Fun strategy game to make and play: Quoridor. Great gift idea!

Fun strategy game to make and play: Quoridor. Great gift idea!

Like all of us the best day of my life was when I finally got to meet the reigning world champion of Quoridor: Microjig. Maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer.Work smarter. Before I get started on this week’s project, I want to take just a moment to invite you all over to the brand new home of Woodworking for Mere Mortals, at This web site has been a long time in the
making and I’m really excited about it because it lets regular people just like you post pictures of your own projects and like and comment on other peoples’ projects. It’s been up and running for a week now and there are already thousands of people
involved. And I hope you’ll join in on the fun too. There are no subscription charges or fees for you to get involved. As always, Woodworking for Mere Mortals remains 100% free. I hope to see you over at I’m putting two blades together on my table
saw to cut out grooves. I’m going to drop them down to about half the thickness of this plywood. I’ll move my rip fence one inch away. Before I move the fence over, I’ll cut a groove in the other direction. Here I made a mark an inch over from that
notch. And I want to slide this over for my next
cut. Now I’m going to set up a registration system so that I don’t have to keep measuring for
each cut. I cut out a thin hardwood strip that is the same size as the slots. I’m sliding that second slot that I cut over
the blades. I can pull my fence back over to where it
touches. And make sure it’s square. I’m hot gluing that strip into place. Now it’s just a matter of dropping each slot down onto that key and making as many cuts
as I want. Now I can cut this down to a 9 x 9 grid. I’m using my miter sled to cut out the frame. To help me get tight fitting miters sing my
miter sled I always mark the left and the right miter. That way they fit together perfectly. I glued together a couple of walnut boards and I’m going to see if I can turn the game
pieces. Well, there’s a handy wood turning tip: When your piece breaks off of the lathe, you’re probably done. I am really not that good at a lathe. It took me a long time to turn all of these. And they are all different which makes it
easier. I can’t imagine what it would be like tsay, turn 16 identical pawns for a chess set. I’ll round over the sharp edges of the game
board on my router. I’m cutting out these thin strips for the walls. And finally, I’ll… well, you know. {Advertisement} Two to four people can play Quoridor. The object of the game is to get your piece from your side of the board to the opposite side of the board. Each player starts the game with their piece on the center square. You can move your pieces forward, sideways
or backward. Just not diagonally. When it’s your turn, you have the option of
either moving your piece or placing a wall. You can’t jump over a wall so you’re forced to go around it and it becomes sort of a maze. The only thing that’s not allowed is you can’t completely block off a path to the
other side. If this is your first time here, I’d like to take just a moment to welcome
you to Woodworking for Mere Mortals. I post fun woodworking projects every Friday on this channel and I’d love to have you subscribe so you won’t miss a thing. If you’d like to make your own Quoridor game, check down in the description for a free set of plans. And again, I hope you will all join in on
the fun at and post some of your
own projects. And you can see all of my videos and all of my plans are all in one place over
there. And you can sign up for the Me-Mo newsletter so you can stay informed on all things Mere
Mortals. Thanks for watching, everybody. I’ll see you next week.

100 thoughts on “Fun strategy game to make and play: Quoridor. Great gift idea!

  1. Did you intend to make it bigger at the start? Seems like you cut off a lot of excess after cutting all the grooves.

  2. Sweet razor… After your last plug I ordered and just received my regular one from Harry's. I guess I'll have to start a collection.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun.  I might have to make one of these soon; thanks for the idea!

    Also, it was kind of weird seeing the ad for the Grr-Ripper, then watching you use your hands to push the wood on the table saw.  😛

  4. I think your lathe stans to low (your back hurts wen jour tutning ) yes rase it to the hite of jour elbow.
    sorry i from belguim end do not spreke inglich
    .guillaume descheemaecker 14 jaers and a fan

  5. Hey @Steve Ramsey   have you ever seen the game of dice from the video game "The witcher"? If not, then, google it and check it out, in the video game the whole thing looks like it's made out of wood and it's a very addictive game to play

  6. Steve, I have been watching you since your chess board video. I have had two brain surgeries since then and and was a woodworker…before. I love you and your videos, you have inspired me, and Jay is awesome too. I'm happy you have gotten together. I have been scared to comment cause i might get something wrong but I had my wife fix this for me.  With her help, and your inspiration, I am finally getting back to doing what I love. Thank you.

  7. Now, make one-square-long walls, and cut out little motorcycle shapes the same thickness as the walls, so they'll slot into the grooves, and each player's turn = moving the cycle forward or left or right one space, and placing a wall behind.

  8. Great publicity show, now just add a little woodworking and maybe I'll resubscribe in the future #wwmm #unsubscribe

  9. That´s a very good idea for Christmas gifts. Your new website is amazing, I check it out every single day. Thank your for the great videos. Thanks to MicroJig and Harry´s for sponsoring the show.

  10. Cool game, I like it. 

    Speaking of making 16 pawns, when are you gonna make the pieces for that chess board you made years ago?

  11. Steve I dont know if you know but use shavings in your hand to polish turned wood once its done and still spinning. Thanks, much love my californian scottish brother.

  12. Love the board game! Thanks Steve, I'll go to your new Web site.

    BTW, why would anyone give a thumbs down on these videos?

  13. STEVE! you need to make an octagonal gaming table with a 2 sided top. one for poker, the other for Quattro, Othello, etc. cup holders would be a must! 🙂 

  14. i gave this annoying but rewarding problem in my class when we do wood projects >.> i dont turn my stuff in untill its rounded over and finished with a fine grit sand paper… i might post my top that we just made in class today!!! on the website

  15. I love the way you do your adds, they are always very creative and I actually enjoy watching. Your woodworking is great too!!!

  16. So it's okay as I'm sure you're aware, but as no shave November is coming to a close we roll right into don't shave December. Promptly followed by just mustache January, and facial hair February.

  17. This looks like a great short project and fun to play.  But for the life of me I cannot find your link to the plans.  I can probably figure it out with the video but…

  18. What a great project.  I can't wait to make a few of these and I'll use Denis Ryan's suggestion about cutting slots to hold the wood walls.  I also love that tip about gluing the strip to the table saw.  Great job Steve. (five stars *** (five is the highest)),

  19. Never heard of the game before, not a huge board game player, but this looks great! Saw the video last night, had some free time today in between Christmas gift making, so I pumped one of these suckers out. 

  20. how funny. i took a picture of this game in a toy store to make my own. and then you came out with this video!

  21. Hey I'm a huge fan of your work and videos. I stumbled on to your channel by mistake and just fell in love with all the craftsmanship and creativity. I was wondering if you have a link or a video of all the tools you have and use in your shop that help you create these amazing projects. 

  22. Alright, you finally sold me a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrripppppppppppppperrrrrrrrrrr. Tell Microjig you want a raise. Also I bought my daughter the Lego version of Quoridor a couple years ago and it's a fun game.

  23. What aerosol finishing product do you use? I have tried all at the box stores and found them terrible. Some bubble, some blob or run…

  24. Ah, Quoridor.  9.5 years I reviewed this game, over at Boardgame Geek and 14 years ago over at Funagain Games.
    Use Google to find the links.

  25. Shaving?!?!?! Men in the cold zone stop shaving in fall and dont think about it till the thaw. and you call that a razor??? Pffft My beard laughs at your puny metal blades!!! LOL 

  26. Hey Steve, I can tell by your enthusiasm about chess that you'd love to make all those pawns and other duplicate pieces by hand! …….. well maybe not, … but if you check out jimmy diresta's stuff he has a pretty good way to only have to make a single piece and then duplicate them. they don't all come out as wooden parts, but its an easy way out of having to lathe a whole bunch of identical parts. 

  27. I recommend building a Kubb set.

    It is a great backyard game with some good strategy and skill!

  28. Idea for the pieces: plan out the piece shape and create a template for the lathe.  Higher repeatability and consistency.

  29. your channel is great! you have amazing ideas…I subbed to you…Aris here from philippines…God bless…

  30. Yey just made this game, was truly exciting. Made it on the cnc so its not actual woodworking, since i dont have the skill, but i have made the cnc out of wood, so i can pretend its woodworking 🙂 thanks Steve for a great insperation 🙂 happy New year 😉

  31. Do you shave with a harrys razor while on a casper bed with your grriper while eating naturebox and shopping eith ebates?

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