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Were in La Jolla California right now We came here hoping to see the seals We saw the seals, There right there. We’re gonna go see what kind of fish or skarks or what ever else is in the water Um I’m hoping for some small sharks Not Great Whites The ones that will eat my kids or your kids or any body else’s kids But I guess that would just make it pretty exciting I don’t know if I would up be uploading it after I got eating tho LOL. Dad: Camera Going ? You sure ? We’re good? Neo: Yeah it’s recording Dad: Did you see the seals buddy? I’m out spending some time with the boys today and you guys cause we love you and we’re gonna try to bring you some Aquatic Awesomeness. Dad: Heavy breathing then holds breath Kids: laughing and having fun. We hope you guys enjoyed the swim Please Comment Like & Subscribe Don’t get eatin by a shark We’ll sea ya later Get it? Sea ya later Ok I know I know lol.

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