G.E.M.【來自天堂的魔鬼 AWAY】Official MV [HD] 鄧紫棋

G.E.M.【來自天堂的魔鬼 AWAY】Official MV [HD] 鄧紫棋

Beautiful nightmares awakening deep desires within You’re the black hole in my mind I can no longer resist All of my control and intuitions are held by your mystical attraction you dear, are a dangerous maze a maze without an exit You’re the notorious devil from heaven Spare me from your gentle words your subconscious deception I wanna resist your effortless smiles I think I’m getting incurable Like a wave you encircle me Trapping and pulling me under My dear, you graceful devil Bit by bit, you swallow me whole You’re the notorious devil from heaven If you are the serpent’s deceit, a planned deception, then I have fallen Yet you are Newton’s apple, innocent and pure You’re the notorious devil from heaven

100 thoughts on “G.E.M.【來自天堂的魔鬼 AWAY】Official MV [HD] 鄧紫棋

  1. 红爆抖音的这首歌在YouTube居然只有58MM。如果你觉得这首歌2019年底可以破亿,就在我留言下点赞!

  2. I don’t understand a single word, just the English ones but i love this song
    i wanna sing it but I cant because i dont speak chinese, anyways a great song !

  3. 听到这首单曲后我不断循环播,后来除了睡觉一直听。陷入沉思,啊,我有多长时间没有吃饭了

  4. حد عربى هنا🤔انا ارمى 💜لو فى ارميات يحطو لايك😊كامسامنيدا +الأغنيه حلوه اوى حبتها❤❤

  5. My chinese officemate always played this song in the office, suddenly im interested to search about this song because i become addicted to the music and lyrics hehe wow its really good ✨✨✨🌟

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