this
app called Paint on my computer and I got all the way to too big. Then I had to
go back to just right. Scrap cardboard. Mark north north so that it fits right. I just used rectangles on the paint app. This cardboarb is much thinner. Cut the
inner part. The third square that is not painted and make that center stage. The top at the corner of these two tiles in the center. Dot here. I’m gonna try to repeat this on all four boards. and.. To tape the center, just going to use my painters tape. I’m gonna try not to use too much paint so that it doesn’t flood. Like that. I am going to let this completely dry before removing the stencil A little bit of paint action. I’m
basically just slopping it on like syrup. Going for the places that have the chips
on the sides or corners to get it to fill in. Just really letting it get into those crevices. Basically making a coating on top. This one’s got more cause I got anxious because I was recording. Making sure it’s coated and laying as flat as I can get it to lay. So that I can get it to dry
evenly and that’s it. I don’t see any bubbles. So that’s a plus
plus. Just gonna go over all of them. That one had a bubble. This is thick, this is gonna get at least 24 hours dry time. APPLY A THIN COAT. THIN COAT. THIN COAT AND ALLOW THIS COAT TO DRY FOR FOUR HOURS Thin coat dry for four hours. I didn’t even know if these gifts were gonna be givable, because the dry time of the clear coat, and the smell. OH! Which one was your
favorite? I personally like the red color because reds my favorite color. Thanks for watching. gotta go see you later love you bye

7 thoughts on “Game Board for Chess, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Triangle Solitaire

  1. very innovative, creative, out of the box thinking to make use of old boxes to create such lovely and beautiful products!!I loved watching your amazing video with your fantastic commentary and beautiful demonstration in crisp and simple steps!!

  2. Can't have a favorite, love them all and the unique ideas that the hand prints will never be the same as they grow continuously so will never be duplicated!

  3. I enjoyed that. It was pretty engaging for a craft video! It had a bit of a story to it, rather than just a list of instructions. Good stuff! X

  4. Awwww super cool and creative love💛💗💛
    I just love your energy sis💕💕
    Wow you have some great skills love… Boards look 👍 great

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